Wrexham 10 miler results – road counter 3 28th april 2012

Hi all

Please find attached results for the third road counter in the Helsby Road Series for 2012.

This race was a 10 mile race starting and finishing on the Wrexham Industrial estate (same as the Village Bakery Half)

Being a North Wales Championship race a good standard was expected and runners certainly had the best of the weekend’s weather, although parts of the two lap course were quite windy.

Success once again fell to the Helsby ladies who were a brilliant 2nd place in the team prizes, thanks to strong runs from Jayne, Carol and Alison. Jayne was also 2nd place overall with another commanding run and giving herself a great PB in the process. Alison Meakin won her age category. Helsby also fielded 7 men, a good turnout, with young Tom being the star of the day taking a nice trophy for 1st Junior. A close race ensued between Steve, Mike and Geoff to make it interesting for the spectators. I know John secured a new PB and with Jimmy and Tom being new to the 10 mile distance they did too.

Helsby runners also had fantastic support on the day with Joe, Janet Shaw and Robbie Webster in fine voice with the smiles, support and cheers. Big thanks to them.

Majority stayed back to demolish Carols biscuits (becoming a tradition now Carol!) and supp tea and lager in what was the longest awards ceremony since the 74th Academy Awards night. Well worth it though to see the success Helsby is having of late and for the interesting name choices read out.

Full ‘provisional’ results here:


Helsby runner’s positions and times below:

12th         Adair Broughton               58.44
29th         Jim O’Hara                          64.55
31st         Jayne Joy                             66.07 (2nd Overall)
52nd        Steve Riley                          71.50
53rd        Mike Searle                        72.03
56th         Geoff Shaw                        72.40
77th         Carol Shaw                          76.24
90th         John Thompson                                83.39
92nd        Alison Meakin                   85.12
93rd        Tom De Jong                      85.19 (1st Junior Male)

Next road counter is Friday 18th May at the Christleton 5k

Details here: www.chestertri.org.uk/events/christleton-5k


Border league race 7 wrexham plus final standings

Hi all

Please find attached the results for the final Border League race at Wrexham 27th April, 4 Miles approx, a rather fast and flat course.

12 Helsby vests made the final counter so thanks to everyone who raced or has participated in any of this series of races.

In terms of team positions, after all races, the Helsby Ladies finished in 5th place in Division 2 and the men 6th in Division 2, Helsby Veterans were 11th team overall.

I think handicap results for the Borders are still to come but Individual and team rankings overall as well as results for each race are provided on the Borders website below


Special congratulations to those obtaining silverware should be given to Janet Shaw for 2nd in her age category, Ian Landucci for 5th in his age category, and Robbie Webster for a brilliant 1st in his age category.

Helsby positions and times below for Race 7 Wrexham

32nd     BROUGHTON, Adair 22:42
56th     LANDUCCI, Ian 23:36
97th     O’HARA, Jim 25:27
146th     SHAW, Geoff 27:03
164th     SMITH, Andy 27:36
191st     GILLARD, Phil 28:27
205th     SHAW, Carol 28:57
215th     GRIFFITHS, Vanessa 29:27
216th     KIDD, Tony 29:32
240th     HAWKER, Nesta 31:43
261st     SHAW, Janet 33:24
273rd     WEBSTER, Robbie 34:43

Let’s build on this years good results for next year!