Gresty’s Waste time-lapse

Our Richard left his camera running on a tripod for at the Gresty’s Waste checkpoint on the Sandstone Trail Challenge last week.

Here’s 3 hours of footage condensed into  just 6 minutes. If you’ve got really good eyesight you might spot yourself …obviously our faster runners will have been moving too fast!

2016 AGM & officer’s reports

So thanks for a great running year with the #greenarmy and here’s to a successful 2016/17 season.

We held our AGM last week – thanks as ever for everyone that contributed in major and minor ways over the last year. Long may it continue.

One of the subtle shifts over the last couple of years is the willingness of people to just give things a go – someone has an idea, chats it through with a couple of people and then makes it happen. That’s testament to the great spirit that makes this such a buoyant time for the #greenarmy.

Have a look through the Chair’s, Women’s and Men’s Captains reports below. Great reading:

AGM Officers Reports 2016