Regular training: Wednesday evening

Latest: we have a growing band of beginners and intermediates …a very welcoming group that looks out for each other and is growing in confidence. Ideal for anyone not wanting to tackle the full distance. Give it a go!

We meet every Wednesday for a 6:30pm start at the Helsby Community Sports Club. We’re now on the summer program of mainly offroad runs — don’t be intimidated, nothing too hard and we have folk of all paces out. Getting started: give it a go. Come and say hello, make yourself known. Something like “Hello I’m new, I’d like to go for a run” should do the trick. More…

Helsby weekly update 16th – 20th July 2014

Hi all

The Druid on Wednesday 16th July is always a popular race with Helsby members. Twelve green vests were out to take on the challenge of Foel Fenli with Chris Baynham-Hughes and Joe marshalling and supporting. Great running from Jim O’Hara saw him 5th overall and 1st Helsby man home and Janet Robertson was first Helsby lady. Three Helsby prize winners on the night so well done to Tom, Mario and Janet for their age category wins.

5th           Jim O’Hara                          35.59
18th         Phillip Roberts                   40.38
26th         Adam Gordon                   22.59
27th         Phil Gillard                           43.11
29th         Tom DeJong                       43.15 (1st in age cat)
34th         Mario Foschi                      44.05 (1st in age cat)
43rd        Janet Robertson               45.12 (1st in age cat)
48th         Laura Baynham-Hughes                45.46
50th         Adrian Jackson                  45.51
57th         Joanna Lacking                  46.54
66th         Jim Jones                             48.09
68th         Paul Foster                         48.15

No official results are onlined but results should follow shortly here, if anyone wants a copy of the results in the meantime just email me and I can send them on.

Also on Wednesday was the Sefton Park 5 Miler where Gary and Derek had a close race to finish a second apart.

60th         Gary O’Connor                  33.15
61st         Derek Morris                     33.16

Full results

Thursday night was the Sale Sizzler with four out for Helsby with Colin Thompson first Helsby man home and Louise first Helsby lady.

34th         Colin Thompson               17:19
262nd      John Thompson                22:39
431st       Louise Spruce                    34:38
433rd      Michelle Cully                    34:56

Full results here:

Onto the weekend and the most popular park run this weekend was not Delamere but the Newbury Park Run where Tim and Jenny put Helsby on the map. Tim’s Newbury excursion is detailed below!

“As we were visiting my parents, Jenny and I did the Newbury Parkrun this Saturday rather than the more usual Delamere or Warrington. This is on Greenham Common, which those of you of a certain age will remember for RAF Greenham Common, US cruise missiles and peace protesters; it has now

reverted to common land with odd remmants of the old air base. Either Joe’s Monday night training or the course, or more likely a bit both, enabled me to take over 2 minutes off my Parkrun PB. The turnout was much larger than at Delamere with over 330 runners.”

26 Tim PALMER 21:36 VM45-49 67.75 % M 24 Helsby RC First Timer! 11
174 Jenny PALMER 28:13 VW40-44 55.35 % F 33 Helsby RC First Timer! 2

Colin Bishop who has made Delamere Park Run his own with many recent wins dominated the field again for a 1st place.

1 Colin BISHOP 17:41 VM50-54 86.15 % M 1 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:35 33

Similarly, in the Warrington Park Run Colin Thompson raced round for another Helsby victory.

1 Colin THOMPSON 18:06 VM35-39 72.84 % M 1 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:43 41

Jayne Joy our International Star was selected for an invite only race, the ‘Snowdon Super Cup’ which is part of the Snowdon Mountain race weekend. Weather conditions meant a delayed start and a shortened course, so a different day than was expected for Jayne. Great support from Mario and Joe at the halfway café’ really buoyed Jayne on to be 9th female in a very elite field of athletes. Another proud day for Helsby.

25th         Jayne Joy                             38.29

More details below

and full results

Warton Crag Fell Race also on Saturday was a 6 miler with 150m of climb, described by Phil Gillard here

“As you travel up to the Lakes and just north of Lancaster, there is a limestone outcrop to the west of the M6, this is called Warton Crag and the location for the aptly named Warton Crag fell race. The race is on the same day as Warton sports and carnival; the good people of Warton really go to town with a parade of floats, stalls, teas and cakes and some sports, the highlight of which is the fell race.

The race starts off on the carnival field and winds itself through the village until we reach the bottom of the crag which in terms of terrain and height is much like Helsby hill. Once the top is reached there is short steady descent into the rolling North Lancashire hills for a pleasant undulating meander through woods, pasture land, country roads and the grounds of a somebody’s country pad. Very runnable and not too taxing. It is also nice to run alongside some less familiar vests of Dallen, Chorley, Trawden, Red Rose Runners and Helm Hill

With the run complete is was time to head to Manchester for a very pleasant meal and night out”

A great run from Phil saw him 30th overall

30th         Phil Gillard                           51.40

And full results

Burtonwood 5 Miler cancelled due to necessity for road closures, details below.

Roy was first in for Helsby at Sundays Penny Lane Striders 10k and Jane Ashbrook first Helsby lady as well as first in her age category. Great running everyone on what would have been a hot day.

43rd        Roy Gaskill                          41.41
51st         Gary O’Connor                  42.20
64th         Tom DeJong                       43.29
66th         Jane Ashbrook                  43.33
88th         Joanne Lacking                  45.22
100th      Phillip Roberts                   46.03
139th      David Hilton                        48.55
201st       Clare Louise Miller           52.55
236th      David Wiggins                    58.08
238th      Stephen Wiggins              58.16

Full results available from

as always, if I’ve missed an event then do let me know as I can update the blog as necessary.

Keep on running



Wednesday 23rd July it’s the 6th fell counter of the Helsby season, the Green Green Grass of home, a steep fell race of 4.5 miles and 1500ft climbing from Llangynhafel. Please meet at the club for 6pm for car share

Wedneday  30th July, in the clubhouse after our club run, Jayne Joy will be giving a talk on Eating Disorders in Sport, chip butties provided!! Please come along to the third in our series of club talks on running related subjects.

Helsby weekly update 10th – 16th July 2014

Hi all

Thursday night 10th July was the Dearnford Lake Relay event with a great turnout for Helsby to challenge some of the top Cheshire clubs. Each team consisted of 3 legs each of 2 miles as a relay. There were 24 out in the green vest and some very admirable performances too. There were over 110 teams out in total so it shows how well Helsby did on the night.

Lots of stats to work through at the link below for those interested in times. Teams and placings published below with an individuals time next to their name. Helsby ladies had three of the top ten fastest lap times on the night with Jayne Joy the 2nd fastest lady. Colin Bishop was in the top ten for male lap times. Well done to everyone on the night and a fantastic event to highlight the success and potential of Helsby RC.

