Helsby weekly update 10th – 16th July 2014

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Thursday night 10th July was the Dearnford Lake Relay event with a great turnout for Helsby to challenge some of the top Cheshire clubs. Each team consisted of 3 legs each of 2 miles as a relay. There were 24 out in the green vest and some very admirable performances too. There were over 110 teams out in total so it shows how well Helsby did on the night.

Lots of stats to work through at the link below for those interested in times. Teams and placings published below with an individuals time next to their name. Helsby ladies had three of the top ten fastest lap times on the night with Jayne Joy the 2nd fastest lady. Colin Bishop was in the top ten for male lap times. Well done to everyone on the night and a fantastic event to highlight the success and potential of Helsby RC.

4th overall          The Three C’s                33.11 Colin Thompson            10.56 Chris Fitzpatrick            11.27 Colin Bishop                 10.48

16th overall        Green Army                   37.09 Tom DeJong                 12.02 Gareth Boyd                 12.36 Roy GAskill                   12.31

18th overall        Team 1 Helsby Ladies   37.25    2nd Ladies Team Jane Ashbrook              12.48 Jenny Illidge                  12.53 Jayne Joy                     11.44

24th overall        Jim’s Boys                    38.23 Stephen Roach             12.43 Mario Foschi                 13.59 Jim Higgins                   11.41

42nd overall        Team 2 Helsby Ladies   41.58 Helen Owens                 14.49 Joanne Lacking             13.36 Laura Baynham-Hughes13.33

53rd overall        Team 3 Helsby Ladies   44.40 Louise McEveley           15.02 Sally Parkinson             15.10 Carol Shaw                   14.28

85th overall        Team 4 Helsby Ladies   50.06 Nesta Hawker                17.52 Tanya Downs                17.12 Jackie Keasley              15.02

89th overall        Team 5 Helsby Ladies   50.59 Donna Geer                  17.59 Shaw McCarthy             17.09 Clare Miller                    15.51

Thanks to Joe and anyone else who was out for your fantastic support on the night.

For full results please check out the Whitchurch Whippets website as below


Also on Thursday was the Wizard 5miler, a multi-terrain race in Cheshire that forms part of the Cheshire Road Race Grand Prix where John Thompson ran “the tough multi-terrain race through the woods, fields and hills around Alderley Edge” to secure 156th place in 40.59.

Full results available here

Full results can be seen at : http://www.race-results.co.uk/results/2014/wizard.pdf or http://www.race-results.co.uk/results/2014/wizard.htm

And, photos beginning to appear at : http://www.racephotos.org.uk/

and further info on the Wilmslow website here http://www.wilmslowrunningclub.org/

Delamere Park Run on Saturday 12th July saw a good turnout for Helsby with a good win for Colin Bishop for 1st overall. Well done to Phil Gillard for his new PB as well as Joanne Lacking and Emma Barnes. Joanne was first lady home for Helsby.

1 Colin BISHOP 17:35 VM50-54 86.64 % M 1 Helsby RC New PB! 32
28 Tom DE JONG 21:35 SM20-24 60.39 % M 25 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:20:04 8
32 Phil GILLARD 21:49 VM50-54 69.29 % M 28 Helsby RC New PB! 4
39 Joanne LACKING 22:22 SW30-34 66.62 % F 5 Helsby RC New PB! 7
46 Jane ASHBROOK 23:12 VW35-39 65.23 % F 7 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:53 25
75 Helen OWENS 24:35 VW35-39 61.83 % F 12 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:24 9
120 Claire MORTON 27:57 VW55-59 63.92 % F 24 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:27:35 10
143 Tanya Elizabeth DOWNES 29:38 VW35-39 51.29 % F 35 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:27:08 6
163 Jim JONES 30:58 VM45-49 47.26 % M 119 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:16 13
167 Emma BARNES 31:56 VW35-39 47.60 % F 48 Helsby RC New PB! 6
169 Louise MCEVELEY 32:15 VW45-49 50.75 % F 49 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 40
170 Paul BULMER 32:16 VM55-59 47.62 % M 121 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:28:33 13
171 Stephen WIGGINS 32:17 SM20-24 40.11 % M 122 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:58 24

Full results http://www.parkrun.org.uk/delamere/results/latestresults/

There was also a Helsby victory at the Warrington Park Run 5k on Saturday for Colin Thompson who secured a new PB in a fantastic performance as did Shan McCarthy for 1st Helsby lady home.

