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  1. Hi
    I had to pull out the half marathon due to injury and emailed Fabian 4 support to let them know. I let them know a week or so ago hoping that someone could take my place. However I recieved my number in the post over the weekend. Is there an address I can return it to.

    • Hi Billy – sorry about that. The packs were mailed the week before (and delayed by the weather), so I think you’re message hit Fabian too late. Would you kindly return the chip and pack to the club at

      Helsby Running Club
      Helsby Community Sports Club
      Chester Road
      WA6 0DL

      Thanks for your help!

  2. Hi,
    I have run the Four Villages for many years, and have sat down to apply for this year, but have just discovered it is full for this year. Is there any chance of obtaining a place, if someone drops out?
    Best wishes,
    Nigel Burin (Manchester Harriers)

  3. Hi,
    Is there anyone I can contact re: this Sunday’s half marathon. I’d like, if possible, to put some marketing information in the goody bags, if it’s not too late and if it is permissible (I’m a massage therapist). sports massage therapist. Many thanks

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