Christmas Handicap 2012

Good to see a mix of old and new faces brave a damp and dismal evening for a bit of traditional pre-Christmas fun. Thanks to helpers Albert, Chris and Rachel with our Olympic torchbearer, Joe, turning the runners round at the half way point. Thanks also to David & Lesley for coordinating such a sumptuous feast for us in the club house and to everyone who brought along culinary contributions for us all to enjoy.

Handicap winner was Tom DeJong with a storming run. Times and places as follows :

Position Finish Time Handicap Running Time
1 Tom DeJong 27:35 04:30 23:05 (9)
2 Mike Searle 28:32 04:15 24:17 (16)
3 Chris Igoe 28:40 02:30 26:10 (20)
4 Helen Owens 29:14 05:00 24:14 (15)
5 Colin Bishop 29:30 10:00 19:30 (1)
6 Janet Robertson 29:35 04:45 24:50 (19)
7 Jenny Illidge 29:40 07:00 22:40 (5)
8 Gareth Boyd 29:46 08:45 21:01 (2)
9 Andy Robinson 29:50 05:30 24:20 (17)
10 Jim Higgins 30:00 07:00 23:00 (8)
11 Geoff Shaw 30:13 06:15 23:58 (14)
12 Adrian Jackson 30:24 07:15 23:09 (11)
13 Roy Duffy 30:26 07:30 22:56 (7)
14 John Gallon 30:29 01:30 28:59 (26)
15 Mike McShane 30:31 00:00 30:31 (28)
16 Jackie Keasley 30:32 03:30 27:02 (22)
17 Davis Feakes 30:38 07:15 23:23 (13)
18 Jane Ashbrook 30:43 07:30 23:13 (12)
19 Dave Madders 30:45 06:15 24:30 (18)
20 Colin Thompson 30:48 09:15 21:33 (4)
21 Lesley Feakes 30:50 04:15 26:35 (21)
22 Roy Gaskill 31:06 08:00 23:06 (10)
23 Chris BH 31:21 10:00 21:21 (3)
24 Betty Grieve 31:28 01:15 30:13 (27)
25 Jayne Joy 31:32 08:45 22:47 (6)
26 Chris Ashbrook 32:17 04:00 28:17 (25)
27 Laura BH 33:15 05:30 27:45 (24)
28 Ben Williams 34:00 06:30 27:30 (23)

Enjoy your Christmas and hope you can fit some running in between the festivities


Winter draws on

Yes, it’s an old joke – but it got your attention.
With the equinox past and the September multi-terrain races almost over, we will shortly be back to the winter round of road training runs on a Wednesday night. The first official club winter run will be on Wednesday 3rd October and will be the customary muster run to Frodsham and back, followed by an informal social in the club bar afterwards – see earlier email from David & Lesley.
If you still have an itch for mud which road training just ain’t going to scratch, then on Saturday 6th October we’ll start some cross country training sessions with Warrington Road Runners & Lymm Runners whom we are joining forces with for the Sunday League XC series of races. The format of the training will evolve over the winter and we are kicking off with some circuits of Town Park, Runcorn (including a few goes of the infamous ski slope!) , meet at the Runcorn Ski Centre at 9:30am and hopefully the centre should be open for us to grab a hot drink afterwards.


Club Xmas Handicap

Another traditional pre-Christmas blast, a 3.5 mile dash (santa hats optional, but great to see a number in evidence plus at least one in full santa gear) before returning to the club house for mince pies and the presentation. Congratulations to Dave Madders for winning the handicap, fastest time of the evening being recorded by Adair. Good also to see a couple of ‘old’ faces who we haven’t seen for a long while. Weather was surprisingly mild and dry for December.