4th overall          The Three C’s                33.11 Colin Thompson            10.56 Chris Fitzpatrick            11.27 Colin Bishop                 10.48

16th overall        Green Army                   37.09 Tom DeJong                 12.02 Gareth Boyd                 12.36 Roy GAskill                   12.31

18th overall        Team 1 Helsby Ladies   37.25    2nd Ladies Team Jane Ashbrook              12.48 Jenny Illidge                  12.53 Jayne Joy                     11.44

24th overall        Jim’s Boys                    38.23 Stephen Roach             12.43 Mario Foschi                 13.59 Jim Higgins                   11.41

42nd overall        Team 2 Helsby Ladies   41.58 Helen Owens                 14.49 Joanne Lacking             13.36 Laura Baynham-Hughes13.33

53rd overall        Team 3 Helsby Ladies   44.40 Louise McEveley           15.02 Sally Parkinson             15.10 Carol Shaw                   14.28

85th overall        Team 4 Helsby Ladies   50.06 Nesta Hawker                17.52 Tanya Downs                17.12 Jackie Keasley              15.02

89th overall        Team 5 Helsby Ladies   50.59 Donna Geer                  17.59 Shaw McCarthy             17.09 Clare Miller                    15.51

Thanks to Joe and anyone else who was out for your fantastic support on the night.

For full results please check out the Whitchurch Whippets website as below

Also on Thursday was the Wizard 5miler, a multi-terrain race in Cheshire that forms part of the Cheshire Road Race Grand Prix where John Thompson ran “the tough multi-terrain race through the woods, fields and hills around Alderley Edge” to secure 156th place in 40.59.

Full results available here

Full results can be seen at : or

And, photos beginning to appear at :

and further info on the Wilmslow website here

Delamere Park Run on Saturday 12th July saw a good turnout for Helsby with a good win for Colin Bishop for 1st overall. Well done to Phil Gillard for his new PB as well as Joanne Lacking and Emma Barnes. Joanne was first lady home for Helsby.

1 Colin BISHOP 17:35 VM50-54 86.64 % M 1 Helsby RC New PB! 32
28 Tom DE JONG 21:35 SM20-24 60.39 % M 25 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:20:04 8
32 Phil GILLARD 21:49 VM50-54 69.29 % M 28 Helsby RC New PB! 4
39 Joanne LACKING 22:22 SW30-34 66.62 % F 5 Helsby RC New PB! 7
46 Jane ASHBROOK 23:12 VW35-39 65.23 % F 7 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:53 25
75 Helen OWENS 24:35 VW35-39 61.83 % F 12 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:24 9
120 Claire MORTON 27:57 VW55-59 63.92 % F 24 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:27:35 10
143 Tanya Elizabeth DOWNES 29:38 VW35-39 51.29 % F 35 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:27:08 6
163 Jim JONES 30:58 VM45-49 47.26 % M 119 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:16 13
167 Emma BARNES 31:56 VW35-39 47.60 % F 48 Helsby RC New PB! 6
169 Louise MCEVELEY 32:15 VW45-49 50.75 % F 49 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 40
170 Paul BULMER 32:16 VM55-59 47.62 % M 121 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:28:33 13
171 Stephen WIGGINS 32:17 SM20-24 40.11 % M 122 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:58 24

Full results

There was also a Helsby victory at the Warrington Park Run 5k on Saturday for Colin Thompson who secured a new PB in a fantastic performance as did Shan McCarthy for 1st Helsby lady home.

1 Colin THOMPSON 17:43 VM35-39 74.41 % M 1 Helsby RC New PB! 40
93 Shan MCCARTHY 27:09 VW40-44 57.95 % F 20 Helsby RC New PB! 8

Full results

Sunday saw the We Love Manchester 10k where sole representative for Helsby was Roy Gaskill securing 69th overall.

69th       Roy Gaskill                   40.14

Full results available from TDL

It was also the Saunders Lakeland Marathon this weekend. Report from Jackie below

“It started and finished in Deepdale near Patterdale with the entire race wedged between  Ullswater and Thirlmere on the Helvellyn range.   The weather was perfect for the race, it started hot on Saturday morning but gradually clouded over and became thankfully cooler. Rain started the moment we got to the overnight camp site at Wythburn at the head of Thirlmere but only became heavy as everyone was tucked into their tents sleeping. It was cloudy and misty first thing on Sunday but cleared as we climbed up and was sunny but cool for the rest of the day. All courses were really tough and much harder than normal due to this years new planner being an ex OMM planner.

Chris B-H did the individual Klets course (the most difficult one) and came in an excellent 6th place in a total of 10hrs 12m . Well done Chris.

Jackie, Rachel, Lesley & Sally entered the paired event of Kirkfell (mid difficulty) but ran around altogether for moral support in a total time of 15hrs 19min to finish 52/53rd out of 56 finishers, however 22 did not finish due to the severe course which made us feel much better on our position. We were just delighted to finish it in once piece, still speaking to each other and with our sense of humours in tact!

Over the weekend we climbed and circumnavigated Helvellyn twice covering 28.6 miles and 10600ft (3500m) of climbing. “

Sat  26.5K   1782m climbing (pink route)
Sun  19.5K  1759 m climbing (blue route)




And Chris Baynham-Hughes report

“Yet another fantastic weekend racing at the SLMM. Without doubt this is a

highlight of my year. For those not familiar with the mountain marathon format its essentially orienteering on a grand scale over rough open fell land. I took on the solo ‘klets’ class which meant I’m given a map, a series of grid references and I have to decide which order I take them in. Strategy, accurate navigation and light kit are the key elements to success; Sadly the strategy and accurate navigation bits aren’t my strengths! Starting off we managed to get a group helsby photo before heading our separate ways. I started well speed wise, but badly in the accuracy stakes over shooting by 400m. It doesn’t sound a lot, but its adding the best part of 1k to my run and in this terrain that’s a large addition in such a tight event.

Day 1 saw me face down several times after rolling both ankles and add about 20-25 minutes to my time through mistakes but to my delight and surprise I made the chasing start for the second day…. I also got to laze in the sun on Gavin Bland’s farm surrounded by awesome scenery. Result! It was great to sit and chat with the Helsby ladies, who had gone aroundtogether in a 4,

before calling it a night.

Day 2 started well with me nailing the second checkpoint in the mist before

heading to Grizedale tarn and making a poor decision. With my ankle very sore I thought I’d go over Fairfield rather than around it. I lost time and ultimately didn’t manage to pick up any places, but I didn’t lose any either so finished in 6th overall. Considering my aim was to try and break into the top 10 I was over the moon!

A fantastically well organised event in true fell country and a real family

atmosphere to it. With classes ranging from walking pairs to solo klets, strategy, skill and speed this is an event that everybody should do at least once.”

As always please let me know of any other events I may have missed as I can always update the blog.

Keep on running


Upcoming Events Info from Jackie


Wednesday 23rd July its the 6th fell counter Green Green Grass of home, a steep fell race of 4.5 miles and 1500ft climbing from Llangynhafel.

