Helsby round up 29- 5-17 to 4-6-17


Helsby members were running at Chester, Ellesmere Port, Croxteth, Widnes, Delamere and Phoenix park. Highlights include a second place overall for Ian Rutherford and second lady for |Rachael Holden, both at Phoenix park.

Full results for Helsby runners at parkruns are below.


First up is Gaz Boyds report from Escape from Meriden.

At 11.59 last Friday evening Gaz and myself set off on our ‘little adventure’. See http://www.escapefrommeriden.co.uk for race info. This is a 24 hour race, there is no set route – you decide where to go, you decide when you stop, there are no checkpoints. Basically the winner is the solo runner or pair whom travels the further (as the crow flies). It’s worth noting that CBH and running partner won the 1st Autumn edition.


Hours prior to the race, we and other competitors (one even dressed as Scoobie Do!) waited in the local village hall – sitting down and trying to chill whilst listening to the rain, queuing for the toilet or eating free tea,coffee and biscuits were the most popular past-times. It’s amusing to see all the runners head off in different directions after the start count down. Despite the rain, spirits were high – that was until 3.5 miles, when we realised that we were heading towards Coventry and not Birmingham. Our plan was to head up to and finish at Chester via canal. We retraced our steps and reached the start line after 1.10 hours of running – not surprisingly no one else was there. Ok – going the right way was finally a box ticked, next was finding the canal. Our plan was to join the Grand Union Canal and join the Shropshire Union Canal. Eventually we found the Canal – not too many wrong turns and importantly stopping off at a 24 hour garage for food supplies. Travelling along the Canal had its pros and cons

pros – safer than roads, better scenery . Canal boat owners are more than happy to provide you with water.
Cons – a mixed range of surface – sometimes making running difficult. The biggest issue in terms of this race – the Canal winds and winds – so you are often travelling a lot more miles when in fact the roads take you on a more direct route. Lesson for next time Gaz.

Running through Birmingham at around 4/5 am on a Saturday was ‘interesting’ – let’s just say we saw the more sobering sights of a major inner city. Any way, then onto Wolverhampton for a ‘pit stop ‘ and cooked breakfast.

By this stage Gaz was unfortunately struggling with ‘old age ‘ – sorry, I meant injury (it was a niggle, not an injury- Gaz O’C), meaning that running for him was difficult. At around mile 55 Gaz decided to call it a day – his injury (niggle!), spending two much time with me (maybe I shouldn’t have asked him about politics at 3am) and the lure of Champions League Final was just too much for him. I decided to carry on for at least another 26 miles and reach Nantwich. Shortly after Gaz and I had split, I decided to stop for lunch (it was my way of getting over the fact that Gaz had gone) . I must say that the pie, chips and pint of Wainwright was lovely:)

To summarise, the rest of the journey didn’t go quickly – canal paths get a bit tiresome after a while. I did get to Nantwich at 8.30pm – completing 79 miles. You could argue – well why stop there and then – why not carry on for the remaining 3.5 hours ! My response – not this time – it was always just going to be a ‘fun’ challenge.

Richard Hankins sent in this report from Deeside Multi Terrain Race.

I believe the Deestriders Multi Terrain GP has been a regular event for many years. It appeared to have come to an end this year with Deestriders struggling for accommodation. However, a few weeks ago they announced it would take place once more. It is a series for four races on the first Thursday of the month that set off from Shotton Steel Rugby Club and head out along the Dee, around some fields, through some woods and along the flood defences before circling round again for a second lap. The total route seems to be just under 5 miles and the changing surfaces do make it a different challenge. With the very late announcement of the event numbers were down, but with 84 runners it still seemed viable. It is a very laid back low key club event with a collegiate atmosphere. From Helsby there was Jim Jones, Steve and David Wiggins and I. Results aren’t published yet, but I finished around 29:30 with Jim a few minutes later followed by Steve and David. Be good to see more green vests at the races later in the series. These are on 6 July, 3 August and 1 September.

