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  2. I am defo interested in coming along to one of the wednesday club sessions – how long/far do you run for on these nights? Would love to give it a go but at the moment I am only doing half hour runs so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up!

    • Hi Steph – You’d be very welcome on a club run. At this time of year we tend to be running for an hour+ (with stops to regroup).

      If all that sounds a bit too daunting, the grass track sessions behind Helsby High on a Monday might be more your thing. It’s a good way of picking up confidence and meeting a few people (you don’t have to be a joined up member). Some people do their own thing running round the fields and some do the track sessions – at all paces!

      • Thanx for your reply Steve! I will defo pay a visit to one of the monday sessions and see how it goes! 🙂

  3. Hi, I have never run as part of a club structure before – but am thinking it might help me maintain my motivation through the winter (tend to run a bit in the summer, then one excuse follows another and before you know it – have got out of the habit – only to start again next summer! (pace aprox. 55 mins to do 10km – so wont be breaking any records!).
    What time on a wednesday should one pitch up – if you set off at 6.30?

    • Hi Nick – good to hear from you! You won’t get left behind at that pace, so don’t worry on that count. I know it’s a big step turning up, but just pop down about 6:25 say ‘hi, I’m new’ and see if you like the look of us 🙂

  4. Hi, I’m Fran, I’m 23 and have just really got into running and I love it – I’ve been looking at joining a running club but I’m not sure if its for me – I usually run about 10k or so and am improving my pace, got that down to 53mins on a fairly flat run, about 57 if theres hills involved! I was just wondering if I was good enough to tackle your wednesday runs cause I might get really slow on the hills – I’ve gone about 10 miles recently and found that hard but I want to keep going further, extending my distance and improving my times cause I feel I have much faster speeds in me but I’m just not sure how to go about doing it! I’m also really interested in getting some races under my belt too 🙂

  5. Hi Fran – thanks for getting in touch. Really, you’d fit right in. Sounds like you could do with some extra time on feet and just a bit more familiarity with hills. We’re by no means all racers. Turn up and give it a go, no pressure to join. There’s loads of races to opt into, and it’s always nice to have the camaraderie of some team mates to compare notes with. Hope to see you soon!

  6. Hi
    Do you still do the runs on a Monday night or any other night? Ive been road running up to 11 miles but recently entered a few fell runs and i’ve loved them. Just purchased some trail trainers and got my first cross country run in them next weekend. I really need some training on the hills, running about 8.7 min mile, entered a few 10k runs, around 54 mins but so struggling on the hills.

    • Hi Carole – welcome. Yes we still have the Monday sessions. Helsby High at 7pm for a few more weeks till we lose the daylight, then more ad hoc. Wednesdays are fixture, 6: 30pm each week summer and winter.

      We have a growing band of fell enthusiasts and you’re just in time for the start of the cross country season. You’d be very welcome to join us!

  7. Hi
    id like to join your club to run border league!! i run for denbigh but we dont run it! wanna join your club as a lot from my club run for prestatyn and abergele, thought id be different and get some friendly rivalry going. How much for 2nd claim membership and a vest???
    thanks peter

  8. hi i was wondering weather i could join you on your weds nights runs ,i have moved into runcorn and was looking for a local running club .thanks

  9. It’d be great if you came down and gave us a try. Say hello and tell someone you’re new so they can keep an eye out and make sure you don’t get lost! …nothing to pay till you decide it’s for you.

  10. Hello,
    How far do you run on a Wednesday? I’d like to join you but I can only do about 6-7k at the moment – 10k is within reach but not at a very good time! I saw somewhere that you do 8 miles – I don’t think I could manage this.

  11. I would really like to join you on a Wednesday evening. What time is best to get there and do I need to speak to someone in particular first? Thanks for your help

  12. Hi, I’ve been training on my own for the last year and would like to try training with a club. Are the 1830 Monday night sessions on at Castle park at the moment? Many thanks

  13. Hi, I have been coming along for a few weeks on Wednesdays and really enjoying it. Last night was great! I was thinking about joining the Club. What do I need to do, who do I need to speak to and what does it cost?

    • Thanks, I’ll send Jo an e-mail. I have only made it on Wednesdays so far but hope to give the other sessions a go at some point (childcare etc allowing!). Cheers, Adam

  14. Hi where at the sports and social club do you meet for boot camp on Tuesdays, also are you at helsby high now on Mondays? Tanya x

    • Hi – not made a boot camp yet, but in front of the club house I’m pretty sure. Yes, back at Helsby High Mon – great group and a couple of choices of sessions. All welcome for a 6:30 start, you can park in front of the school.

  15. Hi,
    Very interested. I’m currently in the middle of the tour of merseyside. I’m a 7:30 to 8 min mile runner. Nearly 30 years old. Improved loads in the last year (4:22 down to 3:38 marathon). Deffo time to join a club and this one looks ideal. Surprisingly I can’t see anyone doing the tour from Helsby on the results page. I should be able to get along on wednesday (will still be in a lot of pain monday!)

  16. Hi all, I hav just shifted to helsby recently. I just stay opp the sports club so came across your posters and ads while I pass my way to the bus stop. I would like to join you guys for running. I’m not an athlete I would like to run just for fun and yes to be fit. Let me know about the details. I can drop in this Wednesday. Thanks!

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