Wedneday  29th July, in the clubhouse after our club run, Jayne Joy will be giving a talk on Eating Disorders in Sport, chip butties provided!! Please come along to the third in our series of club talks on running related subjects.

Wednesday 6th August its the 10th road counter Pie & Peas, 5 miles from Moulton near Northwich. This race is increasingly popular and tends to fill up so please apply online if you wish to do it.


Helsby weekly round-up 2nd – 6th July 2014

Hi all

Wednesday 2nd July was the Birchwood Ladies 5k. 8 Helsby ladies were out on the night led home by Jane Ashbrook for 9th overall in 20.53. Well done to those ladies running for Helsby for the first time.

9th         Jane Ashbrook                          20.53
11th       Laura Baynham-Hughes         21.22
14th       Louise Spruce                           21.27
20th       Janet Robertson                        22.11
34th       Jackie Keasley                          24.11
68th       Shan Kay McCarthy                   26.39
100th     Alison Butler                             30.29
116th     Emma Barnes                           33.21
129th     Michelle Cully                            36.04

Full results available here

Thursday 3rd July was the 2nd Deeside Multi-Terrain Race of the season with a good turnout for Helsby with 7 green vests out on the night. Derek Morris took the honours for first Helsby home.

8th         Derek Morris                 29.03
9th         Jim O’Hara                    29.18
11th       James Hughes              29.41
12th       Paul Frodsham              29.43
24th       Tom DeJong                 31.42
25th       Gary O’Connor              32.40
38th       Adrian Jackson             35.00

Full results available as below

Can find no results for Delamere Park 5k this weekend but Colin Bishop stormed round the Warrington Park Run on Saturday 5th July for 1st overall.

1 Colin BISHOP 17:35 VM50-54 86.64 % M 1 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:24 31

Moel Siabod also on Saturday 5th July was our 5th Fell Counter of the season as well as a race in the North Wales Series. There were 10 Helsby out to take on one of the best single mountain challenges in Snowdonia. Jim O’Hara had a fantastic race for 13th overall and first in for Helsby with Janet Robertson first Helsby lady home.

13th       Jim O’Hara                    55.28
52nd       Phillip Roberts              68.03
53rd       Dave Feakes                 68.24
55th       Phil Gillard                    68.53
58th       Mario Foschi                 69.56
60th       Tom DeJong                 70.30
77th       Adrian Jackson             74.43
92nd       Paul Foster                   78.01
98th       Janet Robertson            82.08
101st     Rachel Arnold               82.58

Results are out on the Welsh Fell Runners website

The Fairy Freckled Cow Race in Denbigshire was on Sunday 6th July. Please find race report from Ben Williams below

“I’ve just come back from running the Fairy Freckled Cow trail race, around the Alwen Reservoir in Denbighshire. It’s a nice low-key race, about 6.75 miles mainly on stony paths and forest roads. It’s undulating, but with one big climb that has most people (including me) walking. A downpour about ten minutes in turned the paper numbers to mush, and I had to carry the remains of mine by hand for the rest of the distance… Paper numbers apart, the organisation was good with plenty of friendly marshals and a water stop halfway.

The turnout was a lot less than last year, maybe it wasn’t a club counter for anyone this year. The only big club turnouts were the locals – Denbigh, Abergele and Prestatyn.

The results aren’t online yet, but I finished within five seconds of last year’s time by my watch, so at least I’m consistent! (57 min 48 secs)”

Full race results should appear here soon

Sunday was also the Lakeland Trails Coniston Half Marathon Challenge. Please find race report from Tim Palmer below

“I did the Lakeland Trails Coniston Half Marathon Challenge on Sunday. This is a trail half marathon starting and finishing at Coniston in the Lake District. The vast majority is off road; mainly on gravel tracks and the scenery is terrific. As it is the Lake District, there is a significant amount of climb at 385m (1265 ft) and between mile 9 and mile 10, there is a fast steep descent which loses all this height gain and virtually no climb in the remaining distance. The weather was much better than forecast (sunshine; no rain) so I slightly regretted my decision not to carry water. Overall, it was an enjoyable race with some excellent scenery. I finished 12th overall in 1:47:38 (and when you compare times with faster

Lakeland Trails Coniston Half Marathon Race which started an hour later on the same course, I am 47th overall in the combined results)”

10th          Tim Palmer              1.47.38

For more information please see

or for full results

Also on Sunday was another fantastic run by Colin Bishop in the Lymm Festival Trail 10k where he was a very impressive 2nd place overall in 36.10

2nd          Colin Bishop            36.10

Results below

and photos of the day



Hope I’ve not missed any results, if so just let me know and I can update the blog accordingly and thanks to those out in support for the races.

Keep on running


Note from Jackie regarding Four Villages below

Planning has already started for the Four Villages, how time flies!  There will be a kick-off meeting in the clubhouse after our club on Wed 9th July, 8:30. Chip balms provided to sustain us.

Helsby weekly round-up 24th – 29th June 2014

Hi all

Lots to report this week from podiums and PB’s to trophies and dodgy dance moves!

Thursday 26th saw the Warrington 10k at Woolston park. This is a 2 lap course starting in the centre of the park, then 2 laps around the surrounding roads, fields, woodland and a bit of trail path thrown in. With this being a Cheshire Championship race it was a higher standard than usual with 2 new mens and ladies course records broken on the night. 3 Helsby vests were out, with good running from Tom Dejong taking 8 minutes off last years time and securing a new PB in the process. Well done also to John Thompson who ran a great race and is getting some form back after being out with injury for some time.

Helsby results below:

22nd        Colin Thompson               36:35

75th         Tom Dejong                       40:59

183rd      John Thompson                47:54

Full results:

On Friday 27th, 14 Helsby vests turned out for the summer handicap. Many thanks to Phil for organising the race, and thanks to all the marshalls and runners who turned up on a wet Friday night to do battle. Great running from all, but the clear winner was Adrian Jackson who stormed around the course to take the title. Well done Adrian!

Please find the final race positions below:

1. Adrian Jackson

2. Laura Baynham-Hughes

3. Jane Ashbrook

4. Jim Higgins

5. Janet Robertson

6. Gareth Boyd

7. Tim Palmer

8. Tom

9. Chris Igoe

10. Roy Gaskill

11. Louise McEveley

12. Jackie Keasley

13. Chris Fitzpatrick

14. Betty Grieve

On Saturday 28th 4 Helsby vests turned out to run the 67th Delamere parkrun. Brilliant running once again from Colin Bishop who took the top spot in 17:57. Also well done to Emma Barnes who was first Helsby lady home.

