Guilden sutton six

A new race to me, and a good one. This long-standing race started life as a 6 miler and later mutated into a metric 10k. Well organised by West Cheshire, with kilometre markers all the way around, making it easy to gauge your efforts.

Starting in the village, with the now traditional ‘traffic management’ faff, we were soon off on a short lap followed by a bigger anti-clockwise loop. For the most part we ran on quiet country lanes with a brief excursion down the footpath of the main A51, where the noise came as a rude shock. By the time we were back on the lanes we were all digging in for the last 2k to the finish, where the main hilly challenges of the course (in truth only minor) made themselves felt. The final little rise up to the finish seemed harder than it should have been, especially when you’re conscious of the runner behind closing in!

Helsby turnouts from Adair, Ian, Steve, Geoff, Adrian, Carol and Janet in what was the penultimate road series counter. A PB for Adair with a few seconds off an already impressive best for the distance. Great morning for running! A still day and actually quite warm.

Full results can be found at the link below

Helsby positions and times as follows

16th         Adair Broughton               35.41
45th         Ian Landucci                       38.39
102nd      Steve Riley                          43.53
103rd      Geoff Shaw                        44.06
133rd      Carol Shaw                          46.09
138th      Adrian Jackson                  46.55
194th      Janet Shaw                         55.20.


Rainow 5 fell race

A hearteningly strong showing from the green vests over at Rainow last night (a lovely village just outside Macclesfield, home to two ex members of New Order, the new Chancellor of the Exchequer and a Stone Rose, it says here).

A shortish race (5 miles), without too much climbing (750′), this is a fairly beginner-friendly event. Or depending on your perspective, short enough to make you feel obliged to really, really try. And consequently get really, really tired. Anyway, there were some good performances on a perfect evening for running, with Jane notably taking 3 minutes off last year and coming home with a prize, and Adair knocking a staggering 2 mins off last year, from what was already a good baseline.

Quite an undulating course with one short sharp grind up to the folly of White Nancy (built to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo, but this time witnessing a more friendly form of conflict).

Back in the second tier for the men, there was a veritable log-jam of green vests, with 4 of us battling away and finishing within about 10 places and another shortly behind. Strong support from Joe for all, poor bloke didn’t know who to cheer for hardest!

Running last night were:

13. Adair Broughton, 36m 20

37. Chris Baynham-Hughes, 40m 06

41. Steve Riley, 40m 44

43. Jim O’Hara, 41m

46. Ian Landucci, 41m 20

53. Jane Ashbrook, 42m 23

85. Chris Hatton, 46m 22

117. Andy Smith, 52m 54

132. Robbie Webster, 59m 31

Full results on the Macc site

Pencil it in for next year if you fancy it – if you can do a Wednesday club hill run, you can do this.


Pie and Peas pictures

Another great turn out from Helsby at the ever popular Pie and Peas 5 miler. It’s been in our club calendar for as long as I can remember. Great to see some of the newer faces providing some competition to the older hands. Support offered by the Helsby injured contingent, who disappeared into the pub for a quick pint and game of pool during the race before emerging to cheer the runners home.

I’m sure Harry will post the results once they are available, in the meantime, a few snaps to keep you amused.


Helsby Summer Series – Current standings

Given that we have had several meetings recently looking at how we can increase the club membership and generate more enthusiasm at the club I thought I would put together a sales pitch for the Summer Series.

As a new boy at Helsby this is the first time I have been involved in the summer series and so far I can safely say it has been great fun. I was a bit dubious about finding my way to the centre of Birkenhead for the 5 miler in the park, but it turned out to be an excellent race giving me my best time of the year on a fast traffic free 3 lap course. Whitley 10km was another new one for me again a great race though I wasn’t expecting so much of a hill on roads just south of Warrington.

Whilst on the subject of hills perhaps even more fun than the road series has been the fell races. From relatively easy hill/trail races such as Rainow and Bollington to the steep up and downs of Edale and Moel Y Gamelin I have enjoyed them all. Everyone has been different with its own character, the one thing they all had in common was excellent scenery and superb views.

However after running in many races over the last 15 years in the unattached category the thing that I have enjoyed most is being part of the Helsby team. The support you get is excellent (No one shouts louder than Joe). So I can thoroughly recommend both the road and fell summer series.

Current Standings

Road Series

With the road series just past the half way point the current standings are:


  Chester Spring 5 Whitley 10k Christleton 5k Dunham Massey 5k Birkenhead 5m Comberbach Fete 5k Burtonwood 5m Total
Janet Shaw 15   16 20 17 16 18 102
Vanessa Griffiths 20 20 19   18 19   96
Carol Shaw     18 19 20 17 20 94
Lesley Feakes   19       18   37
Jackie Keasley 18           19 37
Sarah Price 17       19     36
Rachel Arnold 19   17         36
Janet Robinson     20         20
Jane Ashbrook           20   20
Valarie Ball 16             16


  Chester Spring 5 Whitley 10k Christleton 5k Dunham Massey 5k Birkenhead 5m Comberbach Fete 5k Burtonwood 5m Total
Geoff Shaw 17   18 19 17 19 19 109
Adair Broughton     20 20 20 20 20 100
Ian Landucci 20 20 19   19     78
Andy Todd 15   17   16     48
Steve Riley 19       18     37
Dave Feakes   18       18   36
Dave Madders 16           18 34
Andy Smith   19           19
Mike Searle 18             18
Mick Charman   17           17
Ian Hilditch             17 17


Fell Series

After 6 races


  Herod     Farm Rainow Mynydd    Myfyr Edale Country Day Moel  -y-Gamelin Bollington Nostalga Total
Jane Ashbrook 19 20       20 59
Vanessa Griffiths     20     19 39
Janet Robinson 20           20
Jackie Keasley   19         19
Kathryn Roberts     19       19
Lesley Feakes           17 17


  Herod Farm Rainow Mynydd Myfyr Edale Country Day Moel-y-Gamelin Bollington Nostalga Total
Phil Gillard 20   19 18 18 18 93
Andy Todd 19 17 18 17   15 86
Adair Broughton   20 20 20   20 80
Ian Landucci   18   19 20 19 76
Steve Riley   19     19   38
Andy Smith 18           18
Robbie Webster         17   17
Dave Feakes           17 17
Stephen McCue           16 16

Last road counter, next road counter

Results for the Dunham Massey 5k race held on Friday 22nd May

Individual times and positions as below. Well done to all taking part.
30th    Adair Broughton    18.12
83rd    Geoff Shaw           20.34
173rd  Janet Shaw           27.46
176th  Carol Shaw           28.30

Next road club counter is Wednesday 3rd June 7.45pm at Birkenhead Park for a 5mile race. Details here