Helsby weekly round-up 17th – 20th August 2013

Hi all

Firstly and from all of us at Helsby let’s wish Joe good luck and a speedy recovery in his upcoming operation. We’ll see you soon Joe!

Mario will be taking the Monday night sessions while Joe is in recovery but there will be no session this coming Monday due to it being a bank holiday. Normal service resumes Monday 2nd September.

September will be a busy month for those wanting to race. We have the Robbie Webster Wobbler Inter-Club Race on the 4th September so it will be great to have a good turn-out for that race and give us a good chance of winning the Inter-club series this year but each Tuesday of September also brings us the Wirral Multi-Terrain series of races which are also team as well as individual events. They are worth having a look at and have always been popular with Helsby runners.

More details here: http://www.stevesaunders.co.uk/mterrain.htm

So what have Helsby members been upto?

This weeks round-up starts off with a brilliant performance last Sunday 11th August by Jo Farwell in the Whitchurch Olympic Triathlon. Congratulations to Jo and please read her race report below:

“On Sunday 11th Aug, almost 5 years to the day since my last triathlon, I completed the Whitchurch Olympic Triathlon. The Weather seemed perfect when leaving home, but the wind had started to pick up by the time I was racking my bike. The race started at 9am in Dearnford Lake which was beautifully warm at 19.5C. However, with 180 bodies fighting for open water there was lots of argy-bargy with plenty kicking, punching and elbowing! Even by lap 4 when the field had spread out, the course was that short that there was still a lot of scrapping going on.

Onto the bike, and a totally uninspiring course of 4 laps along the A41 / A49 bypass….not quite the ‘cycle around the country lanes’ I was expecting. The numerous roundabouts, the fact that the roads were open to traffic and with the wind made this a terrible bike course. And then finally the run, again 4 laps, this time around the lake so a little more picturesque. However, running on uneven grass doesn’t make for the fastest course, but all the supporters around were very encouraging.

I finished with a time of 3.04.34, a little slower than I’d have liked but I knocked 1.40 off my swim and over 2 minutes off my run, but need to work on my bike as I lost over 4 minutes.

However, I came 2nd in my age category and 9th overall….so gotta be happy with that!

Looking now for my next one!”

Swim 34.20
T1 3.58
Bike 1.26.13
T2 1.26
Run 58.37

Saturday morning 17th August was the 24th Delamere Park run with quite a few Helsby greens in attendance and three Delamere PB’s from Colin Thompson, Jo Farwell and Hugh Barnes. Colin Thompson was also 3rd home overall showing what a good and consistent season he is having. Well done also to Lesley being first Helsby lady home.

Full results here http://www.parkrun.org.uk/delamere/results/latestresults/

and Helsby runners positions and times below.

3 Colin THOMPSON 18:29 SM30-34 70.96 % M 3 Helsby RC New PB! 24  
32 Adrian JACKSON 22:13 VM40-44 62.34 % M 31 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:28 4  
36 Stephen WIGGINS 22:35 SM20-24 57.71 % M 34 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:14 6  
45 Benjamin John WILLIAMS 23:07 SM35-39 57.39 % M 41 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:44 11  
50 David FEAKES 23:23 VM50-54 63.58 % M 45 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:37 9  
74 Lesley FEAKES 25:05 VW45-49 65.25 % F 11 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:15 10  
78 Jo FARWELL 25:52 VW40-44 60.37 % F 13 Helsby RC New PB! 6  
79 Ian HILDITCH 25:55 VM70-74 69.77 % M 66 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:32 11  
84 Louise MCEVELEY 26:13 VW45-49 61.79 % F 18 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:35 4  
85 Betty GRIEVE 26:14 VW50-54 66.39 % F 19 Helsby RC First Timer! 1  
91 Hugh BARNES 26:46 JM15-19 51.99 % M 70 Helsby RC New PB! 2

But I should also report on probably the furthest Park Run I’ll have to write-up…The Sydney Park Run and please find attached a race report from Lesley

“David and I have been in Australia for a couple of weeks and managed to complete a Park Run whilst in Sydney last Saturday. The run is held in Sydney Park about 4 miles south of the city centre. Course is mainly tarmacked and includes 2 laps of the park with some small inclines. We were made to feel very welcome and there were several other tourists running including a man who had won a flight to Sydney through Park Run to run Sydney Park Run! I think the field was slightly weakened due to a big run taking place in the city on the Sunday, 85,000 ran the City to Surf run to Bondhi Beach. I wished we’d known as we could have squeezed this in before flying home!

