Helsby weekly round-up to 30th July 2013

Hi all

Lots to report this week.

Race report from up north by Andy Smith for a fell race Tuesday 23rd July

“Tuesday night, just as the summer weather broke, I headed out for the Fellside race in the Caldbeck fells, north of Skiddaw. An A-medium race, 7 miles with nearly 2000′ foot of climb in it, threatened to be a bit of an epic for an evening race. A tremendous thunderstorm and lashing rain as I drove towards race HQ didn’t bode well. Fortunately the storm passed before the start of the race, but the hills remained shrouded in cloud. 15 minutes after leaving the start (Fellside farm NY304372) we entered thick clagg with visibility of only a few yards and little in the way of defined paths over the bog and heather. It was then a case of hanging onto the shadowy figure in the mist in front and hoping that they were following someone who knew where the hell they were going. This worked ok for the first summit (Brae Fell NY288352), our little group of 4 made it safely to summit 2 (Great Sca Fell NY292338) – we think, and eventually to summit 3 (Knott NY296329) with only a minor detour. The need to hang onto others spurring me on to better running than I thought I was capable of. Leaving Knott, our group grew considerably and eventually the policy of following someone who knew where they were going came unstuck. After some ominous rolls of thunder, the cloud lifted a bit a revealed a large valley. This was met by a consensus of opinion that we’d all gone astray. A route back to the race course was plotted. Here I made a mistake in electing to remain high and contour round, rather than drop down and back up, loosing quite a bit of ground in the process and dropping – it transpired – to the back of the field. Back onto a definable track and following vests in the distance brought me onto the 4th summit (High Pike NY318350) and the long run back to the finish, passing the tail end marker in the process ! I finished 44th in 1hr 41m 33sec, clearly completely out of my league. Nevertheless it was another good outing on the fells and I did feel as though some of my fitness and strength is returning. It’s all good training. And more of an epic than I originally envisaged.”

On Wednesday Jo Farwell competed in the ‘Blues and Twos’ Multi-terrain 10k in Preston (this was after cycling 18 miles to get there!).

Full results for the Blues and Twos can be found here


Also on Wednesday was the Green Green Grass of Home Fell race, race 6 in our club fell series. Photos are available at the Welsh Fell Runners website www.wfra.org.uk. First home for Helsby with another fine performance was Jim O’Hara and first Helsby lady home was Jane Ashbrook. Lots of Helsby prize winners on the night including Roy, Laura and Jane. It should also be noted that this was Laura’s first fell race which is a fabulous performance

No official results as yet on the but Helsby positions and times (should be) as follows

5th Jim O’Hara


6th Adair Broughton


17th Colin Thompson


26th Gareth Boyd


30th Roy Gaskill


31st Steve Riley


38th Tom de Jong


44th Paul Porter


49th Paul Foster


65th Jane Ashbrook


67th Jim Jones (2nd claim)


71st Adrian Jackson


78th Laura Baynham Hughes


85th Chris Hatton


86th Nesta Hawker


93rd Jackie Keasley


95th John Hardman


Saturday as normal saw the green vests at the Delamere 5k Park Run where Derek Morris saw a podium result for 3rd overall and we also had three PB’s on the day. Carol Shaw first home for the Helsby ladies in 40th overall.


3 Derek MORRIS 19:02 SM35-39 70.67 % M 3 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:18:55 3  
33 Stephen WIGGINS 22:39 SM20-24 57.54 % M 28 Helsby RC New PB! 3  
34 Benjamin John WILLIAMS 22:44 SM35-39 58.36 % M 29 Helsby RC New PB! 9  
40 Carol SHAW 23:25 VW50-54 72.46 % F 6 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:24 10  
68 Ian HILDITCH 25:32 VM70-74 70.82 % M 55 Helsby RC New PB! 10  
73 Alison MEAKIN 25:51 VW55-59 72.99 % F 15 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:45 8  
90 Tanya Elizabeth DOWNES 27:11 VW35-39 55.67 % F 20 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:27:08 3  


Full Results here


Paul Foster had a fell race at Beetham in Cumbria which formed part of the village fete on Saturday which was a 6 mile race with 1000ft climb. Paul had a great run for 46th overall in a time of 52.50

Also out on the fells for the Push-up the Pincyn fell race near Ruthin were four Helsby vests with Phil Gillard in his first race back, so was good to see Phil enjoying his hills. Helsby positions and times as follows. Well done to Tom DeJong for first under 23 and prize winner Mario for 2nd in his category.

2nd        Adair Broughton            50.13
21st       Mario Foschi                 60.46 (2nd in age cat)
23rd       Tom DeJong                 62.00 (1st u23)
24th       Phil Gillard                    62.39
26th       Jim Jones                     63.10 (2nd claim Helsby)

Full results on www.wfra.org.uk with links also to Photos on the day available from Alistair Tye and Pete Douglas

As you know this weekend was Lakeland 100. Chris has written a good account of the day (and night) here


Results for Lakeland 100 here.

