Helsby Update: 8th Feb 2016 to 14th Feb 2016


Helsby members were at Delamere, Warrington, Bexley Park, Lyme Park and Widnes parkruns. Highlights included wins for Colin Bishop and Colin Thompson at Croxteth Hall and Warrington respectively, an age category win for Donna Geer at Bexley and a PB for Davyd Michell at Delamere. Full, consolidated results are at the link below.



Jackie Keasely, Ste Wiggins and Andy Robinson did the Anglesark Amble on Saturday and Jackie posted this report.

“Anglesark Amble over the Lancashire moors north of Bolton, misty on Winter Hill this morning then sunshine but cold wind the rest of the day. 39.3km 1230m of climbing. Well done Andy with an excellent time of 4.50, not that much slower than 5 years ago when at pinnacle of fitness for completing the Joss Naylor round a few months later. Steve & I chatted our way round in 6.07, thanks for the banter & encouragement! Best food ever at the end of a race! Local speciality dish of Potato Pie & red cabbage! Just hit the spot & very colourful!”


Also on Saturday Phil and Charlie Roberts ran the Bangor 5 mile fell race, heres what Charlie had to say about the day….

“High sole mates…..Our Phill brutally forced me to enter the Bangor 5 mile fell race.As it happend it turned out a beautiful clear sunny day the run from a village called ?????. up to Moel y Ci peak and back had everything mud forest rocky inclines and well marked and marshaled also beautiful views of snow capped mountains. The most bizzare thing on the first mile on a steep muddy incline near the crest of hill three horses charged through about twenty off us from the rear at a fine old speed one them wacked me with its flank as it went past….Any how I was not last 1hour 14 minutes and at the end we had chicken soup and barms well done Eryi??? . Pursued by chickens last month and horses today……”

Village Bakery Half Marathon

Sunday saw a fab turn out from the Green Army at the Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon. With conditions nearly perfect for running, Neil Finegan scored a PB (1:21:22) and was first home for the men while Jo Lacking (1:30:45) was first lady also in a PB time.

Other fab performances included PBs for Rachael Holden, Jenn Naylor and Adam Gordon. A special mention must go to Helen Owen who, despite having the sniffles and wearing see through leggings (not a good look for women of a certain age), managed to enjoy the day AND record a solid time. Fab running everyone.



As usual a big “thanks” to Joe and Mario for their great support at various points along the course.

Full results are below.


As usual please send all race reports to helsby_race_reports@outlook.com



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