Sandstone trail challenge – brilliant!

Quick report: another brilliant day, another great event. Thanks go to everyone taking part whether running, walking, marshalling, feeding, punching cards or any of the numerous things that somehow magically happen behind the scenes. Three cheers to Andy Robinson for being catalyst and ringleader.

Hills were climbed, records broken, mud and wind conquered, feet battered, pies eaten. Results over on the main website:

Pics: (Larkton Hill) (Delamere).

Thanks to everyone for sharing their great pics! If you want copies, contact the photographers directly.


Coniston 14 race report

Coniston 14, Saturday 9th April 2011

Report by Dave Feakes

The Coniston 14 is probably the most beautiful road race in Britain. Each year it attracts some 1600 runners and this year Helsby Running Club were represented by Jackie Keasley, Lesley Feakes and David Feakes.

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The hilly route usually follows the 13.875 miles of road that circles Coniston water however, due to the flood damage to the bridge at the southern end of the lake, the route has been extended to 17 miles for the last couple of years.

The Lake Districted provided a wonderful sunny day for the event with temperatures above 20 degrees C.

All 3 Helsby runners had a good race, especially Jackie, who demonstrated that all her training miles are paying off.

Helsby positions and times are given below:

303rd     Jackie Keasley             02:23:50

418th     David Feakes                 02:30:07

749th     Lesley Feakes               02:47:06

Full results and other details here

Photo post-race here… (Somehow they look far too fresh for this to be post-race ! :d)

Smiles all round

Chester spring 5 – provisional results

Chester spring 5 provisional results are now online here:

25th                  29:34 BROUGHTON, Adair

43rd                  31:03 LANDUCCI, Ian Edward

113th                34:29 ASHBROOK, Jane E

128th                35:11 BOYD, Gareth

144th                35:52 SHAW, Geoff

180th                37:26 ROBERTSON, Janet

185th                37:40 SHAW, Carol

238th                40:11 KEASLEY, Jacqueline

268th                41:33 MEAKIN, Alison

304th                43:55 SHAW, Janet

308th                44:24 HAWKER, Nesta

314th                44:38 PIRALI, Kay