2017/18 club committee

These are the people elected at the 2016 Spring AGM and the people to go to if you need help with anything:

Chair                       Jackie Keasley
Secretary                   Phil Gillard 
Treasurer                   Jo Farwell

Men’s Captain               Colin Thompson 
                            (assisted by Chris Fitzpatrick, Paul Foster)
Men’s Vice captain          Mario Foschi
Ladies’ Captain             June Swift
Ladies' Fell Captain        Laura Baynham-Hughes

Head Coach                  Joe Beswick
Webmaster                   Steve Riley
Press Officer               Carol Shaw
Social secretaries          Dave and Lesley Feakes

Half Marathon Director      Laura Baynham-Hughes
Assistant Half Director     Michelle Hardwick
Sandstone Trail Director    Ben Williams
Sandstone Trail Assistant   TBC
Wobbler Director            Chris Baynham-Hughes

HCSC Rep                    Betty Greive
Border League Co-ordinators Vanessa Griffiths, Chris Fitzpatrick
Cross Country Co-ordinators Paul Foster & Janet Robertson
Calendar & Membership       Tim Palmer
Club Statisticians          Ian Landucci & Donna Geer 
                            (assisted by Ben & Suzanne Fletcher)
Welfare Officers            Jane Ashbrook, Louise Spruce
                            Jenny Illidge, Ivan Davies
Calendar Co-ordinator       Tim Palmer
Vest Co-ordinator           Donna Geer
Blog Editors                Jim Jones, Chris Fitzpatrick
                            Gaz O'Connor, Colin Thompson

Don’t forget though that we are an open and welcoming club who embrace enthusiasm from anyone. If you have an idea, let’s see if we can make it happen!


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