Helsby weekly round-up 4th – 8th June 2014

Hi all

Plenty of action this week.

Wednesday 4th June saw the Boars Head Hill Race in Cheshire with sole representative for Helsby Phil Gillard in fine form. Full results and race report available at the website linked below.

132nd     Phil Gillard                                65.05


Wednesday night was also the Birkenhead 5 miler organised by Wirral AC in Birkenhead Park and the Helsby contingent were led home by Paul Frodsham who was also 1st in his age cat. Looks like many PB’s were achieved so please check the official results as below. Well done also to Alison Butler who runs with Jane, as this was her first race!

39th       Paul Frodsham                          31.34 (1st in age cat)
41st       Gary O’Connor                          31.49
55th       Phillip Roberts                          33.43
60th       Jane Ashbrook                          34.12
77th       Joanne Lacking                         35.13 (PB)
84th       Laura Baynhan-Hughes              35.50 (PB)
91st       David Hartley                            36.45
118th     David Wiggins                          42.25
122nd     Shan McCarthy                          43.07 (PB)
133rd     Donna Geer                              46.57


Thursday 5th June saw Race 1 of the 4 race Off-road Deestriders Multi-terrain series with a good turnout for Helsby. Captain Colin Thompson led from the front to secure 5th overall and other performances bode well for Helsby individuals to do well in the competition. It is an athlete’s best 3 of the 4 performances that count so it is still possible to do the series.

5th         Colin Thompson                        28.03
9th         Jim O’Hara                                28.42
13th       Derek Morris                             29.28
20th       James Hughes                        30.53
32nd       Tom DeJong                             33.42
36th       Adrian Jackson                        34.10


Also on Thursday was Dunham Massey where Geoff Shaw led the three Helsby runners home to finish 115th in 23.07.

115th     Geoff Shaw                              23.07
140th     John Thompson                       24.03
179th     Janet Shaw                               28.18


Thursday night was also the Henderson’s End Fell Race and a race report from Jim Jones follows

“I couldn’t make it to the Deeside off road series on Thursday so did the Hendersons End Fell Race which was closer to where I was working. It’s a BS category event that takes in Rivington Pike and Winter Hill. Meant to be 6 mile but Garmin clocked over 7. It was a great route and well organised by Lostock AC.”

Results and route below.

56th          Jim Jones                                             67.35



Friday night 6th June saw Paul Foster and Jamie Dowdall in the Castleton Fell Race. Paul writes “I have a lot of admiration for the castleton fell race this was my first ever fell race 4 years ago. It’s a good race with always a good turnout of over 200 runners for a Friday evening”

100th     Jamie Dowdall                          58.15 (2nd claim Helsby)
159th     Paul Foster                               1.05.12

Full Results


No Delamere Park Run this week but Louise McEveley had a great run to finish first Helsby runner at the Warrington Park Run Saturday 7th June followed by super running from Jane and Charlie Ashbrook.

62 Louise MCEVELEY 24:38 VW45-49 66.44 % F 7 Helsby RC First Timer! 38
111 Jane ASHBROOK 29:34 VW35-39 51.18 % F 29 Helsby RC First Timer! 24


It was also the 6th Halewood Merservend 5k of the year on Saturday where Roy states “very wet morning but stopped during the race but very slippery (runner fell over on the return point)”

Great running from Derek Morris saw him with a new course PB and 2nd in his age cat followed by Roy and Helen Owens also with a PB but taking first in her age category too. Well done to Helsby at this race.

11th          Derek Morris                           18.40 (2nd in age cat)
17th          Roy Gaskill                            19.28
48th          Helen Owens                         22.52 (1st in age cat)

Full results


At Kendle Colin Bishop had another storming run when he competed in the tough Bendrigg 10k and his race report is below”

“Just letting you know I competed in the Bendrigg 10K (Kendal) this Saturday 7th June. It was a tough road race with one hill after another, the 9k marker was kindly marked as ‘Heartbreak Hill – certainly was heart-breaking, being able to see Jane’s blue coat at the top of the hill knowing I needed to run up there to the finish!!

Weather was appalling – thunder lightening and wet underpants even before the start of the race let alone during the race. The race has been won for the past 8 years by a young local with a cracking time of around 32 minutes. Well, glad to say I came second to the young local (his time was 32 55) with what I would call a pretty reasonable time of 36.12, also getting my age category.”

