Helsby half — race positions

Here’s all the Helsby positions I could find in the results. Positions are actual race positions, but I’ve taken the chip time, because in most cases it’s the more flattering!

Position Who (Chip) time
65 Adair Broughton 1:23:18
141 Ian Landucci 1:28:07
200 Edward Halliwell 1:31:06
238 Chris Baynham-Hughes 1:32:40
297 Ivan Davies 1:34:48
310 Steve Riley 1:35:19
327 Jane Ashbrook 1:36:15
355 Geoff Shaw 1:38:05
656 David Feakes 1:46:37
709 Alec Robertson 1:49:03
919 Betty Grieve 1:55:48
1007 Kevin Bell 1:58:48
1010 Michael McShane 1:59:37
1052 Mike Searle 2:01:32
1086 Sheila Ryder 2:02:38
1125 Lesley Feakes 2:05:03
1235 Christopher Newman 2:12:05

Helsby Half runners — Mike’s photos

Photos of  Helsby runners taken at just over 1 mile and at 8.5 miles. The photos are in order they were taken and so are in race position order. I have more of each runner, if anyone wants copies let me know and I will send them to you. Well done to all runners, sorry if I have missed anyone.

Shell four villages half marathon – all over now!

Hope you enjoyed your run today — some really strong performances out there and some good improvements. I could only watch as Ivan and his mate Graham disappeared into the distance, the Big Run preparation is obviously going well!

Full race results are over on the old site. Mick Hall’s event photos are here.

We’ll get a list of everyone’s time and positions when we’ve got a bit more time. Adair comfortably made the Top 100. But some of these fast new lads will hopefully be chasing his tail before too long! Was it Chris BH’s first Half? If so a pretty impressive debut. Ed, Ian, etc., we already know you’re good. Further down there were some strong runs — I saw Albert and Betty both looking good at the end. Lots more.

More importantly I know lots of you gave up a shot at the race, to help out behind the scenes. Thanks all, all of us in the green vests wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. As ever, there was a good vibe after the race. People enjoying a well run race once again. We must be doing something right!

We’re getting some great reviews over on the Runner’s World site. It’d be great if we could welcome some new folk along to the club as a result of getting them interested.

Unused chips
If you couldn’t make the race, it would help us out if you could return your chip to:
Helsby Community Sports Club, Chester Road, Helsby WA6 0DL

Half Marathon web pages.
Four villages half marathon

Helsby Half runners — Ian’s (niece’s) pics

What an excellent race it was today, well done to everyone involved.  My niece was primed to take a few photos of any Helsby runners she spotted going past the turn in Mouldsworth just after 8 miles.  Some managed to escape the camera but she caught quite a few of us.

Cheers Ian