Helsby weekly round-up Sept 16th – Sept 21st 2014


It was the Wirral Multi-terrain series Race 3 at Thurstaston on Tuesday 16th September and a good showing for Helsby saw 14 runners don the green vest for a beach and trail run on a nice spot of Wirral coastline. Colin Thompson secured a top ten for first in for Helsby and a 3rd place in his category while Jenny Illidge took the female honours. Well done to Carol who was also 3rd in her age category on the night. A great effort by team Helsby and well done all.

7th         Colin Thompson                               29.06 (3rd in age cat)
51st        Chris Baynham-Hughes                 32.30
60th         Adam Gordon                                   32.53
64th         Tom DeJong                                       33.32
100th      Jim Jones                                             35.31
112th      Adrian Jackson                                  35.55
128th      Steve Riley                                          36.54
147th      Geoff Shaw                                        38.33

17th         Jenny Illidge                                       35.46
18th         Joanne Lacking                                  36.19
27th         Vanessa Griffiths                             37.03
37th         Carol Shaw                                          38.34 (3rd in age cat)
38th         Louise McEveley                              38.45
46th         Helen Owens                                     40.01

Helsby Mens ‘A’ team were 12th on the night and Helsby Mens ‘B’ were 34th. Helsby Ladies ‘A’ were a brilliant 5th place on the night and Helsby ‘B’ were 11th highlighting the strength in depth at the club. Well done to Carol Shaw who is currently in 2nd place in her category for the series with one race to go.

Delamere Park Run 5k number 78 on 20th September saw two Helsby vests with Jim Jones having a great run equalling his PB for 19th overall and Emma Barnes establishing a new course PB for 123rd.

19 Jim JONES 21:14 VM45-49 68.92 % M 19 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:14 18
123 Emma BARNES 28:57 VW35-39 52.50 % F 32 Helsby RC New PB! 9

Full results http://www.parkrun.org.uk/delamere/results/latestresults/

It was also the Warrington Park Run 5k and Helsby’s Joanne Lacking ran to a new course PB for a superb 15th overall

15 Joanne LACKING 21:19 SW30-34 69.90 % F 2 Helsby RC New PB! 9

Full results http://www.parkrun.org.uk/warrington/results/latestresults/

The King Johns Castle on Saturday 20th September was our 8th Fell Counter of the season. This is a great race organised by John Linley which starts from the Raven Inn at Llanarmon yn lal. Full results can be found below. I’ve included the full results as they are not yet available online.

Well done to David Feakes and Rachel Arnold who took the full fell counter honours. In Rachel’s words “Great race, small field , homemade soup sitting outside pub at end. Don’t think he has me down as a vet 50 but came away with big box of choccies anyway ! Jane A walked a bit with sprained ankle but there were a couple I think doing their first ever fell race – ideal starter” or as Tim Palmer states “Thoroughly enjoyable”

Well done to Rachel and Jenny Palmer who were prize winners on the day and to Jen O’Hare on completion of her first fell race!

King John’s Fell Race 2014
Position Name Age Group Time
1 Karl Steinegger Ambleside M 38.41
2 Rob Grantham Cheshire Tri M40 39.40
3 Geff McQueen West Cheshire M45 39.53
4 Neil Ashcroft Ambleside M45 40.41
5 Steve Toogood Buckley M50 41.00
6 Vic Belshaw Denbigh M50 43.25
7 David Norman Wirral M50 43.47
8 Dave Baugh Denbigh M50 44.51
9 Peter Agnew Denbigh M50 45.00
10 Graham Davies Mysteruns M50 46.01
11 Richard Borne Mysteruns M45 45.27
12 Chris Wilcox Clwydians M60 46.27
13 Andy Pritchard Buckley M40 46.44
14 Steve Broadfoot Knowsley Harr M50 46.48
15 Keri Parry Denbigh F 46.57
16 Alan French Wrexham M60 47.27
17 Neil Gerrity Newcastle AC M 47.55
18 David Feakes Helsby M50 47.56
19 Jim Jones Helsby M45 48.04
20 Kean Rowlands Eryri M55 48.34
21 Steve Riley Helsby M50 48.39
22 Gwyn Owen Unattached M 48.53
23 Dylan Roberts Wrescam Tri M 49.44
24 Tony Benton Denbigh M50 50.00
25 Tim Palmer Helsby M45 50.44
26 Dave Robert Say Denbigh M65 51.30
27 Paul Foster Helsby M40 51.33
28 Sandra Rowlands Eryri F45 51.55
29 Rachel Arnold Helsby F 52.14
30 Jane Ashbrook Helsby F 55.24
31 Fred Jones Denbigh M60 55.41
32 Lesley Peakes Helsby F45 57.40
33 Ceri Anwen Belshaw Denbigh F 57.45
34 David Owen Prestatyn M60 61.35
35 Jenny Palmer Helsby F40 61.48
36 Sue Ridings Clwydians F55 63.25
37 Katy Baugh Denbigh FU23 64.18
38 Jen O’Hare Helsby F40 67.07


