Border League final race and standings April 2013

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Full Border League results are now available online

Andy Smith states “excellent showing from Helsby for the final Border’s League race of the season. Just over 4 miles made for a sharp and fast race. Conditions were cool, but ideal for running.”

Colin Bishop led the Helsby charge also securing a fantastic 1st for his category on the night but also for the series overall so make sure you congratulate Colin when you see him. Jenny Illidge was 1st Helsby lady home. But Colin was not alone in securing honours as Albert Berry was also 1st for his category, Carol Shaw 2nd in hers and Tom DeJong 3rd in his. Great to see the hard work from individuals transferred to silverware and to help show the talent that currently resides in the club. But the Border League is a team event so thanks to everyone who participated whether in one race or in all.

The Helsby ladies secured 4th team in Division one on the night and the men 4th in Division two. However, over the season we are definitely getting more strength in depth as Helsby men were 2nd in the improver’s trophy. Overall the ladies team were third in Division One and the men third in Division Two.

Helsby position and times as follows

22nd BISHOP,   Colin 22:41
51st THOMPSON,   Colin 23:35
52nd BAYHAM   HUGHES, Chris 23:40
93rd LANDUCCI,   Ian 25:12
115th GASKILL,   Roy 26:23
141st ILLIDGE,   Jenny 27:13
144th ASHBROOK,   Jane 27:21
148th JACKSON,   Adrian 27:27
171st SHAW,   Geoff 28:05
173rd DeJONG,   Tom 28:07
187th ROBERTSON,   Janet 28:57
197th SMITH,   Andy 29:32
204th BAYHAM   HUGHES, Laura 29:47
213th FEAKES,   Lesley 30:32
230th MILLER,   Claire Louise 31:44
232nd WILLIAMS,   Ben 32:00
238th FARWELL,   Jo 32:44
255th SHAW,   Janet 34:44

Please note any uncollected trophies will be awarded on the night of the AGM.

Once again thanks again to everyone participating in the series and helping the teams do so well.


Border league race 1 results Sunday 21st October 2012

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It was a misty morning for those driving from the northwest, at least until the Welsh border where blue skies welcomed the early starters for the opening ceremony of this season’s Border League inter-club competition held at Caernarfon. The start and finish were a short distance from the castle, a splendid backdrop for the first 4k alongside the estuary, with its shimmering silver speckles of autumn daylight on what was a very still day.

256 runners competed and completed the approx. 10km course, a flat start but with some undulations to take everyone just outside their comfort zone and equally take the pressure off it being a PB course.

Sixteen runners out for Helsby which highlighted the growing improvement of both our ladies and men’s teams: 

16th                        Adair Broughton                      36.31
59th                  Ian Landucci                           39.43
68th                  Jim O’Hara                             40.15
88th                  Jayne Joy                               41.11
91st                  Roy Gaskill                             41.26
106th                Colin Thompson                      42.26
117th                Jane Ashbrook                        43.23 (2nd in age cat)
139th                Adrian Jackson                       44.45
140th                Albert Berry                             44.48 (1st in age cat)
150th                Geoff Shaw                            45.27
154th                Vanessa Griffiths                    45.44 (3rd in age cat)
160th                Carol Shaw                             46.01 (1st in age cat)
164th                Helen Owens                          46.20
195th                Tom DeJong                           48.03
224th                Chris Hatton                            51.47
252nd               Janet Shaw                             56.41

A fantastic showing once again by the six Helsby ladies, with Jayne and Jane superb for top ten finishes and Jane, Vanessa and Carol all on podium finishes for their age categories. This gave the newly promoted Helsby ladies team a brilliant 3rd overall which really helps to consolidate their position in the Division 1 right behind Chester Tri.

It was a good result too for the men with a full complement of ten securing 4th position in Division two, which is probably one of our strongest showings for some time. Star performance once again goes to Albert Berry for securing pole position in his category.

Many thanks to Mario who not only supported, helped with traffic management (on a busier course than expected with cars) but also sorted the numbers out at the end.

Thanks also to Albert for printing and providing some great photos of everyone who was at the Sandstone Race a few weeks ago.

Full results of the Borders available here

Race 2 is Capenhurst, nearly on our doorstep so will be good to have a big field of Helsby for this race on Sunday 11th November at 11.00am. Remember it’s a roughly 10k course and flat and fast, free to enter, just need to wear the club vest.

Be good


Border league results race 7 April 2012

Hi all

Border League results arrived!

In summary a great season, lots of new faces and enthusiasm to build on so thanks to everyone who participated in this series as it’s really shown what Helsby can be as a club and the potential it has.

Obviously the highlight is the much deserved promotion of Helsby ladies into Division One (should really be called the premiership?) which is a magnificent achievement. Special thanks to Jane for running so soon after the marathon! (and to Colin running before his)

Full results for your perusal here

The last race of the season is generally a mile or so shorter (approx just over 4 miles) and this year was held at Shotton rather than Wrexham. With the forecast for cloud and showers and wind it was fantastic to see such a turnout of 19 Helsby vests.

Helsby results on the night as follows

17th      Adair Broughton          23.40
55th      Ian Landucci               25.16
61st      Jim O’Hara                 25.29
65th      Colin Thompson          25.44
96th      Jayne Joy                   26.44 (2nd in category, 5th overall)
122nd   Roy Gaskill                 27.51
134th    Paul Porter                  28.35
142nd   Albert Berry                 28.53 (1st in category)
145th    Jane Ashbrook            28.57 (4th in category)
147th    Adrian Jackson           29.00
154th    Phil Gillard                   29.17
158th    Geoff Shaw                29.22
163rd    Tom DeJong               29.37
172nd   Carol Shaw                 29.52 (4th in category)
186th    Janet Robertson         30.23
201st    Andy Smith                 30.57
250th    Janet Shaw                 35.15 (3rd in category)
254th    Betty Grieve                35.34
265th    Robbie Webster          38.00 (2nd in category)

In terms of team positions Helsby ladies finished 1st in Division two but a close look shows they were actually 2nd team overall on the night behind Wirral. This bodes really well for next season because in real terms that would have placed them actually 2nd in Division One! Something to think about ….

