Inter club fell challenge

New in 2012 is something we’re doing with friendly local clubs Spectrum (the Warrington club with the black vests) and Tattenhall (blue and yellow vests), Pensby (turquoise) and Delamere Spartans (white).

Basic format is between the three clubs we choose three reasonably local fell races (within about 50 miles) that are also part of our club championships, and have an inter-club competition at those races. There’s a comprehensive scoring system, but the basic message is turn up, race, collect some points for the club. The good thing is that everyone counts, regardless of position. So although you count more the further up the field you finish, you still contribute to the club score however near the back you are.

All the races are beginner friendly over fairly benign territory and not too long …which isn’t to say they aren’t challenging!

The full rules can be downloaded here: Inter club fell rules.

We’ll see how it goes this first year (2012) and perhaps review them, but for now it’s a great little challenge, a good excuse to turn out for some races and foster a bit of friendly rivalry with a couple of clubs we already know.


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