Results as follows:

27th      David Feakes             22.19
th      Lesley Feakes             24.04 (5th female)

Closer to home but still a fair distance away, also on Saturday was our 8th Fell counter of the season and definitely the toughest race in the calendar to date. Five Helsby members made the substantial journey to the Nant-y-Moch reservoir and were welcomed by support from Joe and Mario on what was not just a club counter but a race in the Open Welsh Series and in the North Wales Series. There are two race reports on the WFRA website below so I’ll not reiterate about the weather conditions but very wet and very windy should suffice, ideal racing conditions then. Good runs were had by all Helsby runners but at least two of them ran a couple of km more than required (Adair and Chris) but with other runners also going wrong in places there couldn’t be too much complaining overall. It would, however, be interesting knowing what times could be achieved if the optimum route was chosen….Jayne Joy was a brill 3rd lady overall which helps cement her position in the North Wales series. Maybe in another few years once the tussock memories have faded a little we’ll head back there…

9th        Adair Broughton                      2.32.43
th      Chris Baynham-Hughes         2.32.58
38th      Jayne Joy                               2.50.09 (3rd lady overall)
      Andy Robinson                       3.06.05
st      Jackie Keasley                       4.00.56

Full Results and race reports available from the Welsh Fell Runners Website here www.wfra.org.uk

Photos from Alistair Tye here http://www.fellrunningpictures.co.uk/nantymoch2013.html

Sunday was the local Birchwood 10k and full results are already available on the Spectrum website here and looks like we have another great runner in the club in Chris Fitzpatrick.


47th                  Chris Fitzpatrick          37.53
                Ed Halliwell                 41.43
th                Geoff Shaw                45.42
563rd                Janet Shaw                 56.52 (3rd in age category)

Also some distance away and a popular race for Helsby runners over the last few years was Saturday’s Race the Train near Tywyn. The 30th year of the event and Helsby had a race the train winner in Degsy Morris.

The Rotary Challenge train time 1h 48m 07s


147th                Degsy Morris              1.45.18
th                Nesta Hawker             2.23.54

Hope I’ve not missed any events, if so let me know as I’ll always keep the blog updated if I can.

As always, keep on running


2012 long trail series

Andy Robinson has been consulting interested runners and has proposed the following dates and events for the 2012 long trail series…

  1. Wuthering Hike (Haworth Hobble), Sat 10 March. 33 miles, 4400 ft of climbing. This is a great race.
  2. Edale Skyline, Sun 25 March. 21 miles, 4500 ft. Testing AL fell race. Fills up quickly, so enter early in the new year.
  3. Sandstone Trail Challenge Marshals’ event, Sat 5 May. 33 miles, 3700 ft.
  4. Gritstone Tryal, Sun 29 July, 15 miles, 2000 ft. This is a navigational event, so map & compass work will be needed. I’ve never done it, but it looks interesting!
  5. Race the Train, Sat 18 August, 14 miles. The only one for which entries are already open.
  6. Open to Offas, date not set yet, but probably Sat 15 September. 30 miles, 7000 ft(?). An LDWA classic in the Clwydian hills.
  7. Sandstone Trail A Race, date not set yet: either Sun 30 September or Sun 14 October. 17 miles, 655m of climbing.
Let us have your thoughts in the Comments box below!