1 Colin THOMPSON 17:43 VM35-39 74.41 % M 1 Helsby RC New PB! 40
93 Shan MCCARTHY 27:09 VW40-44 57.95 % F 20 Helsby RC New PB! 8

Full results http://www.parkrun.org.uk/warrington/results/latestresults/

Also on Saturday 12th July Jim O’Hara ran the tough Wasdale race

63rd      Jim O’Hara                  5.52.24

Results here http://www.fellrunner.org.uk/results//race14/Wasdale2014.pdf

Sunday saw the We Love Manchester 10k where sole representative for Helsby was Roy Gaskill securing 69th overall.

69th       Roy Gaskill                   40.14

Full results available from TDL http://www.tdl.ltd.uk/race-results.php?event=1707

It was also the Saunders Lakeland Marathon this weekend. Report from Jackie below

“It started and finished in Deepdale near Patterdale with the entire race wedged between  Ullswater and Thirlmere on the Helvellyn range.   The weather was perfect for the race, it started hot on Saturday morning but gradually clouded over and became thankfully cooler. Rain started the moment we got to the overnight camp site at Wythburn at the head of Thirlmere but only became heavy as everyone was tucked into their tents sleeping. It was cloudy and misty first thing on Sunday but cleared as we climbed up and was sunny but cool for the rest of the day. All courses were really tough and much harder than normal due to this years new planner being an ex OMM planner.

Chris B-H did the individual Klets course (the most difficult one) and came in an excellent 6th place in a total of 10hrs 12m . Well done Chris.

Jackie, Rachel, Lesley & Sally entered the paired event of Kirkfell (mid difficulty) but ran around altogether for moral support in a total time of 15hrs 19min to finish 52/53rd out of 56 finishers, however 22 did not finish due to the severe course which made us feel much better on our position. We were just delighted to finish it in once piece, still speaking to each other and with our sense of humours in tact!

Over the weekend we climbed and circumnavigated Helvellyn twice covering 28.6 miles and 10600ft (3500m) of climbing. “

Sat  26.5K   1782m climbing (pink route)
Sun  19.5K  1759 m climbing (blue route)




And Chris Baynham-Hughes report

“Yet another fantastic weekend racing at the SLMM. Without doubt this is a

highlight of my year. For those not familiar with the mountain marathon format its essentially orienteering on a grand scale over rough open fell land. I took on the solo ‘klets’ class which meant I’m given a map, a series of grid references and I have to decide which order I take them in. Strategy, accurate navigation and light kit are the key elements to success; Sadly the strategy and accurate navigation bits aren’t my strengths! Starting off we managed to get a group helsby photo before heading our separate ways. I started well speed wise, but badly in the accuracy stakes over shooting by 400m. It doesn’t sound a lot, but its adding the best part of 1k to my run and in this terrain that’s a large addition in such a tight event.

Day 1 saw me face down several times after rolling both ankles and add about 20-25 minutes to my time through mistakes but to my delight and surprise I made the chasing start for the second day…. I also got to laze in the sun on Gavin Bland’s farm surrounded by awesome scenery. Result! It was great to sit and chat with the Helsby ladies, who had gone aroundtogether in a 4,

before calling it a night.

Day 2 started well with me nailing the second checkpoint in the mist before

heading to Grizedale tarn and making a poor decision. With my ankle very sore I thought I’d go over Fairfield rather than around it. I lost time and ultimately didn’t manage to pick up any places, but I didn’t lose any either so finished in 6th overall. Considering my aim was to try and break into the top 10 I was over the moon!

A fantastically well organised event in true fell country and a real family

atmosphere to it. With classes ranging from walking pairs to solo klets, strategy, skill and speed this is an event that everybody should do at least once.”

As always please let me know of any other events I may have missed as I can always update the blog.

Keep on running


Upcoming Events Info from Jackie


Wednesday 23rd July its the 6th fell counter Green Green Grass of home, a steep fell race of 4.5 miles and 1500ft climbing from Llangynhafel.