Sunday 21st September saw the (English Half Marathon) EHM Festival of Running 10k with an outstanding run by Colin Bishop to win by a country mile and achieve a PB of just outside 35 minutes. Brilliant stuff and photo of Colin and his trophy will be on the blog.

1st           Colin Bishop                       35.12 (PB)


Colin's Shiny Trophy!

Colin’s Shiny Trophy!

Full results http://www.runbritainrankings.com/results/results.aspx?meetingid=114869

Also as part of the same ‘event’ the EHM Festival of Running Half Marathon was the penultimate road counter for this season and attracted 12 green vests for the challenge. Colin Thompson took the full road counter points and Jane Ashbrook was first Helsby lady. Well done to to Carl and Louise who both obtained PB’s on the day and I know Adrian had trained hard for this event and was awarded with a brilliant run and time also. Well done all.

11th         Colin Thompson               79.40
115th      Roy Gaskill                          91.50
176th      Adrian Jackson                  94.28
202nd      Jane Ashbrook                  95.41
250th      Stephen Roach                 98.32
257th      Carl Pratt                             97.40 (PB)
278th      Nick Massey                       98.57
318th     Joanne Lacking                  1.40.47
332nd      Louise McEveley              1.41.11 (PB)
363rd      Stephen Wiggins              1.42.03
526th      Gareth Boyd                      1.46.02
631st       Lesley Feakes                    1.49.31
735th      Joe Turner                          1.50.05

Full results below


Colin Squared

Colin Squared

It was also the Guilden Sutton Six (or Sutton Six) on Sunday which saw four Helsbians out with three under the sub-40 barrier showing that Helsby has a strong club now. Excellent effort by everyone.

13th         Chris Fitzpatrick                38.07
21st         Gary O’Connor                  39.36
23rd        Adam Gordon                   39.58
71st         Mike Searle                        47.24

Details and results http://www.westcheshireac.co.uk/roadracing/Sutton6

As stated last week I will now be away for three weeks and Colin Thompson has kindly offered to do the round-up for next week Monday 29th September. If anyone finds the King Johns Castle results then please let me know over the next couple of days.

Keep on running


Helsby weekly round-up 10th-16th September 2013

Hi all

Tuesday 10th September was the second Wirral MT of the four race series held in Thurstaston, Wirral Country Park. There were eight out for Helsby in total with some great support from Joe and Mario.

15th                  Adair Broughton          30.16
                  Tom DeJong               35.06
                Stephen Wiggins         37.37
                Geoff Shaw                37.52

42nd                 Louise McEvely          39.57
                  Jackie Keasley           41.02
th                  Janet Shaw                 45.24 (2nd
in age cat)
70th                    Betty Grieve                46.08

This puts Helsby’s mens team 19th on the night and Helsby ladies ‘A’ team 18th and ‘B’ team 33rd.

Please see Steve Saunders website for full results of this race or to look for details on tonight’s Beach race, which is at the earlier time of 6.30pm at North Wirral Coastal Park, Harrison Drive, Wallasey. Please remember these races are only £1 and no registration is required, just turn up on the night in the green vest.


Saturday 14th was the 28th Delamere Park Run 5k which looked like a close finish for the top three!

2 Colin BISHOP 18:00 VM50-54 83.98 % M 2 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:47 13  
46 Ian HILDITCH 25:21 VM70-74 71.33 % M 41 Helsby RC New PB! 14  
55 Louise MCEVELEY 26:29 VW45-49 61.17 % F 9 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:11 8  
61 Betty GRIEVE 27:11 VW50-54 64.07 % F 14 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:54 4  
70 Ivor JOHNSTONE 28:33 VM45-49 50.03 % M 50 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:28:04 2  
72 Paul BULMER 28:40 VM50-54 53.14 % M 51 Helsby RC First Timer! 1  
73 Stephen WIGGINS 28:40 SM20-24 45.47 % M 52 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:14 8

For the full results or any details on these Park Runs please visit the website below


Saturday was also the British Champs race (and North Wales Champs race) Peris Horseshoe with the only Helsby runner out on the day Chris Baynham-Hughes. This race is a big one, over 17 miles and 8000ft climb so not for the faint hearted and a fantastic result for Chris in a quality field. Results are on the Welsh Fell Runners site alongside some photos released by Alistair Tye. Race report should follow from Chris which I’ll update on the blog.

