Helsby RC weekly round-up 14th – 20th December 2015

Merry Christmas to you all!

After a fantastic Christmas Handicap and disco last night and with no racing in the week it’s all down to the Park runners to fill the final upadte before Santa comes to town.

Position      Gender Position      parkrunner      Club      Run Time  

1    1    Unknown ATHLETE    Unattached    00:16:00
27    1    Holly WEEDALL    Vale Royal AC    00:20:05
101    84    Geoff COLLINS    Helsby RC    00:25:22
103    18    Rachel ARNOLD    Helsby RC    00:25:35
150    32    Tanya Elizabeth DOWNES    Helsby RC    00:28:23
152    33    Jane ASHBROOK    Helsby RC    00:28:24
158    36    Jo FARWELL    Helsby RC    00:28:52
159    37    Claire MORTON    Helsby RC    00:28:54

Phenomenal time from the unknown athlete for that course… sign him up! Some great club rivalry going on there too. Nice to see that Park run is as popular as ever within the club.

Ellesmere Port saw Mr. Ben Williams in action:
Position      Gender Position      parkrunner      Club      Run Time  
1    1    Richard FARLEY    West Cheshire AC    00:19:06
16    1    Anest MÜLLER    West Cheshire AC    00:22:24
23    20    Benjamin John WILLIAMS    Helsby RC    00:24:25

But the real action was at the Widnes Parkrun with a Helsby Clean sweep. take a bow people!

Position      Gender Position      parkrunner      Club      Run Time  
1    1    Colin BISHOP    Helsby RC    00:17:37
12    1    Joanne LACKING    Helsby RC    00:20:50
14    13    Ian HAMLING    Helsby RC    00:21:04
36    34    Michael WILLIAMS    Helsby RC    00:24:36
38    4    Rachael HOLDEN    Helsby RC    00:24:47

Santa’s gift to the club!
Santa has been and left us a box of customised hi viz vests. These limited edition Helsby Green hi-viz vests with #GreenArmy on the back in reflective lettering are a gift to every club member. If you are a member of the club and weren’t able to make the Christmas handicap then please contact Jo Farwell to find out how you can pick yours up. There are three sizes, S (S/M) Medium (L/XL) and Large (XXL) (Chinese sizes 🙂 )

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


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