Wedneday  29th July, in the clubhouse after our club run, Jayne Joy will be giving a talk on Eating Disorders in Sport, chip butties provided!! Please come along to the third in our series of club talks on running related subjects.

Wednesday 6th August its the 10th road counter Pie & Peas, 5 miles from Moulton near Northwich. This race is increasingly popular and tends to fill up so please apply online if you wish to do it. http://www.runbritain.com/RaceDetail.aspx?eventid=7aba07cb5c64


Helsby weekly round-up 10th – 16th July 2013

Hi all

Delamere Park Run on Saturday saw a good turnout for Helsby with Colin Bishop once again leading the charge for the green vest and Vanessa for the ladies. Twelve out for Helsby in total with a quarter obtaining Helsby PB’s on the day too so well done for those. Results below but for full results see here


4 Colin BISHOP 18:00 VM50-54 83.98 % M 4 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:47 8  
7 Colin THOMPSON 18:37 SM30-34 70.46 % M 7 Helsby RC New PB! 23  
24 Vanessa GRIFFITHS 22:01 VW45-49 74.34 % F 2 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:59 4  
32 Benjamin John WILLIAMS 22:56 SM35-39 57.85 % M 30 Helsby RC New PB! 7  
33 Laura BAYNHAM-HUGHES 23:01 VW35-39 65.17 % F 3 Helsby RC New PB! 7  
34 Janet ROBERTSON 23:05 VW45-49 70.18 % F 4 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:36 3  
43 Mike SEARLE 24:02 VM50-54 61.37 % M 37 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:47 3  
45 Rachel ARNOLD 24:18 VW50-54 69.82 % F 7 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:39 4  
51 Stephen WIGGINS 24:44 SM20-24 52.70 % M 41 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:33 2  
52 Louise MCEVELEY 24:44 VW45-49 65.50 % F 11 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:35 3  
58 Lesley FEAKES 24:59 VW45-49 65.51 % F 12 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:15 8  
77 Alison MEAKIN 26:24 VW55-59 71.46 % F 19 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:45 7  

Saturday was the Tal Y Fan fell race near Conwy, held in conjunction with the Rowen village carnival and a race forming part of the North Wales series. Results and race report here


With no Jayne Joy to put Helsby on the map due to cycling across Mongolia it was up to Jim O Hara to take the honours for Helsby with a cracking run for a top ten finish. Adair Broughton was 11th followed by Mario Foschi for a great 2nd prize in his age category. Needless to say it was a hot day indeed but a great atmosphere made the trip worthwhile. Thanks also to Joe for support on the way out and the way in. Possible photos to follow here


8th                     Jim O’Hara                    1.19.25
11th                   Adair Broughton            1.21.41
37th                   Mario Foschi                 1.33.05

I knew it seemed quiet this week and Helsby has a trophy winner that I hadn’t sent out in the results

Well done to Andy Robinson who ran the 26 miles of the White Peak Walk on Saturday and came in first. What a brilliant result and huge congratulations to Andy to achieve a 1st place in an event of well over 250 people and powered purely by Kendal Mint cake (and in that heat too).

Brief race report from Andy below but please congratulate him when you see him.

“…I ran the White Peak Walk on Saturday. 26 miles in the Derbyshire Peak, in temperatures up to 31 degrees. 385 entered, only 265 showed up, mainly due to the hot weather. 67 DNFs & I came in first. I’ve got the trophy to prove it. Runners & walkers were dropping like flies. It wasn’t much fun, to be honest, trying to push yourself in that heat. Hoping to be at the Druid on Wednesday, but my legs are pretty stiff at the present”


It was the Bollington Nostalgia this weekend, I’ve seen no results yet but will update the blog if any Helsby members attended.

We love Manchester 10k was on Sunday where there were four out for Helsby. Results can be found on the TDL website


54th                   Colin Thompson            38.56
116th                 Roy Gaskill                   42.12
445th                 Joanne Lacking              48.09
530th                 Clare-Louise Miller         49.07

Brief race port from Clare below

“A few of us also did the we love manchester 10k. I did 49.07 but it wasn’t enjoyable at all, far too hot and it’s testament when by half 10 I have a burnt forehead and burnt shoulders within that time. The course was also inaccurate 10k turned into 10.36k! I know a few club runners were angry about this on twitter!”


