Mike McShane

Mike McShane

Typical Mike (with hat) helping out last month at the Sandstone Trail Challenge. Efficient, self-deprecating, genial.

With great sadness we report the death of our stalwart member Mike McShane. Clubmate Mike Searle who knew Mike for over 20 years and also worked with him at Body4Life was asked by the family to speak at Mike’s service yesterday, 15 June (and with a fellow club member also on the funeral staff, it was a family affair in many senses of the word). Newer members of the club may be surprised to hear just how fast and how keen Mike was in his hard racing days!

I’m delighted to report back that we were able to give Mike McShane a very good send-off with plenty of ‘Green Army’ Hoodies in evidence. Mike’s family were very grateful for everyone’s attendance and they were delighted with our choice of ‘hi-visibility’ garments!

I first met Mike over 20 years ago when I ran for the first time with Helsby Running Club. Mike kindly shepherded me around the mid-week club run and over the following years he shepherded me a whole lot more. Mike was there with help and support when I was setting up my business 13 years ago and he was always there with help and advice throughout each of the next 13 years. We also trained together and travelled to races together.

The full tribute is here — not because Mike doesn’t deserve the space but precisely because the words should stay around longer than it takes them to drop off the first page.

Mike’s tale – Wilmslow half marathon 2012

For me, the weekend of the clocks going forward is synonymous with a race I’ve completed 8 times – the Wilmslow 1/2M and with an excellent race package Wilmslow is an event I like to target annually.

So being ‘a Wilmslow old hand’, I know that very early arrival is key, given the congestion caused by an influx of 5,000 runners and the limited parking, so despite the 1030 start, I always look to arrive by 9 o’clock in order to avoid traffic troubles and stress!

But my 2012 event turned out slightly differently . . .

On Saturday night I packed up my gear and reset my watch an hour ahead in readiness for the ‘lost hour’ on Sunday. Even more efficiently, I didn’t need to adjust my alarm clock, having invested in a ‘fancy dan’ radio controlled model which constantly adjusts the time according to the signal from Greenwich and importantly for this weekend, automatically adds the hour for the start of British Summer Time. So I fell asleep with no concerns about my pre-race organisation.

On Sunday morning my alarm duly woke me and after a few minutes snoozing, I was up and enjoying a leisurely  breakfast – in fact everything I did was leisurely because of course I was SO efficient with my pre-race organisation. I planned to leave at 0815 which would easily see me parking at Wilmslow by 0900. So you can imagine my shock on checking my race watch to see the time registering 0910! Surely I couldn’t have made a mistake, not with all my efficient planning?

I had no idea what had happened but thereafter panic ensued! Realising that I was now in a 2 races, one a 1/2M and the other to get to the start line on time, I hastily gathered my gear and raced out of the house at breakneck speed, leaving at 0915. Wilmslow is a mere 30 minutes drive away but today I knew that the ‘nose-to-tail’ traffic would double that time and sadly I wasn’t mistaken. After 30 minutes of frustrating crawling into Wilmslow, I managed to park up at 1020 – about a mile from the start! No time to visit the toilet, check my laces, Vaseline up or prepare in any sensible way; my warm-up consisted of a decent speed mile to the start where I just managed to get into the pack before the gun fired!

Well despite my highly stressed pre-race ‘routine’, a beautiful sunny day ensued and with my goal of completing a long run as opposed to racing, the event went well. Of even greater interest was being applauded by Emmerdale actor (and very good standard runner) Tony Audenshaw at the 11 mile point who had come out in support and he gave me a cheery ‘well done Helsby’ as I laboured by. I’m afraid that my reply of ‘thanks Bob’ was not going to endear me to him but I couldn’t for the life of me remember his real name and in my fatigued state, I genuinely thought that his TV character name was actually his true name!

So against the odds, I can now add another Wilmslow to my tally and on investigating the problem alarm clock, it seems that the radio control element is no more. Typical. In our digital age you just can’t trust analogue signals any more these days! So I’m off to Argos now to buy one of those double bell, wind-up models that you can hear ticking from every room in the house. Whilst I may not get much sleep between now and next March, I can guarantee that I won’t miss Wilmslow in 2013!

Mike Searle, disorganised runner and failed name-checker.

Best wishes                           


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Mike’s tough team dress rehearsal

Hi everyone — The classic Tattenhall Tough Team Race is later this month and traditionally, I have always organized a ‘pre TTTR recee’ as an excellent alternative to our usual Weds night run.

Anyone who has run the TTTR before knows that elements of it certainly live up to its name! However the recee is deliberately a relaxed, social, group run, in what is an extremely scenic area. For anyone unfamiliar with the route, it is about 50% road and 50% offroad, with the offroad sections similar to our own Weds evening run and taking in some parts of the Sandstone Trail and Peckforton Hills amidst very attractive countryside.

Attached: ToughTeamMap. We then follow up the recee with a couple of drinks in Tattenhall which sits very nicely!

The plan is as follows:

  • All meet at the Tattenhall Recreation Club by 18:30. (The Club is Tattenhall runners clubhouse and where their Border league starts and finishes). Tattenhall is quite small so it’s pretty easy to find anyway. Link:  http://www.tattenhallrunners.com/18.html
  • Run start by 18:45.
  • On return, use the showering and changing facilities at the clubhouse (which are good standard)
  • Decamp to Tattenhall for a couple of drinks – wa-hey!

I discussed it at the club and there’s already a gang raring to go but obviously not everyone was present. Everyone is welcome and please note that it will be a social, comfortable run for all. So please come along next Weds eve for something a little bit different from our usual fare – you won’t be disappointed. Hope to see you there!

Best wishes,