No race results yet but may appear here soon

2nd        Colin Bishop                             36.12 (1st in age cat)


Tim Palmer ran in the Penyghent Fell Race on Saturday. Race report as follows “as we needed to be in the Yorkshire Dales on Saturday evening, Jenny and I decided to do the Penyghent Fell Race (AS – 5.5m, 1650ft) organised by Settle Harriers. After a delayed start (forgotten shoes), we arrived in Horton-in-Ribblesdale to find the weather as forecast – heavy showers with the top of Penyghent in the clouds. Given the weather, Jenny (sensibly) opted not to race but just to jog up the Pennine Way to join a friend from Settle Harriers who was marshalling at Hull Pot. I opted to race, the first mile is fast as it on the road and then the climb begins – long and steep in places to the summit of Penyghent at 694m. The descent was fast and wet with differing conditions underfoot and a climb onto Whitber Hill. I finished in just under 1hr 13min.”

(Please also note that the “Penyghent Race organisers were inisting on the standard kit be carried and enforcing this by spot checks at the finish. This was announced at registration and the start. From talking to a marshall in the pub later, I believe that one runner will be dis-qualified

and reported to the FRA for not carrying full waterproof body cover.”

Thanks to Tim for that information so please when running the fells ensure that you have the right kit

If you are unsure, see Section 12 of the following document regarding kit


More info on the race Penyghent available at the following link


Full results should appear here in time


Saturday was the illustrious and local Sandstone Trail Race deflty organised by our very own Andy Robinson. A full report by Andy is below along with the results and apologies if I’ve missed anyone in the results. Let me know if so and i’ll update the blog. Thanks goes to all those who helped, baked or took part.

15th       Ed Halliwell                               6.01
20th       Gareth Boyd                             6.16
29th       Andy Smith                               6.42 (Mens v50 winner)
30th       Lesley Feakes                           6.46
31st       Dave Feakes                             6.46
38th       Joanne Lacking                        6.57
39th       Phillip Roberts                          6.57
67th       Ben Williams                             8.08
68th       Stephen Wiggins                       8.08
87th       Ian Hilditch                                9.00

Full results


and race report


Lots of pictures on our flickr site.

Also on Saturday was the Welsh 1000m Race. Provisional results only at present showing position. Well done to our two intrepid fell runners Chris and Jim

27th       Chris Baynham-Hughes
38th       Jim O’Hara          

Provisional results and more information on this toughie below


Onto Sunday 8th June which saw the Liverpool Tunnel 10k but couldn’t find any Helsby in the results this year. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone. Link to results website as below


No other results either for Sunday so a well earned rest day it seems. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

In other news.

Please note that the Lions Weaver Run has been cancelled due to lack of pre-entries.

Trail Up The Beast is on Tuesday 10th June and is one of our Inter-club Fell races so well worth attending if you can as this is a competition between the local clubs as well as being a club Fell counter! Limited car parking so please car share if possible. More details are on www.wfra.org.uk

As always, keep on running,


Sandstone trail challenge

Sandstone trail challenge 2014Many thanks to everyone who walked, ran and helped out. We had a great day, despite starting in a downpour and the miles of mud!

Full results for 2014 are available, Andy’s 2014 report about the event is up, with a few photos. There are over three hundred photos up on our flickr site now, with a few more to come.

See you on 9 May 2015!

Sandstone trail challenge

Sandstone trail challenge 2013Wow, what a day! Just a quick note to say thanks all for everyone that walked, ran, volunteered, photographed, cheered, baked and turned out. Andy Robinson and his team did a fantastic job and I’m sure you’d all join me in congratulating him on another superb event.

Loads of pictures from the day on http://www.flickr.com/photos/runhelsby

Go here for the results

Andy Robinson’s race report

Thanks to Ben for the picture

Leave a comment and let us know how your day went!

Sandstone trail challenge – brilliant!

Quick report: another brilliant day, another great event. Thanks go to everyone taking part whether running, walking, marshalling, feeding, punching cards or any of the numerous things that somehow magically happen behind the scenes. Three cheers to Andy Robinson for being catalyst and ringleader.

Hills were climbed, records broken, mud and wind conquered, feet battered, pies eaten. Results over on the main website: www.helsbyrunningclub.org.uk

www.flickr.com/photos/78556448@N05/sets/72157629731259662 (Larkton Hill) www.flickr.com/photos/78556448@N05/sets/72157629731259662 (Delamere).

Thanks to everyone for sharing their great pics! If you want copies, contact the photographers directly.


Sandstone trail challenge

Wow, what a great success! Proper write up soon, but for now it’s enough to say the event ran really smoothly and if the number of smiles at the end says anything, was one of the best of it’s kind.

Full results

Loads of pictures starting to appear here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/runhelsby

Adair came in for the home team first, with a truly stunning time of 4h 33. Nice one!

Adair, still full of beans at Checkpoint 2

Looking slightly more tired 3 hours later...

Sandstone trail challenge – marshall’s pre-run

Chris Baynham-Hughes writes:

Date: Wednesday 4th May.