Helsby results here:

1st           Colin Bishop       17:57

9th           Ivan Davies         20:26

124th      Emma Barnes    32:20

137th      David Madders 34:32

Full results here:


Also on Saturday saw Chris Baynham-Hughes and Andy Robinson compete in the Vegan 3000s Ultra Race. Full report from Chris below:

V3K Ultra – The Vegan 3000s Ultra race (aka The Welsh 3000 footers

Saturday morning (4am!!!) saw Helsby runners Andy Robinson and Chris Baynham-Hughes jump on a coach bound for Nant Gwynant (South Side of Snowdon) to take on the Welsh 3000 footers. For those that don’t know about them, there are 15 * 3000 foot peaks in Wales which are neatly compacted between three ranges: the Snowdon Range, The Glyderau and The Carneddau. Although the traditional challenge starts from the peak of Snowdon and finishes at the peak of Foel Fras, we were lucky enough to have to climb Snowdon first and then finish in Rowen making the entire course 55km and 4500m of ascent.

Andy had made the race part of the ultra running championships which he and a couple of others have taken over and it was also the first Skyrunning UK race to be held… oh, we had to stick to a vegan diet too as part of the World’s only vegan ultra race. Everything else aside, the route is nothing short of magnificent. Some things are classic for a reason and anything involving Crib Goch is bound to be special.

We were very fortunate with the weather to start with, however it deteriorated over the day to leave myself (at least) thoroughly confused and disorientated. As the event took off I found myself in the very unusual position of race leader, although thankfully two of the guys cracked on to ensure I felt more at home. Summiting Snowdon in 1 hour and 4 minutes things were going well. So well that some nifty footwork on the ridge to Crib Goch meant I returned to “one time race leader” for that summit and in an act of pure comedy have been the subject of tweets to Killian, Anna Frost and Emily Frosberg (who replied clearly talking about the runner rather than the race… ahem, maybe not!)

Losing places on the descent but gaining on the climb saw me firmly in third place until the top of Glyder Fawr where I spent a good five minutes looking for a clip that hadn’t been put out yet (as I found the guy putting them out as I hit Glyder Fach). Disaster then struck as the clag came in and I managed to come off the Glyders heading towards Pen-y-Pass. Furious with myself I tracked along the miners path to find my 15 minute lead on the guy in 4th cut to nothing.

Having never been in 3rd position in a race before I found myself very keen to retain the position and managed to put some space between us again. The clag on the Carneddau was dreadful and a bad line to Yr Ellen allowed others to catch up including a guy I know to be far faster than me. In many respects the clag became my saviour after that, despite a lot of zigzagging I made the remaining tops. As I began the descent from Foel Fras (pretending Jimmy was behind me so I wouldn’t ease up) my secret weapon arrived in the form of new member Phil Roberts out on the Foel Fras fell race. The boost to find a fellow Helsby runner was unbelievable and mentally had me on a short fell race with him towards the finish over Drum and whooping on the awesome grassy descent to the roman road. I fell behind Phil before we got to the Roman road, but his work had been done, allowing me to hold onto a podium finish; my first ever.

Meanwhile Andy Robinson who had not run for 4 months due to injury cracked on round to take a magnificent 36th place. Given the competition, the extreme nature of the event and his absence from the hills that is nothing short of amazing! I’m sure he’ll agree it was an outstanding day out and one for our expanding band of Ultra runners to think about for next year.


  • Chris Baynham-Hughes – 3rd – 9h 11m 0s
  • Andy Robinson – 36th – 13h 33m 42s

Brilliant report Chris and well done on your podium position, and well done to Andy too. It seems you can’t keep Helsby off the podium right now!

On Sunday 29th 4 Helsby runners travelled to Warrington for the Arley Hall 10k. Good running once again from all, with Joanne and Derek in fine form securing new PB’s. Well done guys!

Race report from Roy:

“Well Colin this is the report for the arley summer 10k, what a great morning for a race, conditions perfect, me and jo arrived about 1 hr early needed to had stiff legs from the handicap followed by dancing (tell me did I look stupid, if so I wont do it again) cos left car in helsby me jo and chris fitz had to run for are cars 7 miles, anyway good race from all of us, I dont want to go on about me, but Derek brill race from him pb, joanne also got a pb outstanding running will convince her to do the we love Manchester ha ha, and also ste wigs, what about him he was racing a horse let him tell you about that. and also are new runner alfie grady good result from him”

19th         Derek Morris                     38:16

38th         Roy Gaskill                          40:15

80th         Alfie Grady                         43:21

82nd            Joanne Lacking                  43:18

132nd      Stephen Wiggins              46:21

Full results here:


And last but by no means least….the Helsby Running Club awards night! Full report from Jackie to follow but I’d just like to take the opportunity to say what an absolutely fantastic evening it was. There was laughter, fine food & drink, great company and some very interesting dance moves happening (video evidence on Facebook!) Also, of course, was the main awards event organised and hosted brilliantly by Jackie. A massive thank you to Jackie, Dave & Leslie for the buffet, Donna & Ian for the stats and Chris Igoe for being our new resident DJ! Also well done to everyone who won an award. The enthusiasm and hard work shown by all club members over the past year is what makes our running club so special. Here’s to another great year of running!


Colin T

1623411_10203644067718325_4113364669514730574_n 10353568_10203644069518370_8694683016490528740_n 10356317_10203644073318465_6325817346616450277_n 10377428_10203644075718525_8236897120429797434_n 10431475_10203644067998332_1711495698941845635_n 10450974_10203644072398442_1563742542005402027_n 10485388_10203644071238413_8569433142413130032_n 10488386_10203644066918305_1488481120337793008_n 10489875_10203644075678524_6603879663940449224_n 10502227_10203644068838353_8671495887450019171_n



Next Sunday, 6th July 12:30 is the Frodsham Downhill Race, from Forest Hills down to the Castle Park. Helsby help the organisers with this race, John G is doing the signs and Gareth is looking for a few people to help with timekeeping. Please let Gareth know (garethboyd@financialrecruitment.bizers) if you can help out. Thanks

Plus planning has already started for the Four Villages, how time flies!  There will be a kick-off meeting in the clubhouse after our club on Wed 9th July, 8:30. Chip balms provided to sustain us.


Friday evening was a memorable handicap, BBQ, presentation & disco. A big thanks to everyone for making it a success despite the heavy rain for the handicap and BBQ. Nothing stops Helsby RC enjoying itself!

Lots of awards were given out, congratulations to all who ran in a total number of 529 club counters! The details of all the club championships will be put on the blog asap.

Helsby weekly round-up 18th – 23rd June 2014

Hi all

Lots of running again last week.

Wednesday 18th June was the Hot Foot up Famau, a Clwydian Hills race that takes in the infamous stone gulley heading to the summit of Moel Famau. Race report and results are now up on the Welsh Fell Runner website with links to them below. Helsby put on a good show with ten out on the night and special thanks to Joe and Mario who helped to marshal.