Andy Robinson

Long trail series 2011

Sunday’s DEE Sandstone Trail A Race brought this year’s Long Trail series to a close, and here are the results:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Points
Andy Robinson 20 20 20 19 20 80
Ed Halliwell 19 18 20 19 76
Chris Baynham-Hughes 19 20 39
David Feakes 20 17 37
Ian Landucci 18 18
Steve Riley 17 17
Jane Ashbrook 20 20 40
Jackie Keasley 18 17 35
Lesley Feakes 17 18 35
Rachel Arnold 19 19
Janet Robertson 19 19

1 – 12/02/11 Anglezarke Amble
2 – 27/03/11 Edale Skyline
3 – 14/05/10 Sandstone Trail Marshals
4 – 18/06/10 White Bear Way
5 – 09/07/11 White Peak Walk
6 – 20/08/10 Race the Train
7 – 02/10/10 Sandstone Trail A

So, it looks like I’ve won the men’s event again, and although the women’s counters were up on last year, nobody completed the required four events.  This time I had serious competition from Ed, who moved into running some longer races, and I should think he’ll beat me next year now he’s got a bit more experience of longer runs.  And we’d probably both get hammered if Adair and/or Chris B-H ran more of the events.  Well done to Jane for picking up maximum points in both the events she ran – but I’d have expected nothing less!  And thanks to everyone who ran in any of them, and to Adair for his help supporting the Sandstone Trail Marshals’s event.

Highlights this year from my point of view were:
1.  The Edale Skyline race.  This is just a great event to run, and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys fellrunning and fancies a longer run.
2.  The Sandstone Trail Marshals’ run.  We had a great run out, and nobody knew what order we’d finish in.  I was surprised to come in first and I don’t think Chris will let that happen again!
3.  Chris’s run in Sunday’s DEE Sandstone Trail A race.  I wish I’d been there to see him finish.  The fastest HRC finisher and highest placing since 2002.  Watch out Adair!

I’ll start looking round for events for next year’s series shortly, so if you’ve got a favourite you want to be considered let me know.  Anything off-road and between 14 and 30 miles qualifies.

Andy Robinson

Race the train

Andy Robinson writes:
On Saturday five of us went to Tywyn on the Welsh coast to race the train: up the valley from the coast and back for 14 miles racing the Talyllyn narrow gauge railway train. The event was a big carnival really, with a salsa band, beer tent and big crowds. As we lined up with 800 other runners at the start Jackie said “Well this is a bit better. This is the fifth year I’ve run this and every other time it’s been pouring with rain and the mud’s been atrocious.” And a minute later the rain started.

The race started through the centre of town, the roads briefly closed to traffic, lined with cheering spectators. Then it was off through the fields parallel to the railway up the valley. I managed to keep up with Jane for the first five miles, but the hill up from Dolgoch station was too much for me and she pulled away from there. On to the turn at the halfway point, then we started back down the valley again following a different route higher up the valley side. More climbing and more mud. A lot more mud. I was very glad I’d decided to wear fell shoes as runners with less aggressive soles slithered around all over the place. There was long frustrating section traversing a steep hillside on a narrow path, too steep and rough to overtake anyone, but then it was back to fields, tracks and finally the road back through the town to the finish. Somewhere along the way the train passed us, and more yells of encouragement came from the passengers, and of course there was more on our way back through Tywyn. I finished knackered as always, having run faster than I’m used to as it’s such a flat course.

I staggered along to join Jane and her family, and the rain started in earnest. It had only rained a bit during the race, but we quickly got cold as we waited for the others. Then Rachel arrived, then Jackie, and by this time I was too cold and had to disappear back to my car to get some warmer clothes on. Sorry for not waiting, Carol! We all met up later over a brew though.

An excellent event, and a good time was had by all. This was the fifth event out of the six in the Trail series. Full results can be found at the following link


Helsby finishing positions and times below.

180th The Train 1:48:05
247th Jane Ashbrook 1.54.49
290th Andy Robinson 1.57.17
478th Rachel Arnold 2.10.30
533rd Jackie Keasley 2.15.03
684th Carol Shaw 2.34.22

Well done to the hardy Helsby runners who raced the train at the weekend. Full results can be found at the following link