More long run mania

Andy Robinson’s been at it again. He’s a had a busy September, with two ultras in the space of a fortnight. Chapeau!

“At 3:15 my alarm went off, and despite all my instincts I got up, put on my running shorts and shirt and packed my camping gear into the car. Other poor souls were also wandering around wondering aloud how they’d talked themselves into this and gradually getting themselves ready for the day. Inside the hall about a hundred people were milling about, eating toast, drinking tea…”

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Short of a sprint finish?

Not prepared to give up unless you can’t actually stand up any more? Fancy the chance to win an event just once in your life?

I have to confess that I’ve yet to compete in a ‘club counter’, and I’ve only worn my Helsby club vest once so far since I joined the club last autumn (2008). I’m sure I’ll do the odd club race when one fits into my training schedule, but they’re not really my sort of runs. What I really like doing is long trail and hill runs, generally 20 miles or more, out in the best bits of the hill country. There are plenty of these events close enough to Helsby, in the Peak District, Lancashire, the Calder Valley in Yorkshire and… read more here

[Thanks to Andy Robinson for an excellent piece]