64th                  Chris Baynham-Hughes         4.20.02

See here www.wfra.org.uk

Sunday 15th was the Sutton Six, a Cheshire Grand Prix race and our last Helsby road counter of the season. This race is organised by West Cheshire and began as a six-miler in 1982, becoming a 10k in 1993. It starts on Belle Vue Lane with a 3.3k lap, followed by a longer lap which repeats the first 2k, heading out along lanes on a measured course (12/016) around Guilden Sutton to finish at the village hall. Well done to Derek Morris for the Helsby road counter win and to Carol Shaw picking up the full points. XCredit also to Ian Hilditch for doing the weekend double.

39th                  Derek Morris               39.22
                  Ivan Davies                 40.13
                  Roy Gaskill                 40.34
                Geoff Shaw                45.57
                Carol Shaw                 47.09
                Jackie Keasley           48.17
               Ian Hilditch                  51.53
th                Janet Shaw                 56.50

Full results and other race information here


Sunday was also the Lake Vyrnwy Half and surprisingly no Helsby runners there this year (which must be a first in a long while!) but I’ll keep the results in just for completeness, now that I found them.

For full results see here http://www.ukresults.net/2013/vyrnwy.html

However, we did have a runner at the South Cheshire 20 which was the in-form Gareth Boyd who is preparing for the Chester Marathon. Race report from Gareth as follows

“Just to let you know that I ran the South Cheshire 20 yesterday in a time of 2.42.10 (unofficial – no results up at this stage)

Brief race report

I think a number of runners had been scared off by the predicted rain/bad weather on this occasion – they really missed out!

1) Firstly, we had no rain – result.

2) Secondly, the course is a challenging but scenic one.

3) Thirdly, the marshals were fantastic – very positive and enthusiastic – especially the lady at mile 18.

4) Drink stations with mars bars/jelly babies along the courseJ

5) A simple but nice goody bag at the end – including porridge oats and a gingerbread man

Happy with my time – took the first 15 miles easy ish (running with a group of guys from various running clubs, also training for autumn marathons). Probably the hardest part of the race, was running into ‘unfair’ wind at the end of race/the last 100 metres. Bring on Chester marathon..”

Details for the 20 should appear here

http://www.southcheshireharriers.org.uk/ with full results as below


90th                  Gareth Boyd               2.42.11

In other news I’ve had an email from Gill at Warrington Road Runners regarding Cross Country training for the upcoming season. Email as below

“Just to let you know if any Helsby runners are interested, (we are) going to hold some cross country training sessions at Town Park, the first one being Saturday 5 October at 9 am. (where did September go?). Meeting at the Runcorn Ski Centre for 9 am, the format will be jog round the main lap of the course and then start off with 2 x 5 mins on three different sections of the course which is increased week by week, finish with a warm down jog. As it’s based on time, suits all levels.”

So if anyone fancies a little early xc practice then be sure to be there on Saturday 5th October and thanks to Gill and Jayne for informing us of these sessions

Thanks all

And keep on running


Shell sutton six road raace counter results

Hi – Results for the penultimate Helsby Road Race Counter, the Sutton Six http://www.ukresults.net/2010/sutton6.html

With seven Helsby runners and over 200 runners in total it was a good showing by the green shirts. Ian Landucci is hitting a rich vein of form for a new PB and fast improving Alex hit his first sub 40 10k, the first of many I think!

Thanks to Joe, Janet Shaw and Hannah for plenty of support at different locations on the race.

Special congratulations also goes to Alison Meakin who won a prize for 1st place in her age category.

5th Adair Broughton            36.10

17th Ian Landucci                      37.59

27th Alex Fitzmaurice            38.56

69th Geoff Shaw                43.59

102nd Mike Searle               46.56

131st Carol Shaw                49.56

149th Alison Meakin             51.31

Don’t forget the last road counter is another 10k Sunday 10th October at Antrobus. Details here: http://www.cabbagecanter.org.uk/