Codes of practice & privacy notice

Code 1 Marshaling

The club subsidises each member each year and this is paid for by the races and events we organise. With this in mind, each active club member is required throughout the year to volunteer at AT LEAST one of our events. Plus in order to have enough volunteers for our big race the Four Villages Half Marathon, any club member entering it must help out either before the race or supply a stand in volunteer on race day.

Code 2 London Marathon Places

Each year Helsby Running Club gets allocated some London Marathon places (currently 2). Club members who have entered the London Marathon but are unsuccessful in securing a place through the general ballot can be entered into the draw for these places. Those wishing to be entered into this draw must supply their rejection slips plus there is a further requirement that they must have competed in at least two Border League races in the previous 12 months before the draw (usually held in November).

Code 3 Social Media Policy

Helsby Running Club social network sites (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter etc.) should never be used as a medium by which to abuse or criticise club members, other clubs or organisations or other individuals and to do so would be in breach of the British Athletics Codes of Conduct and therefore subject to disciplinary action. See:

England Athletic Social Media Guidance Helsby Running Club – Feb 2017

Helsby Running Club social network sites are to be used as a forum for members and to promote its activities to the wider community. They are set as a closed groups. The nominated administers will only accept members of the club and/or people known by the club and in the running community as members of the group. All members must be aware that pages are visible to all users and should not contain information about young people, vulnerable people or bad language.

Last updated: February 2017
To be reviewed annually at AGM

DRAFT Privacy Note

DRAFT Privacy Notice is Helsby Running Club’s draft explanation of how the club will protect the personal information that we hold about you as members and how we will ensure that data is collected, stored, processed, maintained, cleansed and retained in accordance with current and future UK data protection legislation. This notice will be agreed at the AGM on Wed 16 May 2018. If you have any comments or question beforehand, please contact Jackie Keasley or Tim Palmer.