But with such a strong men’s turnout this placed Helsby men 2nd in Division two, which is the best result of the season. And with the notable improvements some of the Helsby men are making it can only be promising for next year and something we can all be proud of together.

The Border League shows in some ways the strength of the club at the moment, something many have noticed and commented upon over the last year or so, so all I can do is reiterate and say well done and thanks to everyone enjoying their running and participating in team events like this.

I wasn’t able to attend the awards ceremony but Mario informed me that Helsby picked up silverware as follows 

Robbie 2nd o/70
Albert 2nd o/65
Carol 4th o/45
Ian 5th o/45.

Ladies also promoted to Division 1, finished 2nd overall

Special congratulations to all the above and hope to see many of you at the Borders this coming season!


Abergele border league results sun 8th jan 2011

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Please find attached results for the latest Border League Race at held at Abergele Sunday 8th Jan.

Described as an accurately measured 5 mile out and back course, oh, with a random bit through a caravan park,   14 Helsby runners started and finished the race with some strong performances thrown in, including a 5 mile PB for Adrian, well done. Age category highlights included podium finishes for Jane Ashbrook with 3rd, Vanessa in 3rd, Albert in 2nd and Robbie in 3rd.

Helsby positions and times listed below

22nd        Adair Broughton               28.42
79th         Ian Landucci                       31.37
118th      Roy Gaskill                          33.22
125th      Jane Ashbrook                  33.38
135th      Jayne Joy                             34.04
148th      Adrian Jackson                  34.51
155th      Vanessa Griffiths             35.15
156th      Albert Berry                       35.16
186th      Carol Shaw                          36.25
201st       Andy Smith                         37.07
206th      Phil Gillard                           37.23
255th      Betty Grieve                      40.12
263rd      Jackie Keasley                   40.53
304th      Robbie Webster               45.18

Helsby ladies should also be congratulated for finishing in first position on the day in Division two, with some more races left to run they can now provide a strong challenge for promotion. Helsby men consolidated their position in mid table of Division Two on the day.

Helsby ladies also finished in 2nd place in the improvers trophy table so shows what a great year they are having.

The link below should also take you to the handicap rankings, which is a great way of seeing what your current form is and if you are improving.

Sadly, and rather remiss of me, I’ve missed sending this on previous results and so I should mention that on two previous races in this current Border League series we have had two Helsby ladies win the handicap rankings. Betty won the Prestatyn race 1 and Vanessa won at Birkenhead Park race 2. These are great performances which should have been noted previously. (Sorry!)




Border league race 1 results – prestatyn october 2011

Border League

Prestatyn Results Race 1 Sunday 16th October

Results are now out and can be found at the link below

Helsby managed to field both a men’s and women’s team which has placed us currently mid table in division two for both teams so many thanks to all runners who turned up in what was a very big field for a Borders race with 310 runners finishing on a roughly 5.1mile course.

This race starts at the Nova centre in Prestatyn and heads towards Rhyl and back mainly along the promenade. With wind facing you on the first half of the course and behind you on the way back in it was to be a tactical race for most. It is also very flat so a very different proposition to Kettlewell the day before.

Once again thanks to Joe for his support on the course.

Helsby runner’s positions and placing as follows:

19th       BROUGHTON, Adair        28.54

66th       LANDUCCI, Ian                  31.07

102nd    O’HARA, Jim                       33.15

123rd     GASKILL, Roy                     34.22

172nd    SHAW, Geoff                     36.19

175th     SMITH, Andy                      36.31

188th     JACKSON, Adrian             37.01

193rd     SHAW, Carol                       37.14

240th     GRIEVE, Betty                    40.21

283rd     SHAW, Janet                      43.51

297th     WEBSTER, Robbie            46.15

Next race will be closer to home at Wallasey so details will follow.

Some hill training Monday night at the club 17th October 6.45pm if you fancy it



Border league race 7 wrexham plus final standings

Hi all

Please find attached the results for the final Border League race at Wrexham 27th April, 4 Miles approx, a rather fast and flat course.

12 Helsby vests made the final counter so thanks to everyone who raced or has participated in any of this series of races.

In terms of team positions, after all races, the Helsby Ladies finished in 5th place in Division 2 and the men 6th in Division 2, Helsby Veterans were 11th team overall.

I think handicap results for the Borders are still to come but Individual and team rankings overall as well as results for each race are provided on the Borders website below

Special congratulations to those obtaining silverware should be given to Janet Shaw for 2nd in her age category, Ian Landucci for 5th in his age category, and Robbie Webster for a brilliant 1st in his age category.

Helsby positions and times below for Race 7 Wrexham

32nd     BROUGHTON, Adair 22:42
56th     LANDUCCI, Ian 23:36
97th     O’HARA, Jim 25:27
146th     SHAW, Geoff 27:03
164th     SMITH, Andy 27:36
191st     GILLARD, Phil 28:27
205th     SHAW, Carol 28:57
215th     GRIFFITHS, Vanessa 29:27
216th     KIDD, Tony 29:32
240th     HAWKER, Nesta 31:43
261st     SHAW, Janet 33:24
273rd     WEBSTER, Robbie 34:43

Let’s build on this years good results for next year!