Helsby RC update 3-4-16 to 10-4-16

Upcoming Events:

Firstly a quick reminder from Chris F about the upcoming Border League/ Helsby vs. Felsby Challenge on this coming Sunday at 11am/

It’s borders league time… yes it’s that time of month again and it’s even bigger this month as the northwests finest fell runners will be turning up and trying to take us on our own Tarmac patch!!! Expect Phillip Roberts Chris Baynham-Hughes Adam Gordon (yes that’s right he’s defected to Felsby) all Tarmac slapping this coming Sunday, were over in Mold, if your using a sat nav use CH7 1HT, it’s a measured 5 mile race and starts at 11am.

Final teams cannot be decided until the day of the race for Helsby v Felsby but it’s pretty even up to now, maybe 1 or 2 more Felsby men needed, I expect this to be the biggest gathering of green yet to date, oh and for all you Felsby crew it’s free but you don’t get a pie and a pint afterwards so bring your own!!


Wed 20th April – 8:30pm – Phillip Pearson – President of East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside Athletic Club – on his book “Fit To Run; The complete guide to injury-free running”

Message from Phil – I will be bringing some copies of my book.  If any of your members would like to purchase one at £10 instead of the official £12.99 they are welcome.  However, please stress that this is not with the intention of making profit (it just about covers my costs) and if nobody buys one I would not be at all offended or worried!


Borders League 7 (Deestriders) Wed 27/04/2016 19:15  NB. Moved to Prestatyn


 CGP Road Mid Cheshire 5K (CGP) Thu 28/04/2016 19:15 Kingsley Cricket Club, Kingsley,
Cheshire, WA6 8HY


Club Helsby RC – Presentation Evening Fri 29/04/2016 19:00
Helsby Community Sports Club,
Chester Rd, Frodsham WA6 0DL,
United Kingdom



Helsby runners were in action across the area, highlights include a 2nd place for Colin Tompson at Warrington and a PB for the ever improving Davyd Mitchell at Delamere. Full, consolidated results for Helby RC parkrunners can be found below.



Race reports

Fitzy also sent in the following report from sunny Manchester

The sun was out on Sunday and I’ve got Brit abroad vest lines to prove it! 6 of the green army made it over Manc land after plenty of months training for what for some was there A race (ok just me) but even so 26.2 miles is to be respected so a lot of graft went into training for this one for all of us.

Bad traffic and a quite horrendous baggage drop off zone didn’t help my pre race nerves but I managed to get to the start line 1 minute before the race started.

It was near perfect race conditions and the hooter sounded and we were all off. One thing Manchester marathon does well is it attracts a big field, and it really is sight to see so many runners in the distance pounding the pavement along the streets of Manc land. For me I had a great start and felt really fresh going through the half way point, and it was a bonus as seen all the other Helsby runners apart from Jenn. Boydy was in a Cheerleaders outfit and I felt like going over and giving him a kiss he looked stunning, Gaz and Helen were running as someone else, but I still managed to spot them “greeeeeeeeeeeeeenarmy” was at its loudest when they passed. Then little quiet Louise with the loudest shout of the day she really does have a gob on her.

Now for £60 plus £10 for parking I expect this marathon to run like clockwork and a few of the mile markers were out of sync, the course measured a bit long, and I know this annoyed some people, but overall a great day was had, until people got to the baggage area that is to be greeted by long queues. A nice PB for me, Louise got a Good for Age entry at next years London marathon for her fantastic time, and Jenn running her first marathon was very impressive indeed. Big shout out to Gaz and Helen who managed sub 6 hrs, fantastic running from them both and even more so from Gaz having to put up with Helen for that amount of time!

98th out of 9260  Chris Fitzpatrick 2 hrs 49 mins 54 secs
3805th Louise McEveley 3 hrs 55 mins 29 secs
4007th Gareth Boyd 3 hrs 57 mins 20 secs
4404 Jenn Naylor 4 hrs 41 secs
8289th Helen Owens & Gaz O’Connor 5hrs 7 mins 33 secs (Gaz beat Helen BTW)

It will be interesting to see in the coming days what feedback this marathon gets, it’s perfect for PB hunters, but it did let itself down this year if you ask me with some of the basics  a big race should get right.
Jim Jones’ report from even sunnier Lanzarote.