19th      Colin Thompson                      45.44
34th      Tom DeJong                           49.27
42nd     Steve Riley                             50.23
46th      Jane Ashbrook                        50.43
49th      Tim Palmer                             51.25
59th      Jim Higgins                             52.58
64th      Adrian Jackson                       54.41
74th      Paul Foster                              56.53
87th      Catherine Lancaster               66.00
88th      David Hilton                            69.11

Also on the 18th June was the Langstrath race in the Lake District where in-form Jim O’Hara ran a blinder for 15th overall in 46.48

15th      Jim O’Hara                             46.48

Results and information here

Thursday night 19th June saw the second Dunham Massey 5k of this year’s series with two out for Helsby.

145th    John Thompson                      22.36
204th    Donna Geer                            27.39

Friday night was the ever popular Tattenhall Tough Team race and a good showing of the green vest highlighted once again our strength in depth. Paul Frodsham was on the prize-winners list as part of the ‘Up a Creek with No Paddle’ team. The first full team in for Helsby were the Green Army consisting of Chris, Jim and Tom. Well done guys! (Not every runner from Helsby)

7th        Up a Creek with no Paddle     (P. Frodsham, Iain Wedge, Craig Todnunter)
8th        Green Army                           (Chris, Jim, Tom)
20th      Mad For It                               (Ivan Davies, David Madders, Mike Searle)
22nd     Green Gals                             (Joanne, Alison Halsall, Jane Ashbrook)
24th      Strider Boys                            (Tim Palmer, Adrian Jackson, Dave Feakes)
28th      The Green Milers                    (Mario Foschi, Paul Foster, Roy Gaskill)
37th      Helsby Over the Hill                (Vanessa Griffiths, Louise McEveley, Lesley Feakes)
39th      Aim High                                 (Steve Stanaway, Colin Thompson, Janet Robertson)
46th      The Sandstone Trailers           (Graham Lloyd, Andy Robinson, Ben Williams)
53rd      Hel’s Belles                             (Helen Owens, Shan McCarthy, Jen O’Hare)

Full results can be found on the Tattenhall website as below.

Photo below courtesy of Andy Blair, EPRC

Some of the Helsby TTT Runners

Some of the Helsby TTT Runners

Saturday morning saw no runners at the Delamere Park 5k but Colin Thompson hit the podium for 3rd overall at the Warrington Park Run 5k

3 Colin THOMPSON 18:09 VM35-39 72.64 % M 3 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:54 39

Saturday afternoon was the Lymm 5k and many thanks to Andy Smith for his great race report as below

“Another week, another 5km road race. After a cool morning on Saturday, the sun came out for the Lymm 5km road race, and with it the temperature soared. Never a quick course due to the climb back up to the village after the initial speedy descent down the A56 to the aquaduct under the Bridgewater Canal, the heat put paid to anyones hopes of a PB. This didn’t deter Dave Madders – still fresh from the Tattenhall Tough Team the previous evening, which he’d obviously just been using as a warm up – from a very strong run to lead the Helsby contingent home, with several other TTT survivors also out to prove that they were also game for a testing run. Well done to the green vests.

 50th         Dave Madders                      21.05
71st         Andy Smith                           21.40
92nd        Janet Robertson                   22.44
99th         John Thompson                    23.05
116th       Louise McEveley                  24.41
150th       Donna Geer                          28.36

Full results available here

In other news

For those who didn’t hear about Jayne’s second great run for England there is an Article on England Athletics webpage showing Jayne’s recent England performance below.

Chris Baynham-Hughes was recently in the Lakes supporting Steve Birkinshaw in his Wainrights record. Pretty amazing stuff, see Chris’s words on the endeavor below

“I just got back from spending 24 hours supporting what is the single most mind boggling physical and mental challenge, record and exercise in sleep deprivation I’ve ever come across. What Steve Birkinshaw will achieve is just utterly incredible and it was my honour and privilege to share a few of those tops with him. I know Steve from a previous race and when I first heard he was attempting this I took some time to try and get my head around it. A Joss Naylor Record of such magnitude. I failed. However I knew I wanted to offer my support out on the fells in whatever small way I could.

I knew I could carry and run support like I would for a 24 hour round, but I also felt given my experience on the Dragon’s Back that I felt I would understand, at least in a small way the physical pain and emotions he was experiencing, just how difficult it was to continue, but more so how difficult it was to stop and that I might be able to help in a low point or maintain a high point. Following the first 15 minutes of leaving Dockray on Wednesday night I had no doubt he would finish; spirit intact.

Reflecting over the previous 24 hours, whilst scoffing my fish and chips in Keswick, I felt very humbled by what I had seen, in places I’d seen the human spirit at its most bare; I watched a reluctant hero almost brought to a standstill, not by the formidable tops or terrain, sleep deprivation, raw exposed feet or chronic tendonitis, but through incredulity that schools were holding assemblies about him blissfully unaware of the enormity of how this activity (a niche within a niche) was inspiring children hundreds of miles away.

That time in the mountains witnessing history was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was an honour to tread the fells with him, Steve Birkinshaw, Fell running legend.

I urge everybody to read the blog and to check out the links to the sites to donate to what is a personal cause for Steve. You can find it here:

As always

Keep on running and enjoy the handicap and awards night


PS I’ll now be away for a week and will have to miss doing the round-up for next weekend so if anyone would like the opportunity to do it then please let me know!

Helsby weekly round-up 10th June – 17th June 2014

Hi all

Doesn’t anyone have a quiet weekend anymore?

Trail up the Beast was our fourth fell counter and first Inter-Clubfell race on Tuesday 10th June. Looks like 23 were out for Helsby which is a brilliant turnout and leading the field home were Jimmy and Jane for full club points. Not sure who won at the prize giving so please let me know as I can update the blog accordingly. I do know Tom DeJong was first Under23 so well done to him.

Helsby positions and times as below.

9          JIM O’HARA                                          38.21
15         COLIN THOMPSON                               41.07   
22         CHRIS BAYNHAM-HUGHES            41.44   
36         TOM DE JONG                                    44.24   
41         STEVE RILEY                                       46.10
44         PHIL GILLARD                                      46.23
46         PHILIP ROBERTS                                  46.31
50         MARIO FOSCHI                                     47.13
63         JAMES HIGGINS                                   48.52
64         JANE ASHBROOK                                48.59
65         DAVID FEAKES                                    49.15
77         JIM JONES                                           52.41
79         PAUL FOSTER                                      52.57
83         TIM PALMER                                        54.11
85         VANESSA GRIFFITHS                           54.27
91         ADRIAN JACKSON                               55.10
106       JACKIE KEASLEY                                58.12
108       LESLEY FEAKES                                 59.28   
114       DAVID HILTON                                      61.00
117       LIZZIE THOMAS                                    62.38
119       JENNY PALMER                                   62.55
121       NESTA HAWKER                                  65.02
132       ALEC ROBERTSON                              81.10

Full results of the Beast race are on

On Wednesday Jim Jones was out at the Holcombe Two Towers fell race, his 2nd race in two days! Our 2nd claim runner Jamie Dowdall also had a great run at this race.