Jim Jones ran the Welsh 1000 metre race at the weekend

I did the Welsh 1000 metre race for the first time on Sunday and it was one of the toughest races I’ve done with over 9000ft of climb in 20 miles. Thankfully the sun was shining for most of the day, so navigation wasn’t a problem. There was only a short spell of wind and rain, which seemed perfectly timed to start as I was helped out of a stream I’d fallen into on the climb up to Gribin Ridge. Another first for me was getting stung by a wasp on the ankle as I climbed the side of Aber Falls! Some fantastic views along the way, and the best I’ve ever seen from the top of Snowdon. The race started on the coast by Abergwyngregyn and finished at the summit of Snowdon. The route takes you over the summits of Carnedd Llewelyn, Carnedd Dafydd, Glyder Fawr and to Garnedd Ugain before the final push to the Snowdon summit. I had hoped to complete it in 6 hours but finished 83rd in 6:38.

Just in case you are one of the half dozen or so people in the western hemisphere that Fitzy hasn’t told about his triathlon, he’s also thoughtfully written a report about it too.

I tried my hand at something a bit different this weekend, and most of you won’t already know about it as i kept it really low key on social media, so thought i’d send in a quick report about it. I’m just hoping all 3 events make it into the “running” news this week.

This was my first crack at an Olympic distance triathlon, and I’ve had some fun along the way training for it, uploading photo’s of me and my wet suit on our travels to FB, and keeping everyone amused along the way. Strangely, i was not nervous at all, even when we got down to the transition area in Grosvenor Park, Chester, where you rack your bike up and see how much some people spend on this sport, and there i was racking up my BMX.

Time to get the wet suit on, down to the river Dee for a quick briefing, jumping in thinking it would be freezing but surprisingly quite warm. I was really disappointed in myself that i didn’t shout “green army” on the start line but if i had i may have drowned as was trying to start my watch, whilst treading water, and feared the worst that the lady next to me might dunk me, as she had already warned me to get out of her space….charming! The hooter went off, and the scramble for best positions started, swimmers knocking into you and tapping your feet, made me feel really uneasy for the first 200m or so. I managed to calm myself a little and got into my rhythm and slowly made my way up the river 850m, before turning around and coming back down 650m whilst swallowing a fair bit of the River Dee, to be greeted by the family cheering me out the water. I didn’t hesitate to use my running strengths and knocked one poor bloke out the way as I sprinted up to transition after saying sorry to him.

You go through what you will do in transition time and time again before the race. Well my master plan didn’t work as i forgot to start taking off my wet suit on the way to it, which meant nearly 2 and half mins later I  finally managed to come out and onto my bike. I really do feel this is where the race is won or lost, some of the bikes on show where mighty impressive, but then again, it’s the athlete you put on the bike I suppose as well. Well my bike was carrying me and my “Guinness Belly” so i needed to push my legs very hard. My mate who did it, caught me up within the first 5 miles after being a good few minutes behind me, we then managed to stay together for the next 20, heading out of Chester towards Wrexham Ind Est, and turning back around to head back towards the Sandy Lane end of Chester for a quick finish through the City Centre.

Now jumping off the bike and straight into a 10k run, whilst your having a few issues with stomach cramps was not a pleasurably experience, maybe i did take on too much of the River Dee, jelly legged and feeling like i wanted to walk, i managed the first lap and although it was tough i could have pushed a little harder on the run, but I seemed to be overtaking most people now including BBC news presenter Louise Minchin who i see is a fully paid up member of Chester Tri. 3 laps of the park (Handbridge Park I think it’s called, i should have asked Boydy and was very surprised not to see him out and about on one of his tours, but then again i think he was still running around Coventry with Gaz), and over the bridge back along the water front and back out again.

The event was brilliant organised by Chester Tri,  great goody bags, t-shirt, towel and loads more, and extremely well supported, it was like a bit of a carnival atmosphere, lots of family and friends in attendance and was a great day out. I would really recommend this event to anyone wanted to do something a bit different than our normal “running” races we do. I ended up middle of the field and under the 2hrs 45 i had set myself before the race so was off to the pub in a pretty happy mood.







That’s it for for this week.

As usual all race reports to




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