Haria Maraton de Montana

On Saturday 9th April I took part in  a ‘trail race’ hosted by he Haria Trail team in Lanzarote. There were 3 races on the day a 42k, a 26k and a 10k. I opted for the 26k. The race started and finished in the town of Maguez. My preference for the British imperial system of measurement for logging my miles,  and my very poor Spanish gave me a couple of difficulties. We set off straight into a gradual climb off course volcanic sand as we left Maguez and it was not long before we were running a ridge with stunning views. The temperature quickly rose to around 22c with a light wind for the first few miles. It was then pretty much up and down with some tough climbs and fast descents.

I reckoned there to be about 40 runners who set off in the 26k race and I was quite happy being with the first half until I got to about 10 miles. By then the field was well spread out and I realised I could see no one in front or behind! It wasn’t a navigation event and I was just thinking how well marked the course was when I realised I couldn’t see the next flag. So I carried on until I did picked up another flag,  but then found myself taking to a couple of Spanish runners on the 42k route.  The guys did their best to put me right but when I said I had already ran 10 ‘miles’ they thought  I was looking for the 10k route – confusing or what!.

By this time I was wishing it was a navigation event, and that I wasn’t relying on route markers. So I retraced my steps and picked up where I went wrong. I can only surmise that I drinking water as missed the sign because it did seem obvious when I eventually found it. The unexpected additional miles were tough but I felt a bit better about my error when I managed to pass a couple of 26k runners for the second time during the last couple of miles.
Ban Williams sent in this report from the Woldsman 50 mile ultra

Ste Wiggins and I took on the LDWA Woldsman 50 mile event on Saturday.

Ste’s an old hand at these ultras but this was the first time for me to take on this distance. I’ve entered a few LDWA events in the past, but only up to 30-ish miles.
The route took us around parts of East Yorkshire, past a deserted medieval village, two ruined churches, and a long row of dead moles hung on a farm gate (we sped up at that point…). There were no really big hills, but plenty of short sharp climbs and long gradual drags, and so the total ascent mounted up. The weather was mixed, heavy rain in the morning made the field sections very muddy – the sun came out in the afternoon but the damage underfoot was already done and long sections were really slippy underfoot and pretty much unrunnable. Unfortunately this slowed our time right down, and we had to finish in the dark, luckily the closing sections were fairly easy to navigate. Although the only time on the whole day we got lost was within half a mile of the finish, where we took a wrong turn in a wood, but luckily came out in near enough the right place.


As usual with LDWA, the event was impeccably organised and very low-key, which for me adds to their attraction. There were well-stocked checkpoints around every six miles, breaking the run up nicely into manageable chunks, and meaning I could eat my own bodyweight in sausage rolls and flapjacks on the way round.

One hint I would offer to anyone doing these type of events is to read any blogs written by past entrants, these give a good idea of what to expect and maybe some navigation tips. Doing this meant at least we were prepared for the route to be long, and so we weren’t left crying at the roadside when the watch ticked over 50 miles (though we both felt like it)

Total distance – 51.67 miles
Ascent – 4790 feet
Time – 13h 44min

Tanya Downes was kind enough to send in 3 reports from Ashford Half. Luckily enough they were all identical so I’ve chosen to post the middle one.

Ashford and district 1/2 marathon
On a glorious sunny day I set off to complete a sneaky 1/2 marathon to start my family break away. There had been a late change of route due to flooding at the running club headquarters and the photocopied map via email didn’t show much. About 400 people doing either the 1/2 or full marathon (2 laps) started out at 9am. And up we ran, I have never seen so many roads that go up with so little down to compensate, it was described as undulating ( i think it must have been written by Phil Roberts) and made Helsby feel flat. By mile 7 my legs were goosed. A walk / run got me home in 2:35 and after only 3 weeks back running I was pleased with that. Beautiful day, fantastic scenery and friendly running club. Hills on Wednesdays for me I think.

Arley Hall 10K.

Donna Geer, Emma Barnes and Rebecca Gibson rann Arley 10K on Sunday, Emma and Rebecca got PBs with Donna doing very well coming back from injury prior to running London Marathon next weekend. Well done ladies

Thanks for the reports guy and gals as usual please send them to helsby-race-reports@outlook.com



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