Four villages buffs now on eBay

The most excellent Four Villages Buffs are now available on eBay. Already being seen around as the apres-race accessory for the discerning runner. These are genuine buffs, generally retailing at 13 or 14 quid, in a never-to-be-repeated 30th anniversary commemorative design.

Fill your boots over at eBay, where you can pay the frankly ridiculous sum of £7.50 for this cult item. And it’s post free.

I was Buff-sceptic, till I tried one. It’s a really functional bit of kit, taking up almost zero space in your pack. I’d recommend getting a spare in case yours is requisitioned elsewhere.

Four villages half marathon 2011

The 2011 Helsby Half is full and there’s no waiting list. This is our 30th running of this fantastic event — we’d be delighted if you could help make it special. Do you have any stories big or small from the race? Something amusing from an early race? A special meaning for you? Perhaps you’ve run the event many times and have a story to tell with your times. Please email or leave a comment below. Thanks!

Update: cancellations have been filled and the window for transfers closed 17 Jan. We need the remaining time to get the data in shape to help ensure all our runners have an enjoyable experience on the day.