Border league results race 7 April 2012

Hi all

Border League results arrived!

In summary a great season, lots of new faces and enthusiasm to build on so thanks to everyone who participated in this series as it’s really shown what Helsby can be as a club and the potential it has.

Obviously the highlight is the much deserved promotion of Helsby ladies into Division One (should really be called the premiership?) which is a magnificent achievement. Special thanks to Jane for running so soon after the marathon! (and to Colin running before his)

Full results for your perusal here

The last race of the season is generally a mile or so shorter (approx just over 4 miles) and this year was held at Shotton rather than Wrexham. With the forecast for cloud and showers and wind it was fantastic to see such a turnout of 19 Helsby vests.

Helsby results on the night as follows

17th      Adair Broughton          23.40
55th      Ian Landucci               25.16
61st      Jim O’Hara                 25.29
65th      Colin Thompson          25.44
96th      Jayne Joy                   26.44 (2nd in category, 5th overall)
122nd   Roy Gaskill                 27.51
134th    Paul Porter                  28.35
142nd   Albert Berry                 28.53 (1st in category)
145th    Jane Ashbrook            28.57 (4th in category)
147th    Adrian Jackson           29.00
154th    Phil Gillard                   29.17
158th    Geoff Shaw                29.22
163rd    Tom DeJong               29.37
172nd   Carol Shaw                 29.52 (4th in category)
186th    Janet Robertson         30.23
201st    Andy Smith                 30.57
250th    Janet Shaw                 35.15 (3rd in category)
254th    Betty Grieve                35.34
265th    Robbie Webster          38.00 (2nd in category)

In terms of team positions Helsby ladies finished 1st in Division two but a close look shows they were actually 2nd team overall on the night behind Wirral. This bodes really well for next season because in real terms that would have placed them actually 2nd in Division One! Something to think about ….

But with such a strong men’s turnout this placed Helsby men 2nd in Division two, which is the best result of the season. And with the notable improvements some of the Helsby men are making it can only be promising for next year and something we can all be proud of together.

The Border League shows in some ways the strength of the club at the moment, something many have noticed and commented upon over the last year or so, so all I can do is reiterate and say well done and thanks to everyone enjoying their running and participating in team events like this.

I wasn’t able to attend the awards ceremony but Mario informed me that Helsby picked up silverware as follows 

Robbie 2nd o/70
Albert 2nd o/65
Carol 4th o/45
Ian 5th o/45.

Ladies also promoted to Division 1, finished 2nd overall

Special congratulations to all the above and hope to see many of you at the Borders this coming season!