The ‘hospice half’!

You may remember we had to cancel our annual Essar Four Villages half marathon in January because of the unprecedented bad weather.

The good news: we’ve been able to make substantial donations to our two main charities (Halton Haven and the Hospice of the Good Shepherd) because of the incredible generosity of our entrants, who voted overwhelmingly by 2:1 not to opt for a refund of their entry fees.

We’re on the front page of the Chester Chronicle today (23 May) about our low-key plan to salvage a bit of fun from the ashes and run between the two hospices to deliver the donations …as it happens just a little over half marathon distance. Hence the ‘Hospice Half’.

The bad news: the headline in the paper suggests it’s a re-run of the event and that hordes of runners will be invading the streets. It’s not I’m afraid — it’s just a few friends dropping off a donation and having a run into the bargain. Sorry if the paper gives the impression that this is an open event, but we need to avoid overwhelming the hospices with visitors and clogging the streets.

It’s a Helsby running club affair only …of course if you were thinking of joining the club anyway and are up for 14 mile on Sunday morning, we can probably squeeze you in and would be glad to have you along!