Helsby RC Weekly Update 7-12-2015 to 13-12-2015

Helsby RC Weekly Update 7-12-2015 to 13-12-2015

Its been a bit of a quiet week for the Green Army in the run up to Xmas.

Helsby runners were out at Delamere, Ellesmere Port and Widnes parkruns. Full club results are at the link below:


The only race reports this week are from the 2 cross country races, Saturdays Stadt Moers and Sundays Runcorn Town Park.

Firstly from Ian Landucci,

Not sure if the weather was a factor but I was the only green vest that turned up for the L&D XC Mud Fest at Stadt Moers.
Not only had it been raining for at least 12 hours before the race but the organisers had gone to the trouble of putting on a junior race in the morning to make certain the there was enough mud for everyone.
Those of you who have done cross country races before will know that the usual courses we run on have some muddy sections in between the grassy bits. This course was identical except without the grassy bits.
But what about the race I hear you ask. Well it was thoroughly enjoyable I finished just inside the first 50 thoroughly soaked through through and covered in mud. Whilst I missed seeing another green vest at the race it did mean I had the very rare experience of coming in as first Helsby counter.

All that remained was to dash home and get the kit clean in time for the Sunday XC at Runcorn. But reckon I can leave someone else to describe that one.
Added bonus on Sunday afternoon was to switch on the telly at the exact moment that the coverage of the Euro XC championships was starting. Though made me laugh to see the lack of mud. Not quite sure it can really be described as a cross country more of a slightly off road race.
Ian L

Hello all Fitzy here

Sunday seen 20 of the green army head to my back garden for the Town Park Cross country (or as some said dog poop alley, pick it up will you!!!!) sorry rant over. Rain rain and more rain for the last few weeks and especially the day before meant we arrived and it was like looking more like Loch Ness, water everywhere, and I’m sure we spotted a little nessie, then again it might of just been a turtles head.

Anyways, lots of new faces this season in the XC and it’s great to see, even Rachael With her brand new and very loud new racing spikes, they’re not so clean now. The race started for over 200 folk, after a almighty shout of green army especially from Jane Ashbrook, you’ve got no shame you Jane, and we were greeted with the first puddle, sorry I mean lake, I did ask Ben are you going through it or around, being the road loving runner I am, and he said straight through, so I had to follow suit.

Now one of our second claim members from the mighty Delamere Spartans got caught on video tippy toeing around another mahoosive puddle, let’s not let him ever forget this, he’s meant to be a Spartan after all! I’ll let you all guess who it was (CC)

So onto the first half a ski slope climb, and into mini Wembley as us locals know it and out into the park, over a little slippy trolls bridge and back on yourself until you come to what some would describe as the bog of doom, although those who’ve done Hellrunner would laugh at them if they thought that was bad, then back into mini Wembley and up the full ski slope which made for some good viewing going up and coming down. The race was 2 laps so that meant 2 ski slopes and 2 half’s

Just before reaching the first ski slope squirrel went foraging for some acorns and went for a little bit of a fall right into some bushes, although I got up and dusted myself down my knee took a right wallop and obviously held me back from winning the race (I did struggle after this if you want to give me sympathy)

The battle at the front was intense and Ben and Col were having a right ding dong Ben just having the legs on Col, who might I add isn’t fully fit yet, great work El Capitano, Jo Lacking was loving the mud and was first back for the girls, Vanessa Griffiths won her age category, whilst run of the day for me was Chris Murray who every time I turned around could always see him, he’s loving the XC series as he said, great to see David Feakes back and looking strong, always like to know he’s fighting fit as he normally BBQ’s us our food on nights out, great work mate. These were just a few highlights on what for me is the best XC race of them all because it’s in my back garden.

Full results at: http://tinyurl.com/ho2zomq

Cheers for the reports Ian and Chris. You’ve rescued a very quiet week.





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