Results and reports

Here you can find an archive of results and reports from our races:

Robbie Webster’s Wobbler 2015

Male Record 39.03 – New Course Max Wainwright
Female Record 48.27 – New Course Victoria Walls


1st Max Wainwright
2nd Jez Brown
3rd Lawrence Eccles
V40 Jez Brown
V50 Tim Knight
V60 Andy Robinson
Team Helsby RC



1st Victoria Walls
2nd Carolyn Stamper-Clark
3rd Karon Forster
V40 Suzanne Eccleston
V50 Karon Forster
V60 Steph Charman
Team Spectrum Striders


Full results here:

RWW_2015_Results (PDF)

RWW_2015_Results (Excel)

RD’s Report:

Robbie Webster’s Wobbler 2014

Male Record 38.16 Karl Steinegger
Female Record 48.20 Lisa Grantham


1st Karl Steinegger
2nd Jez Brown
3rd Max Wainwright
V40 Jez Brown
V50 Colin Bishop
V60 Mario Foschi
V70 Peter Roberts
Team Helsby RC


1st Katie Ashcroft
2nd Karon Forster
3rd Anest Müller
V40 Cristina Puccini
V50 Karon Forster
Team Helsby RC

Download the full results here: RWW_2014_Results

Report to follow:


Robbie Webster’s Wobbler 2013

Robbie Webster’s Wobbler 2013 Results

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