For some of us the decision to run the trail goes back further than this, but for Ed the decision was made on the 4th. The evening started so innocently with Ed driving us to the Dinas Bran fell race, but during a discussion about the impending end to end trail attempt resulted in a slip of the tongue from Ed stating that he’d like to do it one day. Well, no time like the present, so by the time we got to the race we were telling everybody else that he was running it with us. By the time we were driving home the post race buzz has left Ed agreeing to run it with us. Result!

Date: Saturday 14th May.

Not content with the planned 33/34 mile run from Whitchurch to Frodsham, I decided that a run to the meeting point was in order… ok, I was late to the rendezvous, but good spirits were maintained. Ed, Steve Riley and myself were all set and Adair had a car packed with our food, his magazines, music and a tub of Vaseline – the mind boggles!

We picked up Andy Robinson and headed out to the start, checking a few final elements in advance of the challenge event on Saturday. The toilets were indeed open and the route to the start simple to follow so all was set. A brief photo call for the intrepid four followed by a minor delay to find satellite signal for my watch and we were off.

The weather was reasonable good for running, no sun to speak off, but it was easily warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt (although Ed did provide us with a strip tease along the way and a number of outfit combinations), rain threatened, but never really got in the way, but the wind did provide a degree of challenge in places.

The opening three miles are thoroughly pleasant and easy to navigate (although I managed to go wrong within 300 yards of the start), but it is deceptive as it is easy to get drawn into going out too quickly down the tow paths… which I did banging out sub 7 minute miles not really in the plan, but they felt slow. Even at this early stage any thoughts of running together have gone out of the window and our competitive edges have come out.

Within a few hundred metres of leaving the path I made my first “inefficient route choice”, back on track I cracked on to the first check point. Adair had agreed to crew for us so with five check points to man he had his work cut out – often supporting can be more difficult than running it; but we’ll get into that later.

Shoe issues fixed and muffin on board I made my next interesting navigational choice and which trying to correct it I spotted Ed behind me. Back on track I waited for Ed to run together and Andy appeared with Steve not far behind so we’d bunched well. I pushed on only to take my most impressive inefficient route choice just past Michael Owen’s race course, but Ed did too so a quick check of the map and a few minutes lost we cracked on.

Adair met us with our food and water and I made the mistake of downing a full sports drink which was to play on my stomach for a good few miles. I managed to leave as Andy came in and cracked on for what turned out to be a bit of a long haul!

It turned out I wasn’t the only one to experience navigational difficulties. I’d built up a head of steam and came into Beeston expecting to see Adair. Nothing. I figured he must be a bit further on due to the parking charges at Beeston, but every possible point I found there was no sight of him. I was really struggling with stomach cramps and didn’t fancy taking anything else on. By the hill just before rock farm I was starting to bonk and seemingly out of nowhere Ed and Andy appeared behind me. Even the stunning view over the Cheshire plains didn’t help as I pushed on.

It was not long before experience trumped youth and Andy took the lead. For those that know the trail it was on the climb over the sandstone which you wonder whether to run it or not. I was walking! A ridiculously apologetic Adair greeted us at Gresty’s waste. I was just behind Andy, but he was off quickly whereas I spent just over 8 minutes refuelling during which time Ed came in. Throughout the entire 8 minutes Adair made excuses for not being at check point 3 or 4… he laid it on so thick and we were so exhausted that we even started to feel sorry for him!

For me, the highlight of the run came just as I was about to leave Delemere forest near Manley common. A lone figure appeared with a dog which as I got closer turned out to be Mario, “you’re going well lad, do you want some water? I’ve got a Milky way in my bag if you want it!” A superb boost just as I was really starting to feel human again. He also informed me that Andy had put almost 8 minutes on me since Gresty’s which put him out of sight. I now had a new goal; maintaining sub 10 minute miles to beat my previous best of 5:29:30. I had my work cut out.

I pushed hard, played all the mind games with myself that I could. The Baker’s dozen was cruel and I didn’t have the time to enjoy the fantastically clear views from the war memorial. A hard final push lead me to arrive at the finish in 5:26:42 just over two minutes behind Andy who made it in 5:24:31. Both my arms were tingling as if I they were about to go into pins and needles. Andy came to the rescue with some magic Kendal mint cake which had me right within a couple of minutes. It seemed refusing the kind offer of a milky way would have been a mistake if it had been any further!

A well deserved pint was ordered for the pair of us whilst we waited for Ed and Steve to arrive. Ed came in next with a superb time of 5:42:55 and Helsby uber supporter Joe arrived just in time to cheer Steve in with an excellent 6:06:50 much to the extreme delight and hero worship of his wife and daughters. A truly fitting end to an excellent morning run!