Wirral multi terrain — round 3

Quick update from Mario: 9  ran at Harrison Drive tonight.
5 men & 4 women:
Adair 6th
Ian L 45th
Edward 66th
Dave S 80th
Geoff 109th

Jackie 37th
Alison 40th
Janet S 42nd
Betty 44th.

Wirral multi terrain — round 2

Back for more! The same stalwart crew were out last night, plus three more willing victims. Sadly Geoff was out with an eye infection, but was there in much appreciated support. We also had turn-outs from Phil, Vanessa and (small drum roll) Helen Moss …in her very first race in a Helsby vest. Well done! Hope you’ll be back for more. Another small drum roll for Adair, who was pleased as anyone to get 5th place overall. A fine achievement in such strong competition.

Next week is Harrison Drive, Wallasey (by the Derby Pool, Bay View Drive). Note the 6:30 start.

For anyone wavering these runs are tremendous fun, with all abilities. For anyone tight (like me) these races are only a pound!

Wirral multi terrain – round 1

Great turnout of Helsby runners tonight and everyone seemed to finish with a smile on their face. Good to see 12 vests make the trek up the Wirral to Royden Park, for what was a surprisingly tough course given the relatively modest amount of climbing.

In no particular order we had Adair, Dave S, Ian, Steve, Ed, Albert and Geoff for the blokes. On the distaff side we had strong runs from Betty, Jane, Janet S, Janet R and Alison. I think that’s everyone. Thanks to Joe and Mario for great support and generally organising us. Results should be on http://www.btinternet.com/~steve.saunders/ss/mterrain.htm at some point.

Same time next week?

Wirral multis: results and final call for race 4!

Last week’s event on the 15th was another cracking evening, with a beatiful sunlit run along the beach, on a surprisingly warm evening. Lots of line choices, depending if you favoured (or endured, depending on your point of view) dry sand, wet sand, pebbles, rocks or seaweed. The return leg was much more straightforward down the Wirral Way on a pan-flat path. Two loops, probably somewhere around 5 miles in total.

82 Steve Riley 33 35:42
99 Geoff Shaw 36:53
123 Chris Hatton 39:10
131 Ian Hilditch 40:38
Team: 27/36

32 Jackie Keasley 42:06
41 Betty Grieve 44:05
50 Janet Shaw 46:51
Team: 14/21

Full results on Steve Saunders’ site.

Final call for Race 4! The last in the series is this Tuesday (22nd), Cherry Orchard, Arrowe Park, Birkenhead. Note the early-ish 6:30pm start, to maximise the daylight. Map here

Anyone that’s been before will testify to how good these events are. Don’t be concerned you’ll be last. You won’t. A real range of abilities turn out, and everyone seems to finish with a smile on their face. Don’t be concerned by a lack of offroad skills, they’re really not technical.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could field a full team for the last of the series? 3 women and 5 men — we were pretty close last week, one more bloke needed.

Get your entry pound ready…