Would you join a running club?


9 thoughts on “Would you join a running club?

  1. Does Helsby running club meet on the weekends or is it just Mondays and Wednesday? I’m interested in joining Helsby but may only be able to make Mondays.

    • Hi Catherine

      Helsby Running club only officially meets for training on Mondays and Wednesdays. However, we have many races throughout the year but also a good group of ladies who generally meet up informally for training runs so if you pop down and say hello (everyone will make you feel very welcome) i’m sure you’ll be able to find something to do at weekends also.

      During the winter months we have races with local clubs (for people of all abilities that can be used as training runs).

      About once a month we also have a headtorch run on a thursday over Helsby Hill.



  2. hiya am really interested in joining a running club but worried about being the only beginner is it all men or women too? ive built up to running 5k in 35mins on treadmill only but really wanna start doing proper runs outside but dont know were to start.

    thanks in advance for any help or advice

    • Hi Michelle

      Joining a running club is a great way to keep fit and also quite a social experience!

      It’s definitely not all men at Helsby and we have a full range of abilities, from the social jogger to the more experienced racer.

      At our club we cater for everyone, in the summer we have track nights at Helsby High School at 7PM on Monday nights and a hill run at 6.30PM on Wednesday nights.

      If you have any more questions just ask!

      Maybe see you soon


  3. Hi Michelle – Try a Monday session at the High School – they’re probably the most suited to where you’re at currently. Don’t be fooled by the word ‘track’, there’s a great run around the field perimeter on good grass that folk jog around at their own pace …see you soon hopefully!


  4. Hi not a beginner related question, just wondered if the Helsby Half will take place january 2011 and when the entry forms are out

    • Hi Barbara – yes we’re doing it all again in January! Date 95% certain but not confirmed, so not yet public. Entry is likely to be via Fabian online entry again, opening end September.

    • Hi Peter

      Sorry for any delay but still awaiting feedback

      Currently for main members the vests are free (inc a training top and a club race vest) but full membership is £30 for the year. However, only £10 of this is to the running club while £20 is for membership of the Helsby Sports & Social club

      I’ve emailed our club member secretary to find if 2nd claim will only be the £10 fee

      Will reply again in the near future



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