Pos. Name Time Handicap Run time H.Pos.
1 Dave Madders 24:38 00:45 23:53 10
2 Gareth Boyd 25:20 03:30 21:50 3
3 Hannah 25:38 00:00 25:38 14
4 Jayne Joy 25:44 03:15 22:29 5
5 Dave Feakes 25:56 01:00 24:56 13
6 Carol Shaw 26:07 01:30 24:37 12
7 Jane Ashbrook 26:19 04:00 22:19 4
8 Adrian Jackson 26:21 02:30 23:51 9
9 Albert Berry 26:26 02:45 23:41 8
10 Adair Broughton 26:29 07:15 19:14 1
11 Vanessa Griffiths 26:50 02:30 24:20 11
12 Chris Igoe 27:14 00:00 27:14 19
13 Lesley Feakes 27:15 00:15 27:00 18
14 Rachel Arnold 27:37 01:45 25:52 15
15 Chris Ashbrook 27:39 00:45 26:54 17
16 Alex Fitzmaurice 27:45 06:00 21:45 2
17 Ivan Davies 27:53 05:00 22:53 6
18 Steve Riley 28:17 04:45 23:32 7
19 Roy Gaskill 31:00 04:45 26:15 16
20 Graham Lloyd 31:10 01:45 29:25 20
21 Karen 31:11 01:00 30:11 22
22 Andy Robinson 33:20 03:30 29:50 21
23 Andy Todd 34:11 00:00 34:11 23

Helsby Running Club AGM – Wednesday 25th May 2011

We hereby issue notification of the Helsby Running Club Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday 25th May, open to all members of HRC. The meeting will commence after the club run at either 8:15pm and details will be circulated nearer the event. If you have a proposal or issue you would like to be raised during the meeting then please notify Phil Gillard and myself of the details prior to the AGM.
Subscriptions for the coming year will also be due following the AGM, so please bring your chequebook.

We will combine the AGM evening with a fish and chip supper and the Annual Club Presentation evening.



Pics from Llangynhafal

Good running chaps. A cracking day out.

Dash in the Dark 2

Friday night, and another head torch run in Llandegla Forest. The Dashes in the Dark are great fun, a small but select band of nutters, numbering about 30, pitch up at the visitor centre at Llandegla for a race through the dark trees.

Fresh snow on the ground threw back a lot more light from the head torch to light the way, but left the  forest beyond darker and more impenetrable – still, no monsters in Llandegla… or so I’ve been told… Zig-zagging up the long winding track from the visitor centre saw me watching a large group of runners disappearing off into the gloom ahead, whilst those behind dwindled to become just an occassional flash of light in the trees. Consequently I spent most of the rest of the race in a bubble of my own, with no one in sight ahead or astern. This suited me fine as it took any pressure off me to ‘race’ and I could just settle down and enjoy running through fresh snow  in the silence and dark with the odd glimpse of a crescent moon high overhead. Running doesn’t get any better than this in my book.

40 minutes later the finish hoved into view with the prospect of hot chocolate with marshmellows and all the trimmings back in Llandegla centre. Don’t know whether Ben will manage to fit a third race in this winter – but if he does, I intend to be back.

Andy S.

Beacon Bash – First Long Trail Race

The first run in the new Trail Series took place this morning. The Beacon Bash was an intricate 21 mile route from Newburgh near Wigan, and four stalwart HRC members showed up to take part. Personally I’d say that was pretty good considering we all woke up to 2 or 3 inches of new snow this morning. The going was slow, needless to say, as we were running in melting snow the whole way. Nevertheless a good time was had by all, with pie and peas at the end too.


Andy Robinson 3:34
Ed Halliwell 3:40
Chris Hatton 4:04
Steve McHugh 5:20

Ed was well ahead of me but got lost near the end & lost at least 15 mins. Chris missed the official start so his run time was actually a few minutes faster, but not enough to affect the placings. Steve was doing the Beacon Bash anyway, and was wearing his walking boots little thinking he was competing in anything at all. Sorry Steve.

Post-event refreshment score: 8 out of 10. That’s by LDWA standards, which are in a different league to most running events.

Next Trail Series event

Kipling Kaper, Saturday 27th March. This is the longest run in the series, at 28 miles. There are other options from 20 miles up, but to count in the series you need to do the full 28 miles. It’s a great route in the Staffordshire Peak District, including an ascent of Shutlingsloe and finishing along the top of the Roaches. For further info go to or ask me on a Wednesday night.

Andy Robinson

Pie and Peas pictures

Another great turn out from Helsby at the ever popular Pie and Peas 5 miler. It’s been in our club calendar for as long as I can remember. Great to see some of the newer faces providing some competition to the older hands. Support offered by the Helsby injured contingent, who disappeared into the pub for a quick pint and game of pool during the race before emerging to cheer the runners home.

I’m sure Harry will post the results once they are available, in the meantime, a few snaps to keep you amused.


Burtonwood 5mile pics

Some snaps of the guys and gals in action at Burtonwood to add to Adair’s excellent writeup.