26th          Jamie Dowdall                        42.07 (2nd claim)
59th          Jim Jones                                 49.28 

For full results and map please see links below.

Not content with 2 races in 2 day, Jim headed to the Walsh Two lads fell race for race number 3 in 3 days!

130th         Jim Jones                                              47.23 

For full results and map please see links below.

Saturday 14th June was the Delamere Park 5k where seven Helsby runners were out. Tom DeJong was first Helsby man home for a new course PB and Jim Jones was in the top ten. Louise McEveley was first Helsby lady home.

4 Tom DE JONG 20:04 SM20-24 64.95 % M 4 Helsby RC New PB! 7
9 Jim JONES 21:24 VM45-49 68.38 % M 9 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:16 12
17 David FEAKES 21:59 VM50-54 68.16 % M 16 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:37 19
41 Derek GALLAGHER 24:06 VM60-64 67.15 % M 37 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:49 17
48 Louise MCEVELEY 24:22 VW45-49 67.17 % F 7 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 39
64 Rachel ARNOLD 25:33 VW50-54 67.25 % F 11 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:39 10
169 Lesley FEAKES 32:42 VW45-49 50.66 % F 62 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:15 22

Full results,

It was the rescheduled Hollins Green 5k on Saturday with according to Andy Smith “A bit of light relief for some after the Sandstone last weekend, a fast 5km on the road.

A few green vests made the rescheduled Hollins Green 5k on Saturday. Fortunately the damp weather had taken a lot of heat out of the day and made for good running conditions, although the damp roads were a little greasy in places.Sadly after 13 years this may be the last occassion that this classic race enjoying a village location and a fast course may be held. Warrington Borough Council have proved difficult, insisting on many road closures and the need to hire traffic management companies, which has added considerably to the costs. Nevertheless, strong running from the Helsby contingent with both Donna and Jen securing PBs, much to their delight”

64th          Andy Smith                             21.17
74th          Janet Robertson                     21.53
86th          John Thompson                      22.48
118th         Jennifer O’Hare                       25.58
123rd        Donna Geer                            27.57

Full results and details as below.

Also on Saturday was the Whinlatter Forest race incorporating the Eurpoean Championships Trial and Race 2 of the UKA three race Mountain Race Challenge, where our very own Elite athlete Jayne Joy ran a great race to finish 7th overall in a superb field and to feature in the prizes.

7th         Jayne Joy         40.36

For more details and full results please see the website below, a fantastic achievement I’m sure you will all agree.

Many thanks also go to Joe and Mario who gave some great support on the day, very much appreciated from Jayne.

Ras Pedol Cwm Pennant Horseshoe was an inaugural race in the North Wales Fell Series also on Saturday, a particularly tough race by all accounts. Jim O’Hara continues his good form to be first in for Helsby on the day.

Race report from Phil Gillard

“On Saturday Jimmy, Chris, Jackie and myself made our way to one of the remotest and beautiful valleys in the Snowdon range for the Cwm Pennant race, clocked as 15.6 miles and 6000 feet. The route is a classic with a fairly flat run out to the first climb up Moel Hebog, followed by some runnable undulating work to visit Moel Ogof and Moel Lefn. The route down to Bwlch y Ddwy-elor via Bwlch Cwm Trwsgl is the most challenging navigation but rewarded with the sight of a checkpoint with water and Bill Keasley taking photos (Bill is not a permanent fixture, he was only there for the race). Time then for the climb up to Trum y Ddysgl and onto the next part of the ridge which goes over an edge and a climb over a Jurrasic Park like landscape onto the plateau of Craig Cwm Silyn which is a fairly runnable until you reach the summit of Garnedd Goch and then down a quad burning heather & boulder infested descent off Cwm Ciprwth. So far we have had grassy and rocky ascents and descents, mountain and trail like tracks but no road, well don’t be disappointed, there is a 3km section of tarmac to finish, what more could you ask.

The organisers describe it as a behemoth of a race and they are right, the reward is some stunning scenery and mountain isolation and also, being a classic horseshoe allows you to look back at the full extent of your achievement. The advice I would give is to get your navigation right because if you need to ask for directions you will won’t be able to pronounce the route !”

And some words from Jackie

“Jimmy, Chris, Phil & I made the journey to Cwm Pennant on Saturday for this gem of a long race, 4th race in the WRFA series.

The weather was kind, sunny spells, a pleasant breeze and clear all the way around for slower runners (i.e. me!). A very well organised race with plenty of cheery marshalls at all 10 checkpoints with smiles, encouragement, mars bars and jelly babies and 2 essential drinks stops.

The words of a Dark Peak runners blog (tested to destruction) sums it up.

So. What a race. It has it all. Steep ascents. Steep descents. Crazy no-path nightmare heather bashing, excellent views, scrambly bits, runnable climbs, non-runnable climbs, sneaky local lines and an horrific final section along the road.

You could almost call it the Jura of Wales. A race of real character, and I feel proud to have done it this year, the second year of its running. Math has done well to create something that could well become a real classic of the calendar. There were 40 runners last year, 80 this year. I suspect there may well be a few more next year. Fantastic day out.”

27th       Jim O’Hara                                3.09.39
29th       Chris Baynham-Hughes              3.12.57
66th       Phil Gillard                                4.06.50
71st       Jackie Keasley                          4.25.37

Photos from Bill Keasley below

think i'll just run all of these for something to do

think i’ll just run all of these for something to do

Jackie, Chris, Phil and Jim O

Jackie, Chris, Phil and Jim O

Heads down and working hard

Heads down and working hard

All smiles from Phil

All smiles from Phil

Full results on as well as a race description and race map. For photos see below

Sunday saw 7th road counter of the current season for the Sport in the Port 10k where Helsby’s Derek Morris took full honours in a superb sub-40 race. Well done to Louise for first Helsby lady home to take the full points.

32nd       Derek Morris                 38.37
45th       Roy Gaskill                   40.23
160th     Stephen Wiggins           46.10
199th     Derek Gallagher            47.25
236th     Louise McEveley           48.57
417th     David Wiggins              55.05

Results and other details on the link below.

Moel-y-Gamelin on Sunday saw Jim O’Hara and Jim Jones out for the club but I’ve not found the official results as yet. I’ll post on the blog once available.

In other news from Jackie;

Next weekend is the Helsby Community Sports Club Workforce weekend. Thanks to those who have said they can get come along to help; we are up to 15 runner volunteers so far.

  • Please come along on Saturday morning 21st June, 9:30 onwards, or asap after the Park Runs.