Sunday was the Gritstone Tryal. Race report received from Andy Robinson below

“Jackie & I ran the Gritstone Tryal race yesterday. It was a really good event again: this year 11 miles through the hillsfrom Flash in the Staffordshire Peak (south of Buxton). A new route every year, and you don’t find out where you’re going until the morning of the race. The rain held off so we had great running conditions, the views were excellent & the running was pretty good underfoot too. Winning time was 1:50:22, I came in 15th in 2:09:30, and Jackie was 24th in 2:37:32 (not 3:37:32 – there’s a typo in the results). Jackie was first female vet as well, beating all the other ladies over 40, so she got a prize for that. Results are here.

Some things to note

       It’s the next Interclub and Club Counter this weekend, the Teggs Nose race near Macclesfield. The race is 2.30pm this Saturday and is just under an hours drive from Helsby. Details and information available from www.macclesfield-harriers.co.uk We are competing very well in this series so far so as many runners as we can muster will really help our progress.

       Don’t forget to let Phil know your 5k and 10k times if you are running in the summer handicap which also includes the BBQ. Helsby Running Club will provide the meat and veggie options but if anyone can bring a savoury salad or side dish or sweet that is really helpful. Please let Jackie know what you will bring so we can have a balanced BBQ!

       Pie and Peas is filling up, is a popular event and places are limited, don’t miss out. Please visit the Vale Royal website for more details. http://www.valeroyalseniors.com/

       We now have a date for the Robbie Webster Wobbler, which will be the third and final race in our inter-club series. This race will be on Wednesday 4th September 2013 at 6.45pm, Frodsham Hill. Details to follow..

Keep on running



Helsby weekly round up 25th – 26th July 2012

Hi all

Saturday 25th saw the Push up the Pincyn fell race which forms part of the Clawddnewydd show, details here which provides a good race description http://www.clawddnewydd.org.uk/pincyn.html

Full results and race report as well as a link to some great photos are all available on the Welsh Fell Runners website www.wfra.org.uk .Three green vests were out for this one, Jayne, Phil and Adair.

The advertised distance is just over 6 miles with 1300ft climb but due to recent weather and the race organisers unable to utilise the show field this distance was increased to just over 7 miles as the start and finish were at the village hall instead. The first false start I’ve been involved in made for some light hearted banter and smiles were still evident as runners attempted to leap the hay bale which has become a common (or defining) feature of this race at just over the mile point. In some ways it is a tough trail race rather than a more traditional fell race but there are certainly some sustained climbs in it even if they are not as severe as experienced recently. It is a low key race and with a great atmosphere so certainly one I would recommend for Helsby runners.

Jayne stayed close to Welsh International and record holder for the 6 mile course Andrea Rowland’s to secure a fabulous 2nd place and be in with a shout for the raffled prizes. Jayne’s raffle ticket was number 13, unlucky for some, as her prize was a tin of corned beef! Maybe next year for the gnome or the lollipop? Alistair Tye’s photos of the event here below.


Hay there!

Helsby positions and times below and thanks also to Helen for her support on the day.

5th        Adair Broughton          53.55
12th      Jayne Joy                   59.30
26th      Phil Gillard                   68.54

Sunday 26th was our 7th road counter and 3rd ten mile event. I’ve had some race reports for this event from Helsby runners so please find Geoff’s and Ed’s reports below.

Geoff said “Well the initial discussion was about the men’s 20 points as Mr Adair wasn’t there and where were the ladies? Not one ladies green vest in sight. So off we all went down the first decent and up the first climb before the three climbs to be known as Box Hill for reasons going on in a parallel activity. The sun shone, for a while, it rained, for a while as mile by mile went by. Joe, Mario and Janet shouted their cheer as we passed them by, again and again. Finally the finish was in sight, after of course the final assent of Box Hill, to a bottle of beer named Joggers Tipple which is yet to be sampled. Top points went to Colin, with Ian not far behind. A good run for the men but a ghost run for the ladies.”

Ed states “The Great Warford 10 was both a club counter and in the Cheshire Grand Prix for 2012. Helsby’s turnout was six men and no ladies, so some big points going begging!  It was my first run over the course, and I’d been warned that there were some little hills involved, but after Moel Famau on Wednesday night they weren’t anything to be worried about.  The course was over three laps of 2, 4 and 4 miles, which proved to be an interesting variation on normal runs.  I liked being able to mentally break the race down into chunks and knowing what to expect on the other laps, but the first 4 mile lap after the 2 mile one did seem to go on for a while.  The setting was beautiful, nice country lanes and the start/finish at the David Lewis centre was really nice for warm-up and warm-down.  Plenty of parking, flapjack and a bottle of beer afterwards made it a very nice morning out, and thankfully the rain held off until the journey home.

As for the race, a great battle between Ian and Colin for the rare 20 points freed up by Adair’s absence, results as follows:

Name Time Position
Colin Thompson



Ian Landucci



Edward Halliwell



Geoff Shaw



John Thompson



Tom DeJong



345 runners completed the course (a record I think I heard).

Thanks to Mario and Joe for the support.”

Full results and link to photos available below

Race Results can be found at http://www.race-results.co.uk/results/2012/warford.pdf

Race Photos can be found at http://www.racephotos.org.uk/  or  http://www.mickhall-photos.com

Many thanks for the race reports.

Please note the next road counter is already upon us, the popular Pie and Peas race www.valeroyalathleticclub.co.uk and according to the website places still available. Hope to see you there