Helsby weekly round-up April 1st to April 7th 2013

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Last Wednesday 3rd April at West Cheshire’s Spring 5 race saw some excellent results for Helsby, showing and confirming how healthy the club has become. Jayne Joy who has secured some great fell running victories over the last year has now transferred that potential to the road, executing a perfectly timed race to not only be first counter home for Helsby but win the ladies race overall and smash her PB at the same time. Colin Thompson also showed his fantastic rate of improvement to take home the club counter points and also smash his PB. There were 17 runners out for Helsby in total

Helsby position and times as follows

32nd       Colin Thompson                        29.17
41st       Adair Broughton                        29.56
50th       Jayne Joy                                 30.51 (1st Lady overall)
78th       Ed Halliwell                               32.10
90th       Roy Gaskill                               33.32
111th     Steve Riley                               34.18
112th     Tom DeJong                             34.22
120th     Geoff Shaw                              34.49
123rd     Adrian Jackson                         34.55
143rd     Jane Ashbrook                          35.43
153rd     Carol Shaw                               36.26
189th     Laura Baynham-Hughes           38.26
190th     Andy Smith                               38.30
229th     Alison Meakin                           41.53
238th     Ian Hilditch                                42.40
242nd     Jo Farwell                                 43.13
254th     Janet Shaw                               44.39

Full results for the Spring 5 can be found here


and photos courtesy of Dave Pinnington here


The sixth Delamere Park Run saw a podium finish for the irrepressible Colin Bishop heading home 3rd overall in a promising 18.10 with many Helsby runners securing PB’s

21 Roy GASKILL 20:32 VM45-49 70.70 % M 19 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:20:18 3
31 Derek GALLAGHER 21:51 VM60-64 73.38 % M 29 Helsby RC New PB! 2
35 Vanessa GRIFFITHS 22:07 VW45-49 74.00 % F 4 Helsby RC New PB! 2
47 Carol SHAW 23:07 VW50-54 73.40 % F 5 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:44 4
50 Benjamin John WILLIAMS 23:28 SM35-39 56.18 % M 44 Helsby RC First Timer! 1
55 Clare MILLER 24:20 SW25-29 60.82 % F 9 Helsby RC First Timer! 3
64 Nesta HAWKER 25:05 VW45-49 64.58 % F 12 Helsby RC First Timer! 1
76 Ian HILDITCH 26:28 VM70-74 67.44 % M 61 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:26:04 4
77 Alison MEAKIN 26:36 VW55-59 69.92 % F 16 Helsby RC New PB! 2
82 Jo FARWELL 27:25 VW40-44 56.53 % F 19 Helsby RC New PB! 3
89 Sarah PRICE 29:12 VW45-49 56.05 % F 25 Helsby RC First Timer! 1
116 Jane ASHBROOK 44:10 VW35-39 34.08 % F 43 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:53 4

The full Delamere Park run on Saturday results available here


Jayne Joy and Chris Baynham-Hughes met up on Saturday along with Karl and Wayne (Spectrum) for a splendid recce of the Peris Horseshoe. This race is one of the North Wales championship races later in the year. Chris as always has written a fantastic account of the day on his blog. Some stunning photos to accompany the day as well, one I have to admit am very jealous I wasn’t able to do.


Sunday we head over the pond to the Chiacgo Shamrock Shuffle 8k. Gareth Boyd has kindly sent in a race report as follows

“This race is billed as the largest 8k in the world, so it seemed a fitting way to end the family holiday in Chicago. Standing next to the elite at the start line gave the ‘wow’ factor. The Pb was never going to be broken today – the previous 5 days of beer, pizza, popcorn, spare-ribs, pancakes etc put pay to that…..but I was happy with my time. Unique features of the race included, running through the streets of Chicago city, being able to cheer on wife and daughter as they raced/ran, USA national anthem being sung pre-race and free beer being served after the race at 9.30am !

514th         Gareth Boyd            32.29 (position 514 out of 33,219)

Please note this Wednesday sees the much anticipated penultimate Border League event at 7pm at Shotton, nr Queensferry. Directions can be found at the following link.



Please wear your best gear as if I can’t run I’ll be there with camera!

I’ve received no other race reports so if anyone else was upto much at the weekend please let me know as I can include the details on the blog

Keep on running




Chester spring 5 – provisional results

Chester spring 5 provisional results are now online here:


25th                  29:34 BROUGHTON, Adair

43rd                  31:03 LANDUCCI, Ian Edward

113th                34:29 ASHBROOK, Jane E

128th                35:11 BOYD, Gareth

144th                35:52 SHAW, Geoff

180th                37:26 ROBERTSON, Janet

185th                37:40 SHAW, Carol

238th                40:11 KEASLEY, Jacqueline

268th                41:33 MEAKIN, Alison

304th                43:55 SHAW, Janet

308th                44:24 HAWKER, Nesta

314th                44:38 PIRALI, Kay