I will know more after this Tuesday’s workforce meeting, but tasks runners will be involved in are deep cleaning and painting the ladies’ shower room and loos, moving our 4 Villages Race store to the alcove in the TV lounge, plus more painting & cleaning in and outside and landscaping the front of the club! So please bring along your sense of humour, work clothes, scrubbing brushes/buckets/clothes/de-grouter tool/cleaning equipment. John G will bring his tools to build the new store. Petrol strimmers and gardening tools (just in case). Painting equipment will be provided.

The weekend after, Friday 27th June, its our presentation evening, in our revamped club house! A packed evening which will kick off at 6:30 with:-

  • our annual highly contested summer handicap (which includes a couple of laps of Helsby Hill, all speeds catered for). Please let Phil know your 5K and 10K race times (
  • followed by a BBQ. Club to provide cooked food, please let Dave & Lesley know if you are coming along and bringing either nibbles, salad or sweet.
  • annual presentation evening (the 2013/14 awards in road, fell, cross country and Border League have now been determined and include lots of you!) So please come along; you may have won an award!
  • and finally a disco; Chris & Tim Igoe will put on some dancing music for us!
  • Family and friends welcome

Keep on running


Helsby weekly round-up 4th – 8th June 2014

Hi all

Plenty of action this week.

Wednesday 4th June saw the Boars Head Hill Race in Cheshire with sole representative for Helsby Phil Gillard in fine form. Full results and race report available at the website linked below.

132nd     Phil Gillard                                65.05

Wednesday night was also the Birkenhead 5 miler organised by Wirral AC in Birkenhead Park and the Helsby contingent were led home by Paul Frodsham who was also 1st in his age cat. Looks like many PB’s were achieved so please check the official results as below. Well done also to Alison Butler who runs with Jane, as this was her first race!

39th       Paul Frodsham                          31.34 (1st in age cat)
41st       Gary O’Connor                          31.49
55th       Phillip Roberts                          33.43
60th       Jane Ashbrook                          34.12
77th       Joanne Lacking                         35.13 (PB)
84th       Laura Baynhan-Hughes              35.50 (PB)
91st       David Hartley                            36.45
118th     David Wiggins                          42.25
122nd     Shan McCarthy                          43.07 (PB)
133rd     Donna Geer                              46.57

Thursday 5th June saw Race 1 of the 4 race Off-road Deestriders Multi-terrain series with a good turnout for Helsby. Captain Colin Thompson led from the front to secure 5th overall and other performances bode well for Helsby individuals to do well in the competition. It is an athlete’s best 3 of the 4 performances that count so it is still possible to do the series.

5th         Colin Thompson                        28.03
9th         Jim O’Hara                                28.42
13th       Derek Morris                             29.28
20th       James Hughes                        30.53
32nd       Tom DeJong                             33.42
36th       Adrian Jackson                        34.10

Also on Thursday was Dunham Massey where Geoff Shaw led the three Helsby runners home to finish 115th in 23.07.

115th     Geoff Shaw                              23.07
140th     John Thompson                       24.03
179th     Janet Shaw                               28.18

Thursday night was also the Henderson’s End Fell Race and a race report from Jim Jones follows

“I couldn’t make it to the Deeside off road series on Thursday so did the Hendersons End Fell Race which was closer to where I was working. It’s a BS category event that takes in Rivington Pike and Winter Hill. Meant to be 6 mile but Garmin clocked over 7. It was a great route and well organised by Lostock AC.”

Results and route below.

56th          Jim Jones                                             67.35

Friday night 6th June saw Paul Foster and Jamie Dowdall in the Castleton Fell Race. Paul writes “I have a lot of admiration for the castleton fell race this was my first ever fell race 4 years ago. It’s a good race with always a good turnout of over 200 runners for a Friday evening”

100th     Jamie Dowdall                          58.15 (2nd claim Helsby)
159th     Paul Foster                               1.05.12

Full Results

No Delamere Park Run this week but Louise McEveley had a great run to finish first Helsby runner at the Warrington Park Run Saturday 7th June followed by super running from Jane and Charlie Ashbrook.

62 Louise MCEVELEY 24:38 VW45-49 66.44 % F 7 Helsby RC First Timer! 38
111 Jane ASHBROOK 29:34 VW35-39 51.18 % F 29 Helsby RC First Timer! 24

It was also the 6th Halewood Merservend 5k of the year on Saturday where Roy states “very wet morning but stopped during the race but very slippery (runner fell over on the return point)”

Great running from Derek Morris saw him with a new course PB and 2nd in his age cat followed by Roy and Helen Owens also with a PB but taking first in her age category too. Well done to Helsby at this race.

11th          Derek Morris                           18.40 (2nd in age cat)
17th          Roy Gaskill                            19.28
48th          Helen Owens                         22.52 (1st in age cat)

Full results

At Kendle Colin Bishop had another storming run when he competed in the tough Bendrigg 10k and his race report is below”

“Just letting you know I competed in the Bendrigg 10K (Kendal) this Saturday 7th June. It was a tough road race with one hill after another, the 9k marker was kindly marked as ‘Heartbreak Hill – certainly was heart-breaking, being able to see Jane’s blue coat at the top of the hill knowing I needed to run up there to the finish!!

Weather was appalling – thunder lightening and wet underpants even before the start of the race let alone during the race. The race has been won for the past 8 years by a young local with a cracking time of around 32 minutes. Well, glad to say I came second to the young local (his time was 32 55) with what I would call a pretty reasonable time of 36.12, also getting my age category.”

No race results yet but may appear here soon

2nd        Colin Bishop                             36.12 (1st in age cat)

Tim Palmer ran in the Penyghent Fell Race on Saturday. Race report as follows “as we needed to be in the Yorkshire Dales on Saturday evening, Jenny and I decided to do the Penyghent Fell Race (AS – 5.5m, 1650ft) organised by Settle Harriers. After a delayed start (forgotten shoes), we arrived in Horton-in-Ribblesdale to find the weather as forecast – heavy showers with the top of Penyghent in the clouds. Given the weather, Jenny (sensibly) opted not to race but just to jog up the Pennine Way to join a friend from Settle Harriers who was marshalling at Hull Pot. I opted to race, the first mile is fast as it on the road and then the climb begins – long and steep in places to the summit of Penyghent at 694m. The descent was fast and wet with differing conditions underfoot and a climb onto Whitber Hill. I finished in just under 1hr 13min.”

(Please also note that the “Penyghent Race organisers were inisting on the standard kit be carried and enforcing this by spot checks at the finish. This was announced at registration and the start. From talking to a marshall in the pub later, I believe that one runner will be dis-qualified

and reported to the FRA for not carrying full waterproof body cover.”

Thanks to Tim for that information so please when running the fells ensure that you have the right kit

If you are unsure, see Section 12 of the following document regarding kit

More info on the race Penyghent available at the following link

Full results should appear here in time

Saturday was the illustrious and local Sandstone Trail Race deflty organised by our very own Andy Robinson. A full report by Andy is below along with the results and apologies if I’ve missed anyone in the results. Let me know if so and i’ll update the blog. Thanks goes to all those who helped, baked or took part.