Please don’t forget its ‘The Druid’ this Wednesday which is a Helsby Fell Counter but also part of our three race Inter-Club competition with Spectrum, Tattenhall and Pensby. For those who can make it you will score points for Helsby if you turn up and for those who don’t like competition just enjoy it as a training run as it is a fantastic introduction to fell running for those who haven’t really tried off road running to any extent. Plus it starts and finishes at a pub!

Details on upcoming races list here www.wfra.org.uk

Keep on running everyone


Weekly round-up 20-24th June 2012

Hi all

As your legs will probably attest this was a busy week for Helsby runners, with some doing a treble or more of races in less than a week. (We’ll have a look at the fixtures next year to make sure we don’t put a counter either side of the Tough Team Challenge again.)

Hot Foot up Famau Photos from Mick Charman are now available here. Looks like Jayne was making light work of the gully! Separate report of the Hot Foot is already on the blog for those who missed it.



Thumbs Up for Uphill Fun

Although Wednesday was a fell counter, it was also the Warrington 10k which had three green vests on show. Geoff Shaw led them home and full results below.

89th      Geoff Shaw                44.44
113th    John Thompson          47.23
203rd    Janet Shaw                 54.02


Friday night was the club favourite Tattenhall Tough Team Challenge event, and was a good night for Helsby runners as the Tattenhall report of the event shows, two Helsby teams picking up prizes.


Although a poor day weather wise it wasn’t too bad on the night with some interesting running to be had and of course all of the fun to be had on the notorious railway.

Helsby ladies Jayne and Jane alongside Chester Tri’s Lisa Grantham scooped the ladies team prize (gonna have a go for the course record next year girls?) with a time close to the record on a muddy course. With a strong team out for the men, Jim, Chris and Adair were 3rd overall taking 2nd mens team. Thanks to Joe, Phil, Mike and other Helsby support on the night.

Tough team results here: http://tattenhallrunners.com/doc/2012_Tough_Team_Results.pdf

JAC IT UP                              2nd Men’s Team          (3rd)     Jim, Chris, Adair                     64.09
HELSBY TRIERS                   1st Ladies Team          (9th)     Jane, Lisa G, Jayne                69.40
SAGALOUTS                         4th Vets Team             (19th)   Andy Robinson +2                  76.55
DAVE DEE DOZY                  7th Male Vets               (30th)   Dave, Andy S, Albert              82.46
HELSBY OVER HILLERS     3rd Lady Vets               (31st)    Jackie, Janet, Vanessa          83.23
VR JAM                                  4th Lady Vets               (33rd)   Lesley +2                                83.28
ARDEN ELECTRIC               5th Mixed Team          (35th)   Karen J, Graham L +1            84.57
STAG + 2 DOES                    8th Mixed Vets             (43rd)   Nesta, Betty, Mike H              95.10

and photos of the TTT here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/timmyontour/sets/72157630248650546/

Saturdays running was the afternoon event of the Lymm 5k with 6 runners out for Helsby and led home by Ivan Davies. Full results available on the Spectrum Striders website as below.

57th      Ivan Davies                 20.13
89th      Dave Madders                        21.20
92nd     Geoff Shaw                21.42
120th    John Thompson          22.47
126th    Janet Robertson         23.01
160th    Janet Shaw                 26.12


Sunday saw the ‘We Love Manchester 10k’, with Helsby’ s sole representative Roy Gaskill in the mix of near 1900 runners to secure a great 114th position and a chip time of 41.07. There is definitely some competition in the club now around that 40 minute marker. Full results for this race from TDL link below.

114th    Roy Gaskill                 41.14


Elsewhere Colin and Tom ran the Penny lane 10k with Tom achieving a fantastic new PB. Over 300 runners took part on the day. Full results and photos available (in time) from the link below.

30th       Colin Thompson            40:16
106th     Tom De Jong                46:24 (PB)


Sunday was the 4th fell counter at Moel-y-Gamelin. No results yet so I will send these results separately once available with a brief race report.

Don’t forget track training Monday nights Helsby High School at 6.30pm

Cheers and thanks to everyone who sends me results and links as saves me some time!