15th       Ed Halliwell                               6.01
20th       Gareth Boyd                             6.16
29th       Andy Smith                               6.42 (Mens v50 winner)
30th       Lesley Feakes                           6.46
31st       Dave Feakes                             6.46
38th       Joanne Lacking                        6.57
39th       Phillip Roberts                          6.57
67th       Ben Williams                             8.08
68th       Stephen Wiggins                       8.08
87th       Ian Hilditch                                9.00

Full results

and race report

Lots of pictures on our flickr site.

Also on Saturday was the Welsh 1000m Race. Provisional results only at present showing position. Well done to our two intrepid fell runners Chris and Jim

27th       Chris Baynham-Hughes
38th       Jim O’Hara          

Provisional results and more information on this toughie below

Onto Sunday 8th June which saw the Liverpool Tunnel 10k but couldn’t find any Helsby in the results this year. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone. Link to results website as below

No other results either for Sunday so a well earned rest day it seems. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

In other news.

Please note that the Lions Weaver Run has been cancelled due to lack of pre-entries.

Trail Up The Beast is on Tuesday 10th June and is one of our Inter-club Fell races so well worth attending if you can as this is a competition between the local clubs as well as being a club Fell counter! Limited car parking so please car share if possible. More details are on

As always, keep on running,


Sandstone trail challenge

Sandstone trail challenge 2014Many thanks to everyone who walked, ran and helped out. We had a great day, despite starting in a downpour and the miles of mud!

Full results for 2014 are available, Andy’s 2014 report about the event is up, with a few photos. There are over three hundred photos up on our flickr site now, with a few more to come.

See you on 9 May 2015!

Jayne Joy’s stunning debut for England

Sunday 1st June 2014 saw the Karrimor Great Trail Challenge at Keswick incorporating the International Home Counties Elite Races where Helsby phenomenon Jayne Joy ran her first race in an England vest.

Jayne’s rise from Helsby vest to county vest to International vest has been sublime and it’s great we can all be a part of that at Helsby.

The sun shone in Keswick and Jayne had possibly her greatest race yet to finish 3rd lady in a very impressive field which took in Latrigg fell. Jayne also helped secure the team win for England against the other home counties.

3rd                    Jayne Joy (ENG)                   41.19  

Go Jayne Go!

Go Jayne Go!

Jayne’s next official outing in the George Cross is at Whinlatter, also Keswick, in two weeks.

Full results of the Elite athlete’s race at Keswick here

Jayne celebrates with the England Team

Jayne celebrates with the England Team

and a set of photos of the day here

A massive well done to Jayne from all at Helsby




Helsby weekly round-up 27th May – 1st June 2014

Hi all

It is a very mixed bag this week, from park runs to club counters to Elite International races!

On Tuesday 27th May our Steve Riley joined Keswick AC for a one night stand, running in their Latrigg Uphill Time Trial. Steve was an impressive 5th place and this was to be a reverse route of what Jayne Joy ran at the Karrimor Great Trail Race on Sunday. Steve has reported that it is a friendly club with “Beautiful, if lung bursting terrain.”

5th          Steve Riley       19.08

Wednesday 28th May was the first in the Harrock Hill race series and a brief race report by Paul Foster below

“I ran the first of the Harrock hill races last night..5.2 miles 900 ft. The course was changed a little to keep away from charging cows. Don’t think it would have added much more on to the distance.

Felt more like the cross country season.”

38th                  Jamie Dowdall           40.19 (2nd claim Helsby)
109th                Paul Foster                  48.33

Hopefully results to appear here in time, can’t find at the moment.

Thursday 29th May saw the Bowden 5k with three out for Helsby led home by Geoff Shaw for 113th overall in 22.54.

113th                Geoff Shaw                22.54
138th                John Thompson          24.02
177th                Janet Shaw                 28.02

Full results of Bowden

Saturday 31st May was the 64th Delamere Park Run 5k with 8 Helsby runners out. Ed Halliwell led the Helsby contingent home for 13th overall and Joanne Lacking was first Helsby lady securing a new PB for 36th overall. Well done to all who ran.

13 Edward HALLIWELL 20:38 VM40-44 66.16 % M 13 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:19:58 3
22 Phillip ROBERTS 21:31 VM35-39 62.51 % M 22 Helsby RC First Timer! 2
36 Joanne LACKING 22:34 SW30-34 66.03 % F 3 Helsby RC New PB! 6
49 Carol SHAW 23:25 VW50-54 73.38 % F 4 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:22 20
239 Paul BULMER 39:16 VM55-59 39.13 % M 154 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:28:33 12
240 Louise MCEVELEY 39:16 VW45-49 41.68 % F 86 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 37
241 Claire MORTON 39:16 VW50-54 44.91 % F 87 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:27:35 9
242 Stephen WIGGINS 39:18 SM20-24 32.95 % M 155 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:58 23

Full results

It was also the 19th Warrington Park Run 5k where Helsby’ s talented Colin Bishop secured an overall course win on his first attempt at the course to come home in 17.24.

1 Colin BISHOP 17:24 VM50-54 87.55 % M 1 Helsby RC First Timer! 29

Full results

Interestingly, on Saturday the Hollins Green 5k was cancelled due to a council refusal to accept the UK Athletics endorsed traffic management course to apply road closures. Details on the website below!

The race has been provisionally rescheduled for Saturday 14th June.

Sunday saw our 3rd Helsby fell counter at Edenfield (BM) where 9 Helsby tested themselves on the tough tussocky terrain. Great result for Jim O’Hara first man home for Helsby to take the full honours and to Jackie for first Helsby lady home. (It’s worth noting that Jimmy is also currently in 3rd place for senior men in the North Wales series of fell races so a great season he is having!)

19th                  Jim O’Hara                             53.16
34th                  Chris Baynham-Hughes         55.01
73rd                  Philip Roberts                          62.23
79th                  Phil Gillard                               63.29
90th                  Mario Foschi                           65.01
101st                Jim Jones                               66.01
126th                Paul Foster                              70.34
128th                Jackie Keasley                       71.51
139th                Rachel Arnold                         74.04

Results available from the Rossendale Harriers website

Also on Sunday was the Wigan Trail 10k, with 5 Helsby runners out, please find results below:

3rd Colin Thompson 37.56
27th Tom Dejong 44.31
62nd Adrian Jackson 48:31
149th David Wiggins 58:36
150th Stephen Wiggins 58:37

Full results and further info

Photo of our Wigan Peers below

Helsby Runners at Wigan Trail 10k 2014

Helsby Runners at Wigan Trail 10k 2014

As always, race reports are most welcome and if I’ve missed any event or challenge then please let me know as we try and keep the blog as up